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Team Symphony

Biographical Information
  • Trinity-18
  • Cyrus-18
  • Leo-20
  • Trinity-Trin
  • Cyrus-Cy
  • Leo-
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Trinity-Female
  • Cyrus-Male
  • Leo-Male
  • Hair:Trinity-Black
  • Eyes:Trinity-Brown
  • Hair:Cyrus-Blonde
  • Eyes:Cyrus-Blue
  • Hair:Leo-Orange
  • Eyes:Leo-Green
  • Trinity-Lavender and sky blue dress with white sleeves
  • Cyrus-Red coat, white shirt, brown pants and black boots
  • Leo-Blue shirt torn at sleeves,light blue vest, light blue headband, belt, black pants, brown and grey boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Good
  • Trinity-Cloth
  • Cyrus-Ray's sword
  • Leo-
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

Original CreatorUser:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Thses 3 came from the same future as Selenia's son Ahura to prevent the future from being the way it is. Before their journey to the past, Trinity and Cyrus lost their parents to a man maned Leo, who he thought they would cause trouble to the world.After some explaning, Leo regretted for what he did and joined the two siblings. Soon, the team decides to go to the past to stop Okaoomi from ruining the future. They arrived in time to stop Selenia from killing Elise. After the Shining Soul event they keep in contact to the past to ensure a good future for everyone. In the future they made friends with the kids of their parents friends, Trinity enjoys Selene's violin skills, Cyrus hangs with Archie, and Leo keeps Kalin out of trouble.


Trinity-She's well-mannered, has a thing for elegance, at which she critizie others, and hates to get dirty, but she still has a good heart.

Cyrus-He's strong-will and valiant, willing to go through any thing to save his friends and family in any crisis.

Leo-He's strong and silent and always do his duty, after killing Ray and Alice, he regret what he did and went with their kids to redem himself


Ray Takiyama and Alice Maeda

Before the future got better, the twins were born ad raise by their parents, learning everything they can learn from them with love. Then one day, they heard from someone saying a man named Leo killed their parents, to which the twins looked for him. Soon, they met and fought till it was a standstill. Soon, after much explaining, Leo went with the twins to redem his mistakes. A journay through past gave the team a better future.


Trinity- It would seem I must spread my grace over you all.-Fighting.

Cyrus-Feel the cold steel of my father's blade.-Fighting

Leo-We must protect the past to save the future-Their goal


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