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"Team? You want me to WORK with someone else?" -Chace Lockwood the Fox

Team Spy is a group of 4 Mobians named Chace the main spy, Hailey the technology expert, Hailey's distant cousin and Scientist/Forensic Investigator John AKA Kenji (A nickname he got in Japan) and the trigger happy gun/weapons specialist Stephanie.


  • Chace the Fox
  • Hailey the Fox
  • Kenji the Fox
  • Stephanie the Cat


Years ago, the team was first started when Chace's boss informed him that he would be paired up with two fellow workers who came from overseas. At the time, Chace, the groups now leader, was more arrogant and carefree than anything, so when his boss issued for him to form an alliance with some overseas workers, he declined. To bad for him, the two had already arrived at his doorstep in the middle of the conference. Chace was outraged but managed to keep his cool as he allowed the two British foxes in. Hailey, the technology expert, was up front and professional while John, or Kenji was trying to make it a point that they needed to be as precise and perfect on their job as possible. And don't even get me started on how angry Chace was when he heard the two were going to be his roommates.

Time passed, emotions showed, and the three became the perfect team with the greatest bonds, and maybe more between him and and Hailey, for they had started dating and showing feelings for each other at the time. Also around this point, they began to be called in for the big jobs, such as collecting information on underground cults and organizations partnering up with Dr. Eggman himself. They needed more help, more technology, more fire power, since Chace's twin pistons and smoke bombs weren't gonna cut it. This is where Stephanie comes in.

Stephanie at the time was a distant friend of Chace, and was known for her love for anything with an engine that moved. After telling the cat about their problems, Stephanie was more than glad to offer some weapons she had designed,and with the help of some secret funds from the organization, her dream weapons came to life and she joined the team as the weapons specialist!

Chace and his team are always up for hire if the money is right, and if they are willing to do it. They can somewhat be referred to as missionaries if you will, but they DON'T work for the bad guys.


The team knows their rules back and forth.

  • What happens in the lab, stays in the lab.
  • What happens on the job, STAYS on the job.
  • Any information is classified information.
  • Don't do anything STUPID.(To Chace and Stephanie from Hailey)
  • No OverKill unless it's a one in a life time chance. (By Stephanie)
  • Don't goof off in my lab! (By Kenji)

Some of them are to be taken seriously, others, well...Chace breaks that last one all the time.

Base of Operations

Usually, when the big jobs are accepted, the organization that the team works for opens up secret underground labs for them whenever things need to be focused on 10 fold. Example: There is an old worn down warehouse a couple of hours away from their original home town where they live. Inside said warehouse is filled with overgrowth and nothingness. But underground is a top secret, undetectable lab where the group can decode items for clues, suit up for missions and get mission packets for their next huge adventure. When taking on common jobs such as investigating every day crimes, they'll use the lab underneath Chace's house (Also Hailey and Kenji's house) and do any work they have there.


  • Chace

Chace is usually always chilling out at home, watching TV or headed out on small missions that involve collecting information or evidence. Due to his job description, he can adapt to any space.

  • Hailey

Hailey is always in her computer lab half of the day, decoding and solving puzzles to unlock secrets and other things like it for small paychecks here and there. When she's not surrounded by machines she's reading a book to rest her eyes or taking a nap. She does enjoy going shopping every once in a while though.

  • Kenji

Kenji, if he's not reading away at some scientific articles or watching the Discovery Channel, will be in his lab conducting numerous chemical and forensic tests and trials to see what he could come up with next. With the help of Hailey he's created a spray that can turn a living organism invisible. They used it on Chace for a spy job but they nearly failed the mission due to Chace's allergic reaction to it. Chace still blames Kenji to this day for the sneeze attack he got in the middle of the enemies base, but Kenji only shrugs it off and continues to test out new ideas and theories day in and day out, staying up for days on end if he claims he is 'onto something'.

  • Stephanie

On her downtime, Stephanie enjoys working on motocross bikes and pretty much anything with a motor with her boyfriend Reggie the Mongoose. However, she can be found in her basement working on weapons for the team whenever she has "Me time." She's so used to being surrounded by guns that she'll randomly carry them with her almost anywhere she goes to feel more at home! Hailey says this is a bad habit, but the cat disagrees and says it doubles as self defense.


The group only dawns their usual black uniforms if the mission is so serious that they all need to be in the same place at the same time. However, Chace and Stephanie and sometimes Hailey are the only ones dawning the all black attire while going to work.

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