Cquote1 Never fear, citizens! Team Violet is here to escort you to safety! Just follow my lead; we've got you covered! Cquote2
Violet The Hedgehog, The Mystery of Skull Cross - Part 1

Team Violet

Team Violet. From left to right: Pearl The Echidna, Violet The Hedgehog, Crystal The Fox and Krysi the Chao. (Light is absent)

Artwork by Melzthekitty2

Team Violet, also known as the Greenflower Guardians, is name of a band of crime-fighting girls (and one boy) situated in Greenflower City. The team was originally founded by Violet The Hedgehog when the members were quite young, but have now grown into formidable, reliable heroes who won't hesitate to help anyone in need. When not hunting down wanted criminals in the area, they are often patrolling the neighborhoods around town. They'll also regularly participate in community events, such as the GFC Grandprix, as a team.

While they are officially known as a trio, (Violet, the team leader, Pearl, the team's brawler, and Crystal, the team healer,) there are technically five members. Krysi and Light are both Crystal's chao, and are often overlooked by others.


Violet The Hedgehog

Violet Speed Type
Violet Sprite
The enthusiastic, energetic leader. Violet is a flexible athlete who specializes in swimming, gymnastics, and long distance sprints. She is the most agile person of the team and has an easy time adapting to most situations. She boasts speed and skill, but when it comes to physical strength, she's pretty sub-par. She, along with Pearl, are both undergoing training by Smash The Echidna. As such, Violet is no stranger to fights. What she lacks in power is made up for with swift and graceful movements to keep the enemy at bay.

Was once a shy, but curious young girl. Violet followed in the footsteps of Jenny The Hedgehog, former leader of Team S-Girls, and founded Team Violet to try and become more like the woman she looked up to. She became so determined to catch up to her that she trained hard enough to become an ace athlete. Now an outgoing, cheerful young adult, she tries to inspire her teammates to keep working hard at their own personal goals.

Crystal The Fox

Crystal Fly Type
The kind and gentle healer. Crystal is the youngest member of the team, save for the chao alongside her. A sweet girl with a heart of gold, Crystal doesn't like to partake in battles as she hates hurting people. For some time, she couldn't even bring herself to lay a hand on anyone. Although she's grown out of it, she still commands her two chao, Krysi and Light, to fight for her (although Krysi hardly needs "commanding") while she supports them.
Whenever there is a person in need, Crystal is the first one to react. With her mystical power, she can heal others wounds and protect them from harm with diamond shaped barriers. She prioritizes saving lives over stopping the bad guys.

Raised under the same roof as an overprotective dad, Crystal lived a bit of a sheltered life before she met Violet, and began to get out more. For a long time, she's kept her adventurous life a secret from her parents. They eventually found out one day, when they were shown her powerful resolve to help her friends during a crisis.

Krysi the Chao

Krysi Sprite 1
Crystal's "little sister" of a chao. The two are practically inseparable. Crystal relies on her and Light for combat, while she supports them from behind with barriers and small power boosts. Krysi is feisty and spunky, and would sooner pick a fight before preventing one. She packs a bit of a punch and tends to fight on the front-lines with Pearl whenever possible.

Light The Hero Chao

Light the Hero Chao
Crystal's "little brother" of a chao. Light is more prone to staying back and being defensive, despite being physically stronger and faster than Krysi. He has poor stamina and frail defenses, so one or two hits will usually down him before Crystal can heal him up. He'll jump in and perform team attacks with Krysi when given a signal, but otherwise he'll hang around Crystal to watch her back.

Pearl The Echidna

Pearl Power Type
Pearl Sprite4
The caring, headstrong second-in-command. Pearl is Violet's best friend and Smash's younger sister and apprentice. Being the oldest member of the team, Pearl feels responsible for the safety and well-being of the other members. She specializes in hand-to-hand combat; her fighting style resembles Smash's. She asked her brother to train her after realizing how weak and ineffectual she was.
She's nimble and a little bit acrobatic, though nowhere near Violet's level. She is however, quite strong. She packs a mean punch and is fairly good at quick and efficient defeats. 

Being a young mother to an adopted child, family comes first to her. But she always sets aside time to meet with her team whenever possible. Before Smash married and she could rely on him and Luna to babysit for her, she would always leave young Sandy with Violet's mother when they participated in team activities. (This eventually led Sandy to becoming accustomed to meeting new people.)


Originally inspired by the very similar Team S-Girls (Led by Jenny the Hedgehog, with Tami the Fox and Tina the Echidna as her companions,)  Team Violet was founded by 12 year old Violet who looked up to Jenny as a hero. Jenny, at the time, had been going through a rough time in recent days and formed her team of crime-fighters as a way to change herself into a strong, independent young woman. Violet admired her for having the strength and courage to change her ways, and thought that maybe she could do the same.

Of course, her team consisted of two young children and one preteen, while in Team S-Girls there were two young adults and one teenager. Few people took them seriously at first--all but Smash The Echidna, who was worried that they might actually get themselves into trouble. Team Violet eventually began to make a name for themselves once they wound up in their first fight. They bagged an infamous wanted criminal, "Larson the Pyromaniac". Larson was a deadly pyrokinetic who committed arson for fun and thrills. He had wanted posters at every corner of the Emerald Region. He was caught in Greenflower City by Team Violet, except they were not alone. Smash The Echidna and Speedy The Hedgehog had helped them as well, and together they were able to capture the criminal.

That incident alone rewarded them with fame, but after a while they began to stagnate. There wasn't nearly as much crime in Greenflower City as there was in Station Square. They also eventually had to worry about school after summer ended, and Pearl raising a child to top it all off. Eventually the team degraded into a small group of friends just hanging out.

In the coming years, however, trouble began to brew in the city. With a monster lurking the sewers, a kidnapped friend and later, the conspiracy of the Black Rose Orphanage, Team Violet got right back to work. Although the rest of their friends were just as involved as they were, the five worked together as much as they possibly could. After hearing of Jenny's death, Violet was determined more than ever to keep the team going.

Base of Operations

There is no official base of operations, however there are a few meeting places. The closest and most convenient one is the treehouse in Crystal's backyard. While it's a little bit small, Violet, Crystal and Pearl all live on the same street, with Crystal in between. Another place they generally meet is at Hedgehog Park, which is down the road from their houses. Other times, they'll meet up at specific points in the city that are generally within the vicinity of an area they want to patrol for crime.

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