Team Sonic 2 is a yet to be released fangame that parodies Team Fortress 2. It is made using Game Maker Lite, and is a platform shooter. It is being created by Panic the Wolf. Sadly, due to limitations, it is not multiplayer.
Team Sonic 2a
Release Dates
Jaguar European Unknown

Jaguar american Unknown
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Jaguar Australian Unknown
Action, Adventure, Platformer, Shooter
Campaign, Survival, Training
ERSB: Everyone 10+ Cartoon Violence
Downloadable .exe file, CD, DVD
Panic the Wolf
Panic the Wolf


The game is relatively plotless. It centers around two opposing armies, the good side being R.U.N. (Rad United Nations) and the evil army being E.G.G. (Evil Genius Group), which is composed of mass produced clones with blue features. It is suggested that the war started over the founder of one army sitting in the other's chair.


The game has been heavily advertised, despite being free. There were 11 sprite comics comprising the "meet the" series. These have the character fighting, introducing themself, or a combination. Then there were two animations. One was a parody of the NBC version of The Office, and the other parodied the TF2 meme "This is what I see with my eyes closed," depicting Sonic's cross-eyed head flying through space. Sprite comics will be released in the future to introduce items and gameplay elements.


Conceptual boxart


Playable Characters:

The game contains 9 playable characters/classes, each one with their own unique abilities. Each is based on a Team Fortress 2 class, except for the Tails Doll and Zalgo, who were jokes.

Real Characters
06 sonic002

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the basic character, recommended for begginers. He's really fast, jumps high, and whatever it is, he doesn't care. He is never too serious about anything, and when he talks, he talks short and quick.

Speed Scout
287px-ASR Shadow

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is an Australian stereotype with a sniper rifle. Fairly polite and incredibly efficient, he takes out targets from considerable distances, or from concealed locations. At this point, he usually rides up on a kangaroo, or says something... Australian. He is generally quite nice to everyone, and not unkind to his enemies, though he has a major yet-to-be-explained grudge against EGG Nack. He is the best character because he is so Australian.

Accuracy Sniper

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver is the doctor of the bunch. As shown when he inserts the green chaos emerald into Knuckles, he has little to no regard for the Hippocratic Oath. However, in the end, he really does care about his patients. He is proud that he has never pulled the plug on a patient. He even has dusty skeletons on life support, from before he discovered his ability to heal any wound. Why is it he doesn't bring them back to life?

Healing Medic
387px-ASR Tails

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is a calm, cool, collected engineer and construction expert. He is a realist, and won't believe something unless science has answers. He constructs defense robos, stationary robots with lethal firepower. Tails himself is minimally armed.

Construction Engineer

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles loves explosions. If there's a problem, he'll blow stuff up until it's solved. He has a heavy Scottish accent and a drinking problem, though the EGG Knuckles has the worse case of alcoholism, as he is almost always seen with an uncapped bottle. He is "secretly" blind in one eye, though which one is unclear. He is extra strong because Silver jammed the green chaos emerald into his chest cavity. He is the second best character because of his awesome accent.

Explosives Demoman
Metal Sonic 16

Metal Sonic

The most masculine of all menly men, Metal Sonic is a veteran of a previous war. This has left him just ever so slightly insane. He fires massive rockets which cause massive explosions, however the blast radius means he must be very careful using them.

Rockets Soldier

Dr. Eggman

Eggman is a fat, lazy, irritable scientist. He is sat down in his eggmobile for the whole game, and it can only shuffle slowly along. He can't jump very high, but can take massive damage and has the most rapid rate of fire of any character.

Firepower/ Health


Nack the Weasel

A shifty, deceptive gentleman, Nack sneaks up on his targets. To survive, he stays invisible or disguised, then reveals himself and draws his trusty pistol. He is unnerved by the gender-undetermined Egg Robo's advances.

Stealth Spy

Egg Robo

The Egg Robo is a robot created to look like Eggman. It basically obeys its creator loyally by roasting everything in sight with its flamethrower. Though built in the image of Eggman, it is unknown who is inside the robot, and much conflict has been raised as to the gender of the Egg Robo.

Flame Pyro
Joke Characters

Tails Doll

The Tails Doll appears as the second-to-last "Meet the" comic. The RUN Tails Doll is attached to some sort of machine in the EGG HQ. The various EGG classes run into the room, then fly backwards out with horrified expressions. Shadow runs in and shoots straight through it, but then the Tails Doll starts playing "Can You Feel the Sunshine," causing the remaining characters to flee. He is not actually playable. His nearly invisible outline appears in "Meet the Tails."

File:Vrell World of Gods by Rhineville.jpg


We must be ready for when he comes. Zalgo, my friends! Zalgo! He is upon us. Invoke the chaos that is within the tarn k'teth sha zaduum taayum kayuck tron k'tal shaa knawk k'ta weg yami Cthulhu! This character was removed early in development to prevent players' minds from being shattered.

Death Great Old One


  • The Moderator- A giant metal Sonic who oversees everything that goes on. He is purple and created both the RUN and EGG Commanders. He looks a lo

    Every character except for motobugs.

    t like them, but is neutral, invincible, and omnipotent instead of leading one army. He also has large crushing hands, two Defense Robos attached to his head, bright yellow eyes, and his hover platform has a spiked ring around the bottom with a massive laser cannon in the center. He has a 5% chance to appear and insta-kill any player exploiting glitches or otherwise cheating. His team is identified as "MOD," despite him being the only member.

    The Moderator

  • RUN/EGG Commander- Giant duplicates of the Metallix Emperor. The blue EGG Commander rapidly creates more and more warriors through some unidentified technology. The RUN Commander is incapable of this due to damage, meaning it is a battle of quality versus quantity.
  • Defense Robo- Structures built by Tails. They are immobile robots that fire six rockets or two lasers, one red and one green. They are incredibly devestating, but cannot turn around, meaning that a concealed Nack can sneak to the back and disable it.
  • Motobug- Simple badniks that cause damage if they run into you. They have very low HP and are little more than a nuisance.


The game has basic mouse-based platform shooter format. Because it is a Sonic fan game, characters spill rings instead of blood. For every kill, the player's "chaos meter" goes up a little. When it is full, holding the right mouse button will significantly slow time, allowing for faster reactions.

Voice Acting

Panic the Wolf did all voices in the game himself.


  • The game's original title was Sonic Team 2.
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