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Techtown is a futuristic style, mechanical town, and is home to the Techtown freedom fighters.


Techtown dosen't have much ecology, seeing as it is a mechanical, cybernetic town, however it doe grow a rare plant called a scentweed, which are unusual plants that come in scents, i.e, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry etc.


Techtown has a special shield over it to protect it from rain as if it got rained on then everybody in the town would be electrecuted. Therefore, there is never any rain but it is not always sunny.


Techtown was built in early 3111, and the building lasted until 3156. Back then, it was a tourist attraction for anybody coming from anywhere else, and not really a big deal. But, everybody loved it so much that it was extended into a marvellous, huge city. Ever since then, people have been living there, working there, everything. Nothing could possibly have gone wrong…or maybe not.

On the 10th of may, 3188, the local scientist, Dr.Techtorp, made an incredible discovery. He had discovered how to create cybernetic people out of mere fragments of data. He was going to create a cybernetic version of himself, (which he would have named "datatorp") but things did not not quite go as planned. A week earlier, he had been researching Dr. Eggman, in an attempt to maybe help overthrow him. The recorded data of Eggman was still fresh there on his computer, and there was too much of it there, it overthrew the information on him that would have created datatorp. Therefore, the machine he had engineered used that research, and the killer and villainous Databyte Egg was Born.

Databyte took over. He enslaved Techtown and planned to go on to the rest of the world, until one day, an organisation was formed. This organisation was known as the… Techtown freedom fighters, or T.F.F. They rebelled, and Techtown was saved. But databyte kept coming back. The T.F.F grew tired, and as they grew older, they realised that they needed to continue the society, but could not. They needed to find someone else. They thought, and realised that they would need to grant themselves heirs to continue the freedom fighters.

This is what they did. Over the years, the children of the freedom fighters were trained to be what their parents were, and they didn't even know. Son of the leader, Leon, was known as Tracker. He was trained to be an incredible leader, as he is now, along with second in command, (and Tracker's girlfriend) Annie.

 Now, Techtown is a thriving city only vaguely threatened by Databyte.

Significant Populations

Original T.F.F

  • Leon the Dog (leader) [father of Tracker]
  • Melony the Cat (2nd in command) [mother of Annie]
  • John the Squirrel (2nd in command) [father of Jack]
  • Midtwine the Hedgehog (spy) [Father of Nightenio]
  • Selenia the Bee (spy) [Mother of Manfred]
  • Redak the Penguin (High authority) [father of Andy]

New T.F.F

Note- All of these characters have the same roles as their parents

Notable Areas

Techtown is made up of 7 areas. (burras)

  1. Xol Park
  2. Zondage street
  3. Werqi
  4. Zedlam
  5. Hunbio
  6. Pel houses
  7. Kamiop


  • Techtorp's observatory
  • The Hall of Cybermech
  • The Electro Museum
  • Politio House
  • Astro Park (great place that one!)
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