This story is when Kagome the Fox and Anne the Fox meet (Princess) Kayla "Kay" the Fox and Sakura in a new school called Elementary High.


(Princess) Kayla "Kay" the Fox


Kagome the Fox

Anne the Fox

Jewel the Angelfox

Pinky the Rabbit

Jennie the Fox

James the Fox

Chapter 1 - First Day of school

`Jewel is getting Kayla ready for school.

Jewel: Come on sweetheart you're gonna be late for school

Kayla: I don't want to, um, you said that I was really smart!

Sakura: Chao (It's true)

Jewel: Well that's not an exuse, look at your brother happy to go to school.

James: Yeah! I even got a new lunchbox!

Kayla: Mother, why do I have to eat at school.

Jewel: They're having nachos.

Kayla: Mom...

Jewel: You'll make new friends...

Kayla: Stop persuading me!

Sakura: Chao! (Leave her alone!)

James: Mom! We're gonna be late for school!

Jewel: New home, new planet, We're not at the angelfox planet anymore, you're gonna have to live with it.

James: *Holding Kayla's hand* C'mon Kay! I heard preschool is great!

Chapter 2 - The Rushing Princess

Kayla and James look at the little school.

James: I imagined it bigger.

Kayla: That's your school, mine's is alot bigger.

Sakura: Chao (She's right)

James: What! No fair!

Kayla: You're only in 1st grade. *Looks at nearby clock* Oh my! I'm going to be late!

Kayla flies off to school.

James: Um, you forgot something.

Kayla: *Grunts, kisses James on the cheek*

Boy: *Looks at James funny*

James: Yeah, that's my sister, ain't she pretty.

Kayla finally reaches her school and it said, "Elementary High."

Kayla: Wait, wasn't I supppose to be in elementary school?

Girl: Hey kid, you're gonna be late.

Sakura: Chao! (Hey! Don't talk to Kay like that!)

Kayla: Oh yes! Sorry.. *Walks in school*

Kayla: Um, let's see, my combnation is 58493, Oh, here it is!

Kayla struggles with the locker.

???: Hey, need some help?

Kayla: Huh?

Chapter 3 - Best Friends for Trouble?

Kagome: Hey, name's Kagome, need some help?

Kayla: Oh, yes please!

Kagome: You new here?

Kayla: Uh, yes.

Kagome: Ah, dang, this locker's tricky.

???: I know it!!!!

Kagome: How are YOU suppose to know it Anne?

Anne: Because I had this locker last year!

Kayla: Hey, why is it called Elementary High anyway.

Kagome: 'Cause it's a high school, for elementary kids that are too smart for all the other schools.

Anne: *Gasps* OMG!

Kagome: What is it now!?

Kayla: Is my locker done?

Anne: You're the daughter of Queen Jewel!, You're Princess Kayla!

Kagome: Seriously! No Way!

Kayla: Well, I'm not a princess anymore.

Anne: How come?

Kayla: My planet got destroyed.

Sakura: Chao (Sad experience.)

Kagome: *Gasps* I am soo sorry.

Anne: Anyway, I got you're locker.

Kayla: Thanks. *Put's stuff away in locker*

Princiapal: You three!

Kayla: Ahh! I'm sorry! I couldn't open my locker and these two helped me and I..

Sakura: Chao Chao! (Please! We surender!)

Anne: Princiapal Clover! She's new!

Princiapal: Well, I always give rookies one more chance *walks close up to Kayla* Don't blow it.

Princiapal: And as for you two. You are both late again! You will have a refiral sent home and detention for 3 hours! *Storms off*

Kagome: *Smirts* Whatever.

Kayla: Aren't you guys sad?

Sakura: Chao (You should be.)

Anne: We get in trouble all the time.

Kagome: Um, "we" were never friends. You're just my annoying sidekick...

Anne: Am not!

Kagome: Speaking of trouble, we have a dress code, ya can't wear that heavy dress to school, or you're in trouble.

Kayla: Oh no! Please help me one more time! I don't want to get in trouble on the first day of school!

