Get techno with the flow, bro! - Tagline
TechnoSonic is an action, adventure styled game that marks the return of Emerl. This game focuses on more pathways and powers, like Sonic Colors, Rush and Battle. It also introduces a new gimmick that is fusing two people/animals/things together.


The story starts with the blur himself running down into the doctor's lair. The hedgehog is being chased by a bunch of E-2000R's. Finally, someone drags him into somewhere. It's Emerl.

Sonic: Hey, Emerl! Long time no see! ...Emerl?

Emerl had his emeralds taken away from him but only one remains.

Sonic: Hey look! A blue emerald! Those robots must had dropped it on their way.

The emerald is put inside Emerl; a flashing light appeared! 

Sonic: Great! Now let's scramble!

Finally, Sonic and Emerl proceed to the first act of the zone, Cyber Construction.

Part 2 

Afer they escaped Eggman's base, the duo found Eggman's fusion machine and fused into TechnoSonic. Eggman warns Sonic about his plan to fuse his robots.

Eggman: Ohohohoho! Sonic, it seems that you have found out my fusion machine!

Orbot: You didn't really make it boss. You stole it from this cat girl that we saw a few days ago.

Eggman: Yeah, yeah, get out of here. Anyways, I see you have obtained a new form. You see your little wisp friends? They can fuse too and I'm using them too! Ohohoho-

Sonic: You're taking too long, please hurry.

Eggman: Gah! For that, you'll get the best beating the hedgehog could had never gotten.

Sonic: Bring it on, Egghead!

TechnoSonic finally fights his first boss, the Egg Fusion.001.


Just like Colours, this game focuses more on 2D sections rather than 3D sections. 2d is more speedy and power based. 3d is a little less speed based but focuses a lot on powers. 

As above, this game introduces the Techno form, that can be made by fusing Emerl with Sonic. You are able to do this game with or without the use of techno forms. There's also the Wisp form that you get by fusing a wisp with Sonic.

The life system is back and you can gain extra lives by getting 100 rings again. However, like Colours, Super Sonic isn't required to beat the game and can only be used in normal form. You can get emeralds by finding pieces hidden around the act. 

Blaze is the second playable character and all her moves from the Rush series return. When you play as her, There are less cutscenes and you start at a different zone this time, Binary Martix.

Finally, a new character appears. Tiara Bowski is the newest character in this game and the semi-owner of the fusion machine. She first appears as a boss in the water zones and then later on in the east asian themed zones. She is unlocked when you save her in the Death Egg or Space Station

Lots of moves from the Sonic Series have returned from the past and some new. These include:

  • Spin Attack (all forms)
  • Homing Attack (Sonic only)
  • Double Boost (Techno form only)
  • Spin Dash (Pink Wisp form only)
  • Use electric attacks (Tiara only)
  • and many more...


There are lots of zones in TechnoSonic, these zones are:

  1. Cyber Construction (Sonic Stage)
  2. Binary Martix (Blaze Stage)
  3. Ocean Base (Sonic Stage)
  4. Aquarium Park (Blaze Stage)
  5. Grooving Greens (Sonic Stage)
  6. Glum Grays (Blaze Stage)
  7. Ice Cap (Sonic Stage)
  8. Cyan Freeze (Blaze Stage)
  9. Nightlight Shrine (Both)
  10. Eastern Capital (Both)
  11. Crater Craziness (Sonic Stage)
  12. Death Crust (Blaze Stage)
  13. Death Egg (Sonic Stage)
  14. Space Station (Blaze Stage)
  15. Final Showdown (Both)
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