Tec the Squirrel

Biographical Information
  • Commander Tec Squirrel - Pyranic Imperial Army rank
  • Crown Princess Tec Squirrel - Former title in the Empire of the Scarlet Moon.
Romantic InterestsPending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Pale blue
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Green
Pilot's Armor
  • Forest green bodysuit
  • Green open-fronted helmet, armored vest, waistband, gloves & greaves.
Casual Outfit
  • Navy blue dress
  • Royal blue sandals & arm-length gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponrySpectre's Chainsaw
  • Skilled with Venokinesis & Hydrokinesis
  • Advanced combat - Hand to hand, Axes & Chainsaws
  • Skilled with technology, machinery & mechanics
  • Diplomatic skills
  • Knowledgeable in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & other sciences.
  • Speaks four different languages
  • Bears the potential to evolve to a newer form
VehiclesFoundry-type Portable Weapons Facility
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)[ Cyril the Wolf & M-One - Absolution comes in Dreams
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

As a squirrel in a royal family, Tec bears great resemblance to Sally Acorn physically. However, she possesses all-over pale blue fur, brown hair and green eyes, plus a long bushy tail.


During her brief time in the royal family, Tec wore a navy blue dress, with royal blue sandals and full-arm length gloves, along with a gold crown resistant to her semi-acidic sweat. However, after her exile and the theft of the Foundry-type Portable Weapons Facility, she started to wear a forest green bodysuit, with a slightly lighter green on an open-faced helmet, armored vest, waistband, gauntlets and greaves, the looser and more flowing armor of a pilot, similar to those employed by some G.U.N. Starfighter pilots.


Early History

Tec was born as a member of the nobility of the Empire of the Scarlet Moon, with her father a rather well-known military adviser, her mother a commoner. This had little effect on the young girl who grew up in the upper class, with tutors, rich friends, and a somewhat bottomless bank account. As she grew older, she was spoiled by more than just her family, but ironically, the royal family. As it appeared, the Crown Prince, Colm Hedgehog, had a crush on the two-years younger lass, and despite his uncommon species pairing, Tec found herself falling for him in return. He surrounded her in lavish gifts, and she found herself drawn to him.

Marriage, Life as a Princess and Exile

Soon after her eighteenth birthday, Tec and Colm married. The ceremony was a big deal throughout the empire, with the nobility and people both holding Tec in high regard. As was expected of royalty, Tec was expected to start learning a weapon. Unusually, she chose a chainsaw over all other weapons, even over the rather similar and more useable chainsword. As such, the number of girls learning how to use chainsaws in combat nearly tripled within the space of that year. Atop of that, the couple was receiving pressure upon them to bear children. As such, within the next few years, Tec bore a daughter, Agile the Hedgeril. Three years later, she bore another child, Rider the Hedgehog. Each of the children were greatly loved by the public, and they followed the growth of the royal family closely. However, as Tec and Colm grew closer to taking over from Emperor Accelerate Hedgehog, the current emperor began putting pressure on his son to kill Agile, in order for the country to be succeeded by a male heir, not a "weaker" female. Tec was mortified, and protested, but her complaints fell upon deaf ears as her husband reluctantly plotted to slay their daughter. Finally, unable to take any more, Tec used her kinetic powers and synthesized a poison, which she used against her father-in-law. This resulted in Accelerate passing on in his sleep, and her husband rising to the place of Emperor, his reason to kill Agile gone. However, due to her assassination of the former emperor, she was publicly deposed and banished as a traitor, leaving the thirty-year-old squirrel with no home. However, before she left, she broke into a military base and stole a large, slow-moving Foundry-type Portable Weapons Foundry. Despite being alone on a bridge designed for operation by seven, she managed to turn the large drill-like siege weapon and battlefield support unit to function like it's design predecessor, drilling through rock with it's matter disassembler beams, with the different components of the rock being materialized within storage tanks and racks throughout the massive platform. Using these components, she managed to construct a new chainsaw, and continued her underground voyage, Colm giving her his final gift in preventing military units from pursuing her. Her safety assured, Tec began hunting for a new home.

