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Team Star is a group of five who resides on Angel Island. Though their leader, Star the Wolf, came from the future, when she was sent back in time, she met Tiny, Thunder, Jinx, and Jade, and formed Team Star. They do everything from helping Knuckles the Echidna guard the Master Emerald, training to learn how to control Chaos Energy, and fighting Dr. Eggman.


The group's members consists of Star the Wolf (or Star the Hedgewolf), who is the leader and the twin sister of Shimmer the Wolf (or Shimmer the Hedgewolf), Tiny the Hedgehog, Star's boyfriend and the second-in-command, Thunder the Echidna, who is good friends with Knuckles and a descendant of the warrior echidnas, Jinx the Cat, a tough shecat who has dark magic, and Jade the Wolf, a shewolf who controls ice.


The rules of the group are that you need to be able to hold your own in a fight, you need to be 10 or older to go on any official missions, you must show respect to the leader and other members, and you need to be honest with the other members.


No religion.

Base of Operations

Team Star's base of operations is located on Angel Island, close to where The Chaotix live. Their house is in one of the many forests on the Island. The home has a central room, hangout rooms, and kitchen, and bedrooms on the second floor.


Team Star lives in a forest on Angel Island, with a small spring close by. They live fairly close to the edge of the island, so they can easily get off and help fight crime.


No uniform.


The formation of Team Star started with Star being sent to the past by Mephiles after breaking apart from her sister's group, the Flame Fighters. She first met Tiny while trying to find Eggman after hearing about the capture of Princess Elise. Soon after the two teamed up and helped Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and the others fight Eggman, Iblis, and Mephiles (Star was a primary source of information for the latter two as she had fought Iblis in the future and seen Mephiles). Later, while resting on Angel Island, Star and Tiny met Thunder, and echidna who was living with Knuckles and helping him guard the Master Emerald. Thunder agreed to help them, after Star and Tiny explained the dire situation they were in, and at that time, the three gave the team an official name. (More history coming soon)

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