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==[[Punk the Lucario|Punk the Pikachu]]==
==[[Punk the Lucario|Punk the Pikachu]]==
*Attribute: Power
*Attribute: Speed
*Role: Second-in-Command
*Role: Second-in-Command
*Ability/Abilities: Electric Powers, Super Strength
*Ability/Abilities: Electric Powers
*Voice Actress:
*Voice Actress:
**Lisa Ortiz (English)
**Lisa Ortiz (English)

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Team Sweet is a team consisting of Erica Sakura, Punk the Pikachu, and Aqua the Guinea Pig.

Erica Sakura

  • Attribute: Power
  • Role: Leader
  • Ability/Abilities: WereSeedrian powers (only when she turns into her WereSeedrian form)
  • Voice Actress:
    • Veronica Taylor (English)
    • Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese)


  • E Rank: "Uh, what were we thinking?"
  • D Rank: "What kinda leader am I?"
  • C Rank: "Gah, I suck!"
  • B Rank: "Okay...I guess."
  • A Rank: "Sweet, got it!"
  • S Rank: "We are freaking awesome!"
  • Intro: "Alright girls, follow my lead!"

Punk the Pikachu

  • Attribute: Speed
  • Role: Second-in-Command
  • Ability/Abilities: Electric Powers
  • Voice Actress:
    • Lisa Ortiz (English)
    • Megumi Ogata (Japanese)


  • E Rank: "Hey, don't look at me, I was following your orders!"
  • D Rank: "I can't help it! I was distracted!"
  • C Rank: "It's not very effective..."
  • B Rank: "Cool."
  • A Rank: "It's super effective!"
  • S Rank: "A critical hit!!"
  • Intro: "Pika Pika!"

Aqua the Guinea Pig

  • Attribute: Flying
  • Role: Reluctant Assistant
  • Ability/Abilties: Water/Cloud/Ice Control
  • Voice Actress:
    • Rachael Lillis (English)
    • Keiko Toda (Japanese)


  • E Rank: "This was my fault...Sorry..."
  • D Rank: "Erica, you're a crummy leader!"
  • C Rank: "We had our heads in the clouds..."
  • B Rank: "Acceptable."
  • A Rank: "Amazing!"
  • S Rank: "We rode that wild wave! Let's celebrate!"
  • Intro: "Hope you know what you're doing, Erica."


  • Aqua doesn't want to be considered as just an "assistant", but because she barely does anything to help Erica and Punk (other than provide transportation), there's not much of a choice.
  • Erica, Punk, and Aqua are voiced by famous 4Kids VAs in English.
  • Some of Punk's quotes are lifted from Pokemon, specifically moments during battles when the effectiveness of your Pokemon's attacks is reported.
  • If you receive an E Rank, Aqua will sometimes take all of the blame for their failure rather than blaming the whole team of just Erica.
  • In the Japanese version of the anime, Team Sweet is often compared to Shaman King's Team "The Ren"; Ren is compared to Punk (as both are associated with electricity and are usually collected and professional), and Horo Horo is compared to Aqua (as both are associated with water and are angered/annoyed easily). Erica is compared to Chocolove, but the reasoning is somewhat different: They are both the comic relief, and Erica is also a Chocolove fangirl. (The fact that Erica is sometime voiced by Motoko Kumai in some Japanese advertisements may also be a reason, as Kumai also voiced Chocolove.)
    • They have also been compared to the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Despite being the Speed Type, Erica's WereSeedrian form gives her super strength, making her even stronger than Punk's electric powers. The reason this doesn't qualify her as the Power Type, though, is because her WereSeedrian powers aren't very consistent.
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