Arrival in the Pyranic Empire

Quickly, news of the woman running a weapons foundry capable of building aircraft and other complex equipment in rather short time reached larger groups. As such, G.U.N, The Trolls and quite a few of the other nations decided that they must deal with this potential threat in the kindest way possible - offering the pilot a deal, and a place to live. Despite the fact that both Hammerforge Industries and the Anvil Corporation were offering very similar pieces of siege weaponry/support tools, most felt that this rogue unit had to either be made to join them or destroyed. As such, military units began to prepare as diplomats contacted the woman and tried to negotiate a deal. However, Tec, due to her experience as a diplomat herself, began to rebuff the offers of money, power or military commissions. However, an envoy from the Pyranic Empire offered her the one thing she desired - a safe haven, where she could do whatever she desired. Despite being an obvious ploy to hire her, Tec accepted. However, considering how attached to the Foundry she had grown, she accepted the offer of a military commission as well. Later on, in her fifties, she commanded the Foundry in an attack on the Terran League known as the Day of the Scorched Earth, in which her siege weapon was used both to dispose of disabled enemy vehicles and also penetrate the walls of the Terran League capital. For her efforts, she was given a strange chainsaw, embued with poison magic of it's own.


From a young age, Tec showed signs of being able to use both Poison and Water manipulation powers. These, she uses together to great effect, normally in altering the concentration of acids and poisons by removing the poison. Her weaponry, a chainsaw, is also rather effective against Nature-based opponents, due to chain-based melee weapons slicing clean through most forms of plant-based offense/defense, such as the kind used by Nature wielders. Her fighting style varies from style to style, but quite often involves retreating if a foe is resistant to physical, water or poison moves, or advancing if they are weak against those. Her newest chainsaw is also a rare weapon, believed to be a weapon used by a member of Rageik's family in the Demon-Celestial war, with the chains constantly secreting their own poisons. Tec is also a gifted negotiator, as shown in her short time in royalty, and a skilled tactician and scientist, due to her position of command of a siege weapon which disassembles anything thrown into the path of it's "drillbit" of lasers, then recreates the composition of the item in molecular blocks/tanks for each item thrown in. However, Tec's greatest weakness while away from her drill is Earth and it's advanced variants, due to her abilities barely being able to affect the hard compounds, while her drill can be defeated by external assaults due to it's lack of external defensive weaponry.

However, genetic analysis has recently revealed a section of Tec's DNA that serves as a genetic technique. The technique is commonly known as Stages of Evolution, and is not a technique in the truest sense of the word. However, what it is is a method where the user's body can make a permanent "evolution" via various different methods. The current belief is that Tec would evolve through a transfer of bodily fluids with another person of the same sort of kinetic power set, a relatively common method of evolution. However, in her case, the person MUST be a hedgehog, for reasons unknown. It is hinted by her Hidden Power that her evolution might be a Dark-elemental, alongside the movepool she already has.

Poison Abilities

Water Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Tec is a maternal soul, always aiming to protect those younger than her from as much as she can. She loves both of her children, but her husband's attempts to kill their daughter earned him her greatest animosity. She is also a proud nationalist, loving the country she is part of, unless the actions of those in charge perform actions to earn her hatred. She has grown attached to her Foundry-type Siege Weapon, viewing it as her possession, with a second one of her passions, chemistry, being used in the weapon systems themselves.

Absolution Comes in Dreams

Absolution Comes in Dreams

Absolution Comes in Dreams, Tec's theme

Allies & Enemies


  • Tristella Tse'Elon - A farmer from the wilder regions of the Pyranic Empire, Tristella is a Mienshao with a temper, and combat skills to match. After a chance meeting, the duo became fast friends.






  • It is theorized that the being required for her evolution is none other than Toxic the Hedgehog, but due to a lack of encounters between the two, this is uncertain.
  • Tec's theme is a commonly used theme song for Flashfire212's characters, purely due to his love of the specific Dreams of an Absolution remix.
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