Tear is a 18 year old hedgehog who is fun, heroic, fast, and goofy.  He is constantly on quests for those in need, but he will always be on his sole quest, to rescue his brother. 
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Tear has a blue beethoven style hair, regular sonic gloves, and reverse sonic buckled shoes.  His gloves however have slits in them because his claws slide in and out of his hands.


Tear is very similar to sonic, he is funny, heroic and goofy.  However when the time comes he is serious, which is commen in his case because of his history.  He is espesially goofy when he eats, espesially cookies.


Tear lived in Aethera, a dimension crossing into another dimension called Dastia.  These two zones act as a heaven and hell battle.  Tear grew up there and very quickly rose in ranks, he is the fastest person to reach rank 7. (he reached rank 7 at age 12.)  However, his people were attacked and he and his family were thrown across the multiverse.  He landed on mobius and had a few adventures, but found that his brother was on moebius.  He went to moebius saved his brother from a terrible fate, but could not bring him back home.  Now Tear fights with the hidden valley freedom fighters, who keep eggman at bay from the rest of the world.  And someday, Tear hopes to save his brother. 


He about as fast as Sonic, and about as strong as Knuckles, and as ignorant as both of them combined.  He also has retractable claws which he uses instead of spikes.  He is mostly effected by Hero Prisms, but can be effected by Sol emeralds and chaos emeralds but at a lower standered.


Tear is incredibly trained in multiple fighting styles, by the time he was 6yrs old, he had mastered, Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Judo and had started in an ancient fighting style taught only by his people, called Acridico.   He is also immune to many poisins.


He is trained in 20+ fighting styles all of them the highest rank.


He isn't effected by anything which makes him almost invulnerable.  However he is easily distracted by his favorite food, cookies, one look at a cookie and he will stop what he is doing and eat it.  Just don't get in his way.


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