Sparky The Hedgehog Concept

Sparky the Hedgehog: Speed Type and Leader of the team.

Team Storm is a Sonic Heroes style team made of Sparky the Hedgehog, Jess the Prankster, and Burn the Pheonix.


Leader and Speed Type: Sparky the Hedgehog

Flight Type and "Founder" of the team: Jess the Prankster

Power Type: Burn the Pheonix

Formations and Abillites

Speed Formation

Jess and Burn line up behind Sparky as he takes the lead. This formation's abilities include the basic dash, spin, homming attack, and triangle jump. Sparky can perform projectile attacks made out of lightning.

Burn The Pheonix Concept

Burn the Pheonix: Power Type

Jess The Prankster Concept

Jess the Prankster: Flight Type and so-called "founder" of the team

Power Formation

Sparky and Jess line up beside Burn as he takes the lead. Burn can glide and throw his team mates at targets. Burn's main combo is to engulf his feet and fists in fire and punch or kick enemies. His finisher is to surround himself in a ring of fire and release it around him horizontally.

Flight Formation

Jess flies up while Burn and Sparky hang on to him (Sparky grabs Burn's legs, Burn grabs Jess' legs). Jess can fly and Thunder-Shoot his team mates. While alone, Jess can swipe his hand and release a blade of wind to use as a melee weapon.

Team Blast: Hurricane Boom

Jess creates a black cloud while Sparky shoots a thunderbolt at it. The bolt multiplies and is shot down from the cloud. In the process, Burn shoots large amounts of fireballs, creating an illusion of a deadly thunderstorm. In the aftereffect, the storm surrounds the Team and destroys any targets that come close to them.


Jess and Burn lived in a dimension called Dimins. They grew tired of all the rules they had to put up with and hopped dimensions. They met Sparky inside Seaside Hill's Ocean Palace. Sparky was hired to go in there to investigate strange ongoings by Eggman. Inside a room full of mirrors, Jess used his illusion power to make him look like a clone of Sparky, making him think that his reflection was alive. Sparky saw Burn hiding behind the mirrors and suspected foul play. He grabbed Jess, suspecting he was working for Eggman. Burn told Sparky the truth, getting him to let go. Jess suggested they could form a Team to stop Eggman together, quickly proclaiming Sparky leader.

If they were in Sonic Heroes.....

  • Gameplay would be like Team Sonic, but have 2-D side-scrolling parts, much like the daytime gameplay of Sonic Unleashed.
  • Extra missions would be vairied.
  • In-game dialoge from the Team would be written by the writers of Sonic Colors, making it less of stupid hints and more of funny, if not cheesy, conversations about the situation.
  • All the game music would be in its beta versions.
  • Rival Team battles would be against Team Dark, and Team Chaotix.
  • Their end-of-level pose would be Sparky performing the end-zone animation for Sonic from Sonic Advance, Jess performing Tails' from Sonic Advance, and Burn performing Knuckles' from Sonic Advance.
  • Their "spin aura" would be yellow for Sparky, dark orange for Burn, and dark purple for Jess.
  • Sparky could perform the Super-Peel-Out while in 2-D.
  • If Burn was at level 2, he could perform his finisher. At level 3, the ring would widen and release several fire-balls.

Policies and Hero Buisness

The team is on the good side and is a Hero-For-Hire group. Their motto is "Save the day, no matter what the pay." They don't really have any policies, but one rule they have is "run away, and pay" (don't give up), proving their courage.

For their job, they usualy don't care about the amount of cash they recieve, but usually hope for a good amount so they can survive. Jess, however, wants lots of money, and gets it at every chance he gets. Sometimes they perform small jobs for free, increasing their popularity.

On the occassion, they perform as a band, remixing classic Sonic tracks and singing the ones with lyrics. Their band is called "The Trail Blazers". Burn handles the drums, Sparky uses the guitar and sings the main parts of vocal songs, and Jess makes the special effects, backup vocals, and other instruments and synths with his control board.

Not only that, but the Team has been known to perform in sports, repairing, and even detecive work. The latter usually consists of Sparky creating inventions and plans for the work, and Burn doing most of the serious work, such as clue finding and interogation, much like the Batman. Burn's eyesight even acts as a makeshift "Detective Mode" to investigate crime scenes.


Team Storm lives inside Sparky's house, which is inside a small neighborhood near Station Square. Sparky sleeps in his room, Burn sleeps in the guest bed, and Jess illusionizes into a dog and sleeps on the rug.

Sparky's house is pretty large, and even has a secret computer room in the basement. To get to it, one must pull one of two levers hidden behind Sparky's bed. One lever reveals a trap-door that leads to the regular basement, and the other goes to the computer room. Unfortunately, Jess is the one to pull the lever and pulls the wrong lever most of the time.

Theme Song

(Sonic CD Japanese Soundtrack Ending) "Cosmic Eternity: Believe in Yourself", by Naofumi Hataya

Allied Teams

Team Weasel

Team Weasel and Team Storm playing video games

Rival Teams


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