Team Sonic VS. Villains! Ultimate Showdown! is my sequel to the first issue of Sonic Comics Fanon.


  • Sonic -- Hero
  • Tails -- Main Hero
  • Knuckles -- Hero
  • Skulk -- Main Villain
  • Dr. Eggman -- Villain
  • Fang the Sniper -- Villain
  • Amy Rose -- Damsel-in-Distress
  • Cream the Rabbit -- Damsel-in-Distress

Chapter 1: A Letter from Eggman

It was a Saturday morning at Tails's Workshop when he recieved a letter from Dr. Eggman. It said: "Dear Tails, I've captured Amy and Cream and took them to the Egg Bastion. I dare you, Sonic, and Knuckles to come and try to rescue them. You will never make it out alive. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! With great hate, Dr. Eggman." Tails called Sonic and Knuckles to tell them about the letter he got from Eggman. Sonic and Knuckles got the same letter as well. Sonic and Knuckles soon rushed to Tails's Workshop where they took the Tornado to the Egg Bastion to rescue Amy and Cream. They soon got shot down by a familiar foe and landed on Skull Island.

Chapter 2: Skull Island

After getting shot down, they landed on the mysterious Skull Island. "Where are we?", asked Knuckles. Sonic simply responded, "beats me." They walked around and Tails saw a mysterious figure heading up to Death's Peak. "What's up Tails? Something bugging you?", asked Sonic. "I thought I just someone heading up to Death's Peak. It could have been the guy that shot us down when we were on the Tornado.", said Tails as he thought of something about the figure he saw. "Well then, let's go get him!", shouted Knuckles. "Then let's go!", said Sonic as the 3 heroes raced up to Death's Peak. They soon saw the face of the guy that shot them down, Skulk. "SKULK?!", yelled the shocked and surprised heroes. "Yes its me creampuff.", said Skulk with a slimy voice. "What are doing here Raccoon Creep?!", asked Tails as he yelled at his parent-killing archenemy. "Just exploring.", replied Skulk. Skulk dropped a letter and escaped back to ship, the Raccoonator. He took to the skies and Tails wanted to chase after him. But first, he read the letter that Skulk left for them. It said: "Dear Boyscouts, I bet your trying to save your prissy little girlfriends aren't you? Well here this, bring me the 7 Chaos Emeralds, or else your girlfriends will DIE!!! You have less than 3 days to bring them to me. The fate of your girlfriends rest entirely in your dirty gloves. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! From, your bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Skulk the Raccoon." Tails then crumbled up the letter and threw it away like it was garbage. He then said to the others, "First he killed my parents, and now he's gonna kill Amy and Cream! He won't get away with this! Let's go get those Chaos Emeralds so we can rescue them!", shouted Tails courageously. He, along with Sonic and Knuckles went back to the Tornado to chase Skulk on his Raccoonator. Tails then said to himself, "Just hang on girls, hang on. I promise, were gonna save you!"

Chapter 3: The Tornado VS. The Raccoonator

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles went back to the Tornado and went after Skulk. They soon caught up to Skulk and his ship, the Raccoonator and started to open fire on him. "Take this Raccoon Creep!", shouted Tails as he launched a missile that headed straight Skulk's cockpit. "What the heck was that?" Skulk looked back and saw Tails firing another missile at him. "This fox just won't quit!" Skulk then put on the autopilot and went to confront the 3 heroes. "Alright Fox Freak, you wanna play so badly, I'll play!", yelled Skulk as he fired a napalm at them. "Were hit!", yelled a paniced Tails as he flew out of control. He was now forced to either face Skulk directly or surrender. "You should go back to the orphange Fox Freak! You don't know who your messing with!", said Skulk with an evil smirk on his face. "Tails, let's go down there and show that raccoon what were made of!", said a vigorous Sonic. "I agree with Sonic! Let's teach that guy a lesson!", said a confident Knuckles. Tails then sighed and shouted, "Alright guys! Let's go defeat Raccoon Creep!" They fired their last missile at the cockpit, but it missed and Skulk gloated. The 3 heroes got off the Tornado and flew to the Raccoonator, confronting a shocked and angry Skulk. "Your gonna pay for what you did!", shouted Sonic heroically. He hit Skulk with a Homing Attack. Skulk retaliated with Dark Thunder. "Sonic, I don't like thunder!", said a frightened Tails. "No worries. Its just one of Skulk's worthless attacks.", replied Knuckles. "What do you mean worthless?!" Skulk started to duplicate himself into 50 and they simultaneously fired Dark Energy Spheres. The 3 heroes couldn't stand a chance, but thanks to Tails's genius, he spotted the real Skulk and did a Tail Twirl at him, which caused the raccoon imposters to disappear. "Okay now its time for Plan B." Skulk transformed the Raccoonator into Skulklash. Sonic and Knuckles went into the machine's ears and damaged it from the inside. Tails tried to cut the right wire to shut down the robot. Skulk tried to stop Tails by firing Dark Energy Spheres at him, but he dodged them all, but wasn't able to find the right wire. So to by Sonic and Knuckles time, Tails distracted Skulk by flying around the robot with Skulk chasing after him and firing Dark Energy Spheres at him. "I think 1 more blast should shut this beast down for good!", said Sonic. Both Sonic and Knuckles did one more hit and it destroyed Skulklash for good. Tails got the Tornado set and flew to the robot's ears to catch Sonic and Knuckles. As they flew away from the robot they heard Skulk's voice 1 last time before they lost sight of Skulklash, "Get the 7 Chaos Emeralds in less than 3 days, or your girlfriends will DIE!!!" So they started to search for the 7 Chaos Emeralds in order to save Amy and Cream from a terrible fate.

Chapter 4: Hunt for the Chaos Emeralds (Part 1)

The 3 heroes get a signal of 3 Chaos Emeralds at a mysterious place called Castle Trecner. So, the 3 heroes head to Castle Trecner and use Tails's fake Chaos Emerald to track down the 3 hidden Chaos Emeralds. "Let's split up! Knuckles you go left, Tails, you go right, and I'll go the center way. If any of you guys see any Chaos Emeralds, call us on your walkie talkies. Let's move!!!" So, the 3 heroes search their separate ways. Meanwhile, the evil Trecner timeline is all around the castle, searching for any intruders, including Policeman Trecner, Fireman Trecner, Trecner the Kid, Captain Trecner, Astro Trecner, Past Trecner, and Future Trecner.

Chapter 5: Hunt for the Chaos Emeralds (Part 2)

Chapter 6: Hunt for the Chaos Emeralds (Part 3)

Chapter 7: A Second Sky High Battle

Chapter 8: Showdown at the Egg Bastion

Chapter 9: Betrayal

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