This is the story is when Team Starlight go on their first vacation to Mobius for saving their city, but they're private jet crashed and they end up on a magical strange island.

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Kayla "Kay" the Fox


Kagome the Fox

Anne the Fox

Zachary the Seedrian (only for chapter 1 and 3)

Anne's mom (only for chapter 1)

Miles "Tails" Prower

Jewel the Angelfox


Mayor of Team Starlight's city (only for chapter 4)

News Reporter (only for chapter 4)



Chapter 1 - Toppings and Shark Teeth are BFF's!

Team Starlight is in Anne's backyard making their designs for the origanal Team Starlight oufit. (In case they get popular.) Sakura's at Kayla's house because she's sick.

Anne: OMGosh! This is going to be a hit! Everybody will be dying for my ketchup and mustard design!

Kayla: Which invloved actual ketchup and mustard!

Kagome: Yuck! Girl you need to check with your eating problems! This belongs in the trash!

Anne: Hey! My design looks good and I just want a chllidog..

Kagome: *Smirt* Whateves. You'd wanna go go with awesomo sparkly shark teeth sparks on my dress.

Kayla: Which involved real shark teeth!

Kagome: What? I want to show nature how I feel about sharks: Hated and despicable!

Anne: Yuck! Who would want a carnivore dress!

Kagome: And who would want a dress with your leftover chllidog toppings!

Before Kayla new it, her best friends were bickerring!

Kayla: Oh no! I have to do something about this quick! *Dashes into Anne's house and bumps into a seedrian who is wearing a superhero costume.*

Kayla: Hey, no strangers in Anne's or she's really gonna going to say OM using the inapropriate version of gosh!

Seedrian: That reminds me, I'm on a look out for any strangers who enter this house,and I'm Zachary,  pretty bun buns.

Kayla: I'm beautiful but not that, I mean, well you should be looking out yourself because you cannot be entering other people's house!

Zachary: But this is my house, I'm Anne's sister!

Kayla: What! But you're a seedrian!

Zachary: Yeah, I get that alot.

Kayla: Is your dad a seedrian?

Zachary: No, I just got adopted 3 months ago.

Kayla: Ohh, wowww *shakes head* Anyway, do you by any chance have shark teeth, and ketchup and mustard.

Zachary: I'm glad you asked. Ya see, I'm a big fan of Team Sonic 'cause they saved our town like a week ago! So I'm..

Kayla: Um, nice story now about those stuff I asked for?

Zachary: I gathered ketchup and mustard for Sonic's favorite chillidog toppings, shark teeth for how hard and sharp Knuckles is and I'm working on catching a canarie for how high Tails can fly. *Holds up materials*

Kayla: *Looks at Zachary wierdly* Thanks gotta go! *Dashes off into Anne's room*

Zachary: *Sighs* Women.

Meanwhile, Kagome and Anne are still fighting, until Kayla came out with a brand new dress.

Kagome: Non stop eating fat fox!

Anne: Ugly nature hater!

Kayla: Guys stop please!

Kagome: Stop the presece!


Kagome: Not to be mean Kay but we're in a middle of an insulting combersation, if you want to join, you know what to say. Play the presece!

Anne: I'm now starting to think that you can be my most annoying sidekick in the world!

Kagome: No matter, as long as I have my stupid leader on my side!

Kayla: Guys, stop!

Kagome and Anne: *Arguing*

Kayla: *Thinking* Ohhh, stop the presece!


Kagome: So you finally want to join, well think of a design we both hate.

Kayla: So ketchup and mustard and shark teeth don't go well together, and including you 2. But if you guys get along and agree with each other's idea's, look what you can create!

Kayla held up a dress with ketchup and mustard and shark teeth that she made in 2 minutes. It looked amazingner than you thought. The girls stood there with their eyes wide and mouth open and totally speachless.

Kayla: Um, guys?

Kagome: ...

Anne: ...

Kayla: *Thinking* Ohhh, play the presecs!

Kagome: *Hugging Anne* I'm so sorry Anne, that design looks beautiful on this dress.

Anne: *Hugging Kagome* I'm sorry too, your shark teeth on this dress is beautifuler!

Anne's mom: Kay! Time for you to go home!

Kayla: Okay Mrs. Fox. Bye girls!

Both: Bye Kay!

Anne: Jeinks! You owe me a soda.

Chapter 2 - This Guy Is On Fire!

Kayla: Hi mom, Hi James.


Jewel: Calm down sweetie!

