Team Vixi
Group Overview and Statistics

Freedom Fighter sub-unit

Time of

At the beginning of Sonic Heroes 2 (Marshalia13)


Anastasia "Marsha" Vixi (leader)
Julie-Su the Echidna
Gold the Tenrec
Cosmo the Seedrain
Saffron the Bee
Angel the Chao
Trip the Mouse





and/or bases

Sky Patrol

Equipment and/or

Extreme Gear
Double-barrel, multi-purpose proton Gun
Sword of Light


Kingdom of Acorn
Royal Secret ServiceThe Freedom Fighters
Team Freedom
Team Fighters
Guardian Units of the Nation
Team Dark
Team Sonic
Team Rose
Team Chaotix
Brotherhood of Guardians
Echidna Security Team


Eggman Empire
Dr. Eggman
Egg Army
Badnik Horde
Dark Clan
The Dingo Regime
Dark Princess
Dr. Finitivus
Team Hooligans
Team Metal

Team Vixi, commonly known as Marsha's Team are a sub-unit of the Freedom Fighters and a reoccurring team in the Marshalia13 Universe. Initially, the team had Marsha, Julie-Su, and Gold as members, but since then, Cosmo, Saffron, and Courtney have joined the group.


Sonic Heroes 2

Team Vixi makes it's first appearance as one of the five teams playable in Sonic Heroes 2. As a sub-team to the Freedom Fighters, Team Vixi was sent on a mission to assist Team Sonic in defeating Dr. Eggman. Team Vixi's team blast is Mind Expand.

Unofficial Game Appearances

Sonic Adventure 3

While Julie-Su, Marsha and Gold all appear in Sonic Adventure 3, they don't appear to work together.

The Sonic Chronicles: For Freedom

While Marsha, Julie-Su and Gold all appear in For Freedom, they aren't there officially as Team Vixi, but rather as part of the Freedom Fighters.

Mario & Sonic Series

Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Julie-Su and Marsha appear as playable characters and Saffron appears as a referee and Gold as an NPC in the story mode, Team Vixi is not officially together, but as part of Team Sonic.

Mario & Sonic World

Julie-Su and Marsha, while members of Team Vixi, are playable characters for Team Sonic and not as Team Vixi due to the absence to other Vixi members

Mario and Luigi: The Sonic Chronicles

Marsha, Julie-Su and Gold all appear as NPCs in Sonic Chronicles, but don't ever appear to work together.

Appearances in Other Media

Sonic's Freedom Fighters

Since Sonic's Freedom Fighters focuses on the Freedom Fighters, Team Vixi are major supporting characters in the TV show.


  • Team Vixi is by far the only team to have more than 3 consistent members.
    • Team Vixi is also the only team thus far to have all-female members.
  • Team Vixi, alongside Team Rose and Team Sonic, is named after their leader
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