Cquote1 If it's a fight you want, then a fight is what we'll give you!! In order to protect our race and generation, we'll survive and fight till the very end, and become the last ones standing!! Cquote2
Team Rebellion's Motto
Team Rebellion
Zekron The Raider:
Speed, Attack, Strategic, and Sneak Attack Formation.
Kioura The Angel Hedgehog:
Speed and Flight Formation.
Luiro The Mage:
Power, Skill, Attack, and Sneak Attack Formation.
Valkyrie The Swordsmaster:
Speed, Attack, and Defense Formation.
Valune The Lycalo:
Aero Attack, Defense, Strategic, Agility, and Skill Formation.
Skyscar The Griffin:
Aero Attack, Speed, Agility, Power, and Sneak Attack Formation.


- (Leader) Zekron The Raider

- Kioura The Angel Hedgehog

- Luiro The Mage

- Valkyrie The Swordsmaster

- Valune The Lycalo

- Skyscar The Griffin

Team Data:

Zekron The Raider: (Team Leader)

- Speed, Attack, Sneak Attack, Strategist, and Sneak Attack.

- Skill Type

- Dracokinesis (Dragon)

Kioura The Angel Hedgehog: (The team's speed demon.)

- Neutral (Mostly Speed, Flight, and Aero Attack.)

- Speed Type

- Sancti-Electrokinesis (Holy-Lightning) / Photokinesis (Light)

Luiro The Mage: (The skillful one and power house of the team.)

- Power, Skill, Attack, and Sneak Attack.

- Power Type

- Mystokinesis (Magic)

Valkyrie The Swordsmaster: (The team's most trusted youngster.)

- Neutral (Mostly Attack, Speed and Defense.)

- Speed Type

- Pyrokinesis / Pyro-Telekinesis

Valune The Lycalo: (The team's sneakiest attacker.)

- Aero Attack, Defense, Strategist, Agility, and Skill.

- Skill Type

- Chaos Powers / Lunarkinesis

Skyscar The Griffin: (The main defender.)

- Aero Attack, Speed, Agility, Power, and Sneak Attack.

- Power Type

- Aerokinesis / Umbrakinesis

Special Attacks / Moves:

(Can be used together, separated, or by using the Fusion Shard's power.)

Zekron The Raider: Dragon Blast

He'll make a huge amount of Dracokinesis into his hands, then fuse it with his body. Zekron will become a dark purple spirit dragon, and from the inside Zekron will control it to attack the target, slashing the target multiple times. Then after that, he'll change back into himself again, with the remaining Dracokinesis energy in the shape of a ball in his hands. Finally, to wrap it up, he'll blast that remaining energy, at the opponent, to create an explosion.

(Note: It won't damage anything else, but the target.)

Kioura The Angel Hedgehog: Light Electric Raid

Kioura will fuse Photokinesis and Sancti-Electrokinesis together, and then, she'll absorb the energy and pass it to her axe. Her axe will glow as well as get surrounded with a radiating aura. With that, she'll slash the target away, and for the final hit, she'll slam her axe down, and will blast the target with the remaining energy from her attack.

Luiro The Mage: Magic Summon

He'll make a summoning portal that will summon some spirit animals, and will command them to attack multiple opponents. Finally, he'll blast some Mystokinesis balls into the air, that will home on the opponents. They're like magic meteors, except they home in on multiple opponents.

Valkyrie The Swordsmaster: Blazing Torpedo

She uses Pyro-Telekinesis to make some fire torpedoes that will home on a target, and when it does, it will make the opponent burnt, or on fire. (When an opponent is burnt, they'll take some damage while burnt.)

Valune The Lycalo: Chaos Tornado

First, Valune will twirl her finger around, and slowly make her chaos energy become in a spiral formation, like a wind tornado. She'll keep twirling her finger, after making the mini tornado a little bigger, she'll lift her mini tornado up, and pick a target, or pick multiple. Then after all that, she'll raise up her Fusion Shard, and shout, "Chaos Tornado!!"

After shouting those two words, Valune will release her mini tornado, and with the help of her Fusion Shard, the tornado will grow larger and larger, and will have a giant wind and aura. The trees won't be pulled off the ground, but will only get a medium breeze, even when Valune's Chaos Tornado is at it's maximum size.

Skyscar The Griffin: Black Portal

Creating a good amount of Umbrakinesis and Aerokinesis in his hands, he combines the two together, and he will throw it into the air, making a black portal that sucks in only the targets that are near to him. Skyscar can aim the portal into any direction that he wants, and can make the portal suck anything that he wants, at his command. As long as Skyscar asked for sucking in only, for example, trash, he can just say that he wants the portal to suck in only trash, nothing else, and the portal will do it. Where the things will go after they've been sucked in though? Is in a dimly lit void where no one but only Skyscar can get back in and out as much times as he wants. But there are two voids: The Safety Void, where he keeps the things he thinks is important, safe, and The