Kayla: What's going on!

James: You've been a good sister Kay, now kiss me in a lip!

Kayla: What!

Jewel: Sweetie, watch the T.V. for a sec.

T.V.: Take cover! A fire astriod is coming! And *T.V. turns off automaticly.*

Jewel: And the astriod is almost about to hit our mansion.

Kayla: *Laugh* James, astriods make me have a blackout, not die.

James: Well in that case, I'm going to check on Sakur...

Sakura: *Bustes out* CHAO! (ASTRIOD!)

Kayla: Well, in that case, AAAHHH!!!

Jewel: Kayla!

Kayla: AAAHHH! Yes mother?

Jewel: You're a team leader. Do you know what I expect!?

Kayla: It's a team for fashion and make a water dress?

Jewel: No to get out there and fight!

James: C'mon sis! Millions of lives are depending on you!

Kayla: What if I get a black out?

Sakura: Chao (Don't worry Kay, I just healed myself from being sick, so I'll be able to heal your blackout!)

Jewel: You'll do fine. Spread your wings!

Kayla: *Hears astriod coming by* I'll do it!

Sakura: Chao! (Let's do this!)

Kayla and Sakura: *Runs out the door.*

Jewel: My little catapiller is turning into my little butterfly!

Kayla finds her friends trying to get to the astroid, but they apparently can't fly.

Kayla: Are you guys crazy!

Anne: We're the only team! You gotta fly and try not to get a blackout!

Kayla: EERRR!

Kayla flew right in front of the astroid, and she was about to get hit until someone did a tail punch and sended the fire astroid to somewhere else. The person was holding Kayla in his arms.

????: Are you okay!?

Chapter 3 - Tails Blooms a Love with Kayla

Kayla: Tails!

Zachary: *Looking out of window* No way! It's Tails! I gotta get that canarie!

Tails: *Flying Kayla back to the ground* Kayla! It's you!

Kayla: You saved me!

Tails and Kayla stared at each other and blushed.

Jewel: *Hugging Tails* Thank you soo much! You saved my daughter!

Tails: Um, you're welcome?

Jewel: Well, don't just stand there girls! Find that astroid before it crashes!

Kagome: Where is it?

Tails: *Searching on his scanner* It's going crash on the other side of your city, oops, sorry.

Jewel: Oh, no need to be sorry Miles.

Kayla: Mom, we talked about this, we call him Tails!

Jewel: Whatever, go get that astroid! And you, Mi, I mean Tails, have tea with me in honnor of saving my daughter while Team Starlight pays you back by getting that astroid!

Tails: Well, I really didn't have tea in a long time.

Jewel: All you have to remember is to lift up your pinky, now go go go Team Starlight!

Kayla: Let's go team! *Flies Kagome to the other side of town.*

Sakura: Chao! (Let's go Anne) *FIies Anne to the other side of town.*


Sakura: *Rolls eyes* CHAO!!!! (Be a woman, woman!)

The astroid barely crashed on the city until Team Starlight started to be a team and fought the astroid.

Meanwhile with Tails Jewel

Jewel: Green or cinnamon?

Tails: Yuck, who wants cinnamon?

Jewel: Let's see, Ooh! Green or mint?

Tails: MINT!!!!

Tails was using his manners like he was at a royal tea party

Jewel: My goodness! You act very prim and proper at the table like my daughter. What's your secret, are you a king or prince?

Tails: Actually I did give up being a....

Jewel: More mint tea?

Tails: *Sigh* Sure.

Meanwhile at the other side of town, Team Starlight went through a experience of fire and blackouts and almost losing a body part, but, thanks to Kayla's magic and flight, Sakura's well, help, Kagome's power and belt she took on her pants, (she just wears belts to make her look skinnier, but she already is.) and Anne's speed and how loud she is because when her brother really annoyed her, she almost broke the glass. Anyway, Team Starlight finally destroyed the astroid and saved their city.

Back with Tails and Jewel

Jewel: So Tails, do you like my daughter, as a friend.

Tails: Yeah, she's so pretty...*Blushes*

Jewel: What about me?

Tails: *Puts hand over mouth* Well, your nice but, you're kinda too hyper to tell you the truth.

Jewel: Oh, I'm usually not like this, I'm quite calm, but when I don't get my sleep, I'm not calm.

Tails: Okay, wanna see Team Starlight save the city?

Jewel: But we're not even finished with tea!

Tails: Oh yes we are now let's go! *Pushes Jewel out the door.*

Jewel: You coming?

