Team Trinity(AKA The Trinity Riders) are a group of racers who are famous and rich.They all share the common fact that were orphans(and technically still are). They live in a small condo on the outskirts of Central City. Team Trinity usually has press conferences concerning their newest sporting events.

Competing At The VMW

Team Trinity competed at The VMW's(Vehicle Mayhem Wars) and were one of the teams to rpresent extreme gear. They however lost to Team Flacon(Who represented a future type of race cars resembling Captain Falcon's). Team Trinity came in second and was honored for their amazing style and competitive drive.


Trinity the Hedgehog~



Trinity is the leader of the group. He has the fastest board of his team. His board is known as Trinity Infinity. It is said that the raw speed of his board is faster than Bella's thought this is only hyped up by media to maintain his image. Trinity is a great leader and is very kind.

Liana Rose

Position~Board Designing/Business


Liana is Amy Rose's cousin and Rob O'Hedge's younger sister. Similar to how Amy follows Sonic Liana is very passionate to Trinity. However Liana doesn't have a hammer like Amy and is less possesive. Liana does however get very jealous when Trinity talks to other girls(With an exception to Betty Swan).

Betty Swan



Betty is one of the most intresting of the group. She modifies, repairs. and even makes extreme gear(She also specializes in car mechanics). Betty is hinted at having a crush on Archie the Rat. However Betty denies this to no end. Her relationship with him is similar to Knuxouge.

Archie the Rat



Archie is a very strong independent character. He was once a street fighter/racer. He began an intrest in extreme gear after seeing Jet the Hawk racing on T.V. Archie joined Team Trinity and became rich(What h never thought he would be). Archie usually likes to distance himself from the group and relax.However he does like to spend time with Betty Swan. Every time some one hints at him having a crush on her he blushes and becomes difensive usually insulting Betty in the process.


Position~Informer/Task Giver

Pip is Trinity's little brother. He likes to feel like a member of the group though he really isn't truly. However he is given the chance to tell the group of tasks they have been given by costumers as well as races they can compete in. He also serves as a guide through wristwatch communicators to help the team learn how to do things(Similar to Tikal in SA1). Pip is said to be a boy genuis. Also Pip gave himself the nickname as well as his fake british accent making him an annoyance at times to the team.


Team Falcon

The Lady Riders(Bella's Team)

Babylon Rouges

Team Horror

Any Other Competition

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