Team Weasel's pose at the end of a level

Team Weasel is the Sonic Heroes style team of Klinx the Weasel, Slash the Cat, and Macro the Giant Hedgehog. It was formed by Klinx when the three of them met because of their common goal of getting Eggman at the time.


Speed type: Klinx the Weasel

Power type: Slash the Cat

Flight type: Macro the Giant Hedgehog


The alignment of Team Weasel is with the good side. They were originally formed for the purpose of taking down Eggman. This is a very casual and loose team of three friends, without any real formality. They work together as this team only if a situation arises that demands it, such as when they're friend Kimiko was captured.


The three members of Team Weasel all share an apartment together in Station Square. This is also the base for any operation the team may conduct. The apartment is relatively large, allowing for each of them to have separate rooms. As well as for Macro to have furniture his size.


Speed formation

In speed formation Klinx takes the lead and Slash and Macro line up behind him. Abilities include dash and triangle jump. This formation has a quick yet weak attack, called the quick strike. The formation is able to dodge most incoming attacks from enemies.

Power formation

In this formation, Slash takes the lead and Klinx and Macro line up beside her. She can do powerful slash attacks, as well as throwing her team mates. She can use her attacks to break through barriers and other tough objects. When attacking Slash goes through a series of slashing, spike jabbing, and spinning. When leveled up the spins turn to claw tornados that eventually end up with spikes flying everywhere.

Flight formation

Macro carries Slash and Klinx in this formation. Although he can't actually fly, he can lift his teammates well over 20 feet in the air because of his height. Since Macro's technically a power type character, this formation has more powerful attacks than the average flight formation. The attacks include slide kick and stomp. He can also throw Klinx and Slash.


Team Weasel formed for a common goal after getting thrown together by chance. Dr. Eggman had tricked Slash into hunting Macro. This was because Macro had angered the doctor by freeing some animals he had captured. Macro ran into Klinx who conned him out of some money. Seeing this, Slash then interrogated Klinx to find out Macro's location. Slash brought Klinx with her to find Macro since she didn't trust him. Once they found him they discovered that Slash had been tricked and formed the team in order to stop Eggman.

Allied teams

Team Spirit (Candice, Jared the fox, Shard the hedgehog)

Team Weasel and Team Storm playing video games

Team Storm (096)

Rival Teams

The Cat Squad

The Cat Squad facing off against Team Weasel

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