Tails: Yeah, hold on.

Jewel: Okay, I'll let you know what happened. *Runs out the door*

Tails: Wow, did I just say Kayla was pretty right in her mom's face! Well, she's aparently not pretty, she's special and so beautiful... *Blushes*

Chapter 4 - The New Hero

Jewel: Tails! They saved our city! Come out!

Tails: Really! *Rushes to the other side of town*

Jewel: Hey! Wait up! *Catches up to Tails.*

When Tails and Jewel finally reached the other side of town, they saw a whole crowd in front of Team Starlight thanking them and a news company asking them questions.

Kagome: Awesome! We're famous!

Anne: We can finally sale the origanal Team Starlight dress!

News Reporter: Tell me Miss Kayla, how in the world did you get that astroid without getting damaged!?

Kayla: Well, I guess we worked together and tried our best!

News Reporter: Very good answer! John, where's my motto book? I need to write that down.

Jewel: *Hugs Team Starlight* I knew you could do it! Amazing job girls!

Tails: You did awesome Kayla!

Kayla: Thanks!

Mayor: Hello, has anyone seen Team Starlight?

Anne: *Gasps* It's the mayor!

Kagome: Team Starlight's right here.

Mayor: Thank you so much for saving our city Team Starlight! Who is the leader of this team?

Kagome and Anne: Kay!

Anne: Jeinks! You owe me 2 sodas!

Kagome: Dang it! Stop it with the jeinks!

Mayor: Miss Kay, as a leader of Team Starlight, working hard to protect our city, I now reccomend you, one of our new heroes!

Crowd: YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla: Wow! First a Freedom Fighter, then a team leader, now I'm the hero of the city!

Kagome: Wait, you never told us you were a Freedom Fighter.

Kayla: Sorry, I forgot to tell when we first met, I was just worried about school too much.

Mayor: And as for the members, they are now affitail Freedom Fighters as well.

Kagome and Anne: YAAAA!!!

Jewel: *Sniff* My little butterfly is turning into a big butterfly!

Mayor: For Team Starlight's hard work, they are going on a trip to Mobius!

Kayla: Oh yeah, I was suppose to go to live there tomarrow because I'm a Freedom Fighter.

Sakura: Chao! (What! tomarrow!)

Anne: Wait, so if we're Freedom Fighters too, then we have to live there too?

Tails: Yeah, I guess so.

Sakura: Chao chao! (Double what!)

Mayor: Well, I suppose you should gather your belongings, the private jet leaves tomarrow at early 7.

James: Kay, You're leaving?

Kayla: I guess so, but don't worry, I'm going to visit you soon.

I promise....

Chapter 5 - Mobius or No Place?

1 day later, Jewel and James helped Kayla and Sakura pack at 5:30 am.

James: *Sniff* I'm really gonna miss you sis.

Kayla: Me too....

Sakura: Chao.... (Me three.)

Jewel: We're all going to miss you, you will come back will you?

Kayla: Yes, whatever it takes.

Sakura: Chao! (You got that right!)

After they finished packing Kayla and Sakura gave their family her biggest hug, then left their mansion.

Kayla: I guess the whole world isn't happy, I'm really gonna miss them. *See's Kagome and Anne at the private jet stop.*

Anne: Hi Kay.

Kayla: Hi, are you guys sad because you're leaving your family too?

Kagome: Well, I'm sad for that reason, but happy because I'm a Freedom Fighter!

Anne: Same as me.

The private jet landed and it was finally early 7.

Tails: Hi guys!

Kayla: Hi Tails.

Sakura: Chao! (Wha sup!)

Tails: Are you guys ready, I already know how you guys feel.

Kayla started to hug Tails and cry on his shoulder.

Kayla: I'm gonna miss them so much.

Tails: It's okay, your parents will never forget you.

5 minutes later, the private jet was on air.

Tails: Bye! I'll meet you back!

All: Bye!

Anne: This is awesome! Look! a cooler and a mini restraunt! And a T.V.! Man this private jet has everything! WEEEEE!!!!

Kagome: *Covers ears* Shut up! *Walks up to Kayla*

Kagome: You okay.

Kayla: I'm fine, I'm not crying anymore.

Kagome: Thank goodness, 'cause it looked like you were sad to death!

Kayla: I'm just tired. I had to wake up and get ready at 5, pack up at 5:30, fly to the private jet stop and I got there at 6, and then and I had to wait an hour which I spent sleeping.