Anne: Girl! Stop hesitating! Chilax...

Kagome: Well you're lucky we have our own secret fashion lot in a abanded locker. C'mon, you'll look pretty!

Kayla: But what about school!

Anne: Don't worry about that! *Grabs Kayla's hand and runs to the fashion lot.*

Kayla: I am so in trouble.

Chapter 4 - Fashionista

Kagome: *Opens locker* Welcome to our locker wonderland.

Kayla: Wow! It's so pink and pretty!

Sakura: Chao! (Wow!)

Anne: Hmm, ooh! This is cute! Try this on!

Kayla: Um...

Anne: What's wrong?

Kayla: Are you guys gonna watch me change?

Kagome: *Elbows Anne* Show Princess Kayla respect.

Kayla: Just call me Kayla or Kay.

Kagome: Okay knock when you're ready.

2 minutes later...

Knock Knock

Anne: She's ready! *Opens door*

Kagome: Oh my gosh! You look soo cute!

Anne: Oh Kay doesn't look cute, she looks beautiful!

Kayla was dressed in her origanal attire.

Kayla: Thanks guys!

Knock Knock

Kagome: Hide Kay!

Kayla: What about you guys?

Anne: Hello, we get in trouble alot!

Kayla: Fine *Hides in locker.

Anne: Yes?

Pinky: Oooh! You both are in so much trouble!

Jennie: You guys were suppose to be in class 1 hour ago! I'm telling Mrs. Clover!

Kayla looks at the small opening in the locker.

Kagome: Who's Mrs. Clover?

Pinky: Duh, our teacher.

Anne: What! We're in your class!? Oh darn.

Both: We're gonna tell Mrs. Clover! We're gonna tell Mrs. Clover! Runs off to class.

Kayla: Who are they?

Kagome: They're stupid.

Anne: They're the taddle tell gang. There's alot of stuff you're gonna learn in this school.

Chapter 5 - Team, What's Their Name?

After a long annoying first day of school, Kayla, Kagome, and Anne finally made it to recess.

Kagome: Ugh, so boring.

Kayla: Jennie and Pinky have to stop taddle telling.

Anne: ....

Kagome: Hey Coo Coo, we're having a combersation!

Anne: Oh, sorry, I was just looking at this cool magazine.

Kagome: Team Sonic saves the day, this is boy stuff.

Kayla saw Tails on the magazine.

Kayla: Hey! I know him!

Kagome: Who, the 2 tailed fox.

Kayla: Yeah, his name is Tails. I saved his ship with magic from crashing 2 days ago.

Anne: Love bolt!

Kayla: Anne, he's just my friend.

Kagome: Hey! Maybe all off us could be a team! For fashion!

Anne: Awesome idea! What do you think Kay?

Kayla: Sounds great! Let me check with my mom first.

Anne: Are you cra...

Kagome: *Covers Anne's mouth* Take your time Kay.

Kayla: Thanks! I'll be quick as a lightning bolt!

Sakura: Chao! (You got that right!)

Kagome: Really Anne! To Kay!

Anne: It's almost detention!

Kagome: You are such an idiot.

Chapter 6 - Starlight Forever!

Kayla told her mom about the team thing and her response was:

Jewel: As long they are nice to you.


Jewel: Go back to school young lady!

So Kayla told her friends the news.

Kayla: She said yes!

All: Yaa!

Anne: What's our name gonna be?

Kagome: What do you think Kay?

Sakura: Chao! (Think about it!)

Kayla: Okay Sakura.

Kagome: So you're Kayla's pet chao aren't you Sakura.

Sakura: Chao (Is that a problem?)

Anne: She's so cute!

Kayla thought about her home planet in space, and thought about the sparkling stars surrounding it.

Kayla: Team Starlight!

Kagome: Awesome!

Anne: It suits us perfectly!

Sakura: Chao! (LOL!)


Kagome: Time for detention.

Kayla: Well, have fun, I  guess.

Anne: We'll always have fun.

Kagome: As long as we have our best friend.

All: Starlight Forever!

The End

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