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"This is my life, robot or no robot. I will not give it up,Instead I will live it to the fullest and you can't stop me Nega"
—Technovolt's creed for himself[Author]


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  • Tech
  • Techno
Romantic InterestsN/A
Physical Description
SpeciesRobot wolf
Gendernone, classified as Male
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Super Forms
  • Master TechnoVolt
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Original CreatorSonsofchaos


"Physical" Appearance

His eyes are a clean sleet of black, with glowing orange lights representing irises, the pupils black as well.



Technovolt(or Techno or Tech) is a very confused robot. He is curious about life and emotions, but he was also very loyal to his creator, Eggman Nega. Despite this, he is still trying to find his true reason for existing. He is very friendly despite his creator's wishes, but he can still be very fierce and dangerous when he wants to be. He also has a strong sense of curiosity. And due to the fact that he was made to match Voltio in every way, Techno has some aspects of Uila's personality and temper. In his nega personality, he pretty much serves nega alone. He also has a menacing temper and loves to cause complete chaos. 


TechnoVolt was made by Eggman Nega to eliminate Voltio. When TechnoVolt was first revealed he battled Uila alongside Metal Silver. They were defeated eventually with metal silver being crushed to 'death'. However Techno survived and was rebuilt by Nega strengthening his body capability. Techno would attack Uila on multiple times due to either his orders or his will he fought to obtain. However on the seventh time, Techno was shocked in the head by a wire charged by the calamity stone's energy. While he was being resalvaged by Nega, Techno stated that he had a malfunctioning problem in his system. While he was being checked out, he stated that he didnt like the shocks and needles poking him, he also proceeded to say that all of a sudden he felt lonely and was sad that his 'friend' metal silver was 'dead', which surprised both him and Eggman nega. This discovery disappointed Nega who had studied Techno and realized that Techno had gained a will and emotions, because of this Nega than proceeded to attempt to shut Techno down. At the mere mention of being shut down, Techno immediately smashed robots that came to destroy him, eventually leading him to flee and escape. He soon learned of emotions and after spying on Voltio with his girlfriend, also learned of love. He can be located at various libraries, reading about love. Or at houses he is invited to, learning about love from people. Other times he can be seen fighting against Nega's robots or against the Freedom fighters that believe him to still be evil.


His body allows him to conduct electricity, so he can control electricity. He is also capable of using a built-in jet on his shoes to move as fast as Uila. He can also generate a black electric shield. He can also use a form known as master TechnoVolt. Or in other words, neo metal lightning. Plus, he is also capable of copying other's forms. That is how he has his mobian form.


He is capable of copying many other's skills and abilities. He can also use other's abilities to his own gain.


Normal: this is his trademark form. It also keeps his Nega personality in check and prevents him from attempting to kill his foes.

Master: This can be considered his neo form. In this form he is faster,stronger, and more powerful. His eyes turn slanted and more arched, the eyes turn triangular, his hands grow longer and sharper, his shoes turn into elf-shaped shoes as well. His yellow chest pieces( his jacket) turns into a spiked jacket with black markings. His hair grows into a spiked batch. However this form is not capable of evolving into the metal overlord dragon mode.

Nega: This is the programming Nega installed in his circuits. In this personality his eyes glow bright red, with a deep robotic voice. He also has that Nega laugh, only more deep and menacing. And a noticeable physical appearance is that a Nega symbol appears on both of his shoulders.

Super: this is really his master form, but when he takes the form of a mobian to disguise himself. He is a bright yellow, with the shirt turning white. The rest of his form is actually based off of Volt's super state.

Mobian: This is his disguise when Ebony runs into him. He can take more than one appearance, but his favorite is A gray hedgehog with blue highlights with a black t-shirt and gray pants.


He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He is also capable of handling a sword like Uila. He can also use a very strong jet built into his shoes and his back to use a very lethal ram attack.


He can be short-circuited by water. He is also weak to reprogramming. And if he were to go somewhere where magic doesn't work his emotions would fade away. 


"I feel... incomplete, why?"

" So the only way to know love... is to experience it? Huh, Easier said than done for a robot like me."

"Leave this impostor to me. I will show him that there can only be one Metal lightning."

" When I was created, the closest thing to family I had was Nega and his stupid robots. And even than they didn't treat me right. In fact the only friends I had were a bunch of broken down robots that I had to rebuild by hand. Oh and the remains of the metal lightning robots based off of Ebony's past forms and looks. How could you have had it worse off?"

"My name is TechnoVolt, not Metal lightning. Yes I know he doesn't go by volt anymore but hey, it was catchy and I liked it."

" He has all those cool friends, the only thing even close to Metal Amy was made by Eggman and she got punched through the chest by a huge cat named Big, and I have no recollection of a Metal Mina ever being made."

"Go fish. Wait what? that's not how it's played. you cheated, did too, did too, did too, i can make my voice box repeat constantly, so i can this all day. So try me."

" Uhhhh, shard, how certain are you about this plan? Oh well that's fin... wait what? You mean to tell me that you were just making this up as you go?!?!?! great, just great."

"Of course it's me. One thing, do you even know how hard it is to follow you? I mean you don't really leave a path of destruction like you used to."

" hehehehe funny, no I am not an roboticized ebony, I was just built to look like him. what, do I not look good in this form?"

" I sense a very bad glitch in my system."

"The battle is... zzt... done... My 'brother' has finally been destroyed... perhaps now... zzt I can rest."

" Mission, succeeded and exceeded"-getting an S rank.

"Mission completed, acceptable time."-getting an A rank

"Mission completed later than planned but oh well."- getting a B rank

Roleplay appearances

none so far...


Techno is very similar to Shard in many ways. One of these ways is that they are similarly colored. Another example is that they both have emotions, given to them by power gems, and are both metal versions of fast beings( Sonic and Uila respectively)

A difference between them however is that Techno isn't the first Metal lightning to be built. And Techno does not have a gem built into his chest.

TechnoVolt's name is based off of the weapon in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron that Shockwave uses to revive Megatron.

TechnoVolt actually isn't the first Metal lightning. He actually fought the first one, who was revived by Nega to crush him, only stronger and more powerful. Metal lightning or metal volt has taken inspiration from Technovolt to make himself stronger, even ripping his name off, the new name is Technobolt.

Despite Uila having a moebian counter-part, Techno does not have one.

An interesting fact: Techno's eye glow color actually changes depending on his personality. Just like a mood ring.

Red: Nega personality

Orange: Normal personality

Yellow: Voltio

Multi-color: depends on which emotion he feels

Pink: angry

Green: Lovey-dovey

Blue: Depressed or sad

Gray: Happy

Crimson: Wrath( this takes place after his pink eye color comes in)

Another interesting fact: Techno loves mood rings, they get him excited because they show what the color of his emotions are.

Technovolt lacks a mouth, yet he is capable of speaking fluently. His emotions are once again based off of what he feels and what the position of his eyes are like.

TechnoVolt gets referred to in the roleplay: Into the Future. He is mentioned and it is revealed that his arm was used by Ebony.

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