Team Wild is a team consisting of Razz the Bear, Fifi the Bear, and Jake the Wolf. The team's name comes from the fact that all of the team members are wild animals.


Team Wild
Team Wild
Position Leader
Formation Power
Position Sidekick
Formation Speed
Position Sidekick/Mascot
Formation Flight
Team Wild
  • Razz
  • Fifi
  • Jake
Status Intemediate
Alignment Good

Razz the Bear

As indicated in the blue highlighting, Razz the Bear is the speed formation. He works with his best friend and Fifi to finish a mission sent to them by the president. He sometimes tries to give orders, but usually ends up doing whatver Jake says.

Jake the Wolf

As indicated in the red highlighting, Jake the Wolf is the power formation. Always willing to help his friends, helps Razz with his mission from the president. He has a significant amount of stregnth, being able to earthbend. He is the leader of the group, giving almost all of the orders in the team.

Fifi the Bear

As indicated in the yellow highlighting, Fifi the Bear is the flight formation. She is also considered the mascot of the group. The only reason Fifi decided to help Razz with his mission is because Jake asked her to. She still holds a grudge against Razz, as she mentions constantly in cutscenes.


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