Kagome: Awww, you poor thing.

Kayla: I know right, and I could've woke up at 12:00 pm!

6 hours later Team Starlight was asleep and Anne was the first to awaken.

Anne: Hey guys, it's finally 1 in the afternoon!

Kayla, Sakura and Kagome: Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z.

Anne: Well, time to look at the blue sky.

But the sky wasn't blue.


Then, Kayla, Sakura and Kagome finally awoken from Anne's powerful scream.

Sakura: CHAO!!!!! (AAHHHHH!!!!!)

Kagome: What the heck Anne!

Anne: We're in space! We're gonna die!!!!

Kayla: Well how else would we get to Mobius. That's another planet.

Anne: We're not even in a spaceship!

Kagome: I heard Mobians can breathe in space, I mean seriously! Who can breathe in space if they're not a Mobian!

Kayla: *Raises hand.*

Anne: Really?

Kayla: Remember I was princess of the angelfox planet?

Anne: Oh yeah.

Kagome: Want me to prove that we can breathe in space?

Anne: No! Don't do it Kagome!

Kagome: Watch me... *Rolls window down.*

Sakura: Chao. (I have a bad feeling about this...)

Kagome put her head out the window.

Kagome: See? Perfectly fin - a *cough*

Kayla: *Pulls Kagome out of space* Kagome!

Kagome: *Cough* Okay, we should settle into Mobius first.

Anne: See?! What did I tell ya! Who's stupid now?

Kagome: You are.

Anne: That is just cold!

Sakura: Chao. (Yeah, not nice.)

Meanwhile, the astroid Team Starlight defeated came back to life thanks to a mysterious evil person.

Kayla: *Looks at space and sees astroid.* Oh dang. *Covers eyes*

Kagome: Kay! What's wrong?

Kayla: A-ASTROID!!!!

Sakura: CHAO!!! (OH NO!!!)

Anne: Um, okay guys! Do not panic! The pilot will let us know if we should get out or not.

The pilot didn't say a word, he just opened the emergency door and jumped out with and spacesuit and parachute. The astroid also hit the private jet.

Kayla: Really! You just leave us here! You are so fired!!!

All: AAAHHH!!!!

Kagome: I have a feeling we're not going to Mobius!

Chapter 6 - The Chao's Old Legend

Thanks to that astroid, Team Starlight didn't make it to Mobius, but instead, they crashed on a island on a whole other planet that's close to the end of the universe. Kayla and Sakura woke up and found themselves on the island.

Kayla: Where are we?

Sakura: Chao? (Mobius?)

Kayla: I don't think so, it's really quiet...

Sakura: Chao! (Kayla look! A water fall with sparkles!)

Kayla: Wow! Pretty! *Looks around* They're sparkles everywhere!

While Kayla and Sakura were looking around the island, a cute little brown chao came face to face with them.

Kayla: Hello there!

Chao: Chao! (Ahh! She's with a chao! BLACKBELT!!!!)

Sakura: Chao? (Huh?)

Blackbelt: Chao chao! (Your going down fox! Don't worry my chao friend, you will be safe!)

Blackbelt is a gray chao with a black belt on his head and he has nunchucks, the little brown chao was his little sister named Ginger.

Blackbelt: HI - YA!

Sakura: *Blocking Kayla* Chao! (Hey! Leave Kay alone!)

Ginger: Chao! (But that Mobian is going to threaten you!)

Sakura: Chao!? (What!? Kay would never do that! She's my best friend!)

Ginger and Blackbelt: *Mouths opened* But Mobians do threaten chaos!!

Kayla: Where did you here that from!

Ginger: Chao? ( Blackbelt, the Mobian speaks chao,should I tell them?)

Blackbelt: Chao. ( Eh.)

Ginger: Chao chao chao chao! (500 years ago, a Mobian came to our Chao island and threatened over 50 of our chaos!)

Kayla: Listen, they're alot of evil Mobians that I already know, but I also know alot more good ones.

Ginger: Chao chao. (But, but...)

Sakura: Chao! (It's very true, Kay's kept for years and she didn't do 1 bad thing to me!)

Blackbelt: Chao. (What about those 2 foxes?)

Sakura: Chao chao. (That's Kagome and Anne. They're my friends too. I think they're still knocked out from the crash.)

Ginger: Chao. (The repair chaos aren't gonna be here until 5 days. Looks like the 3 foxes and chao are staying at chao island for the week!)

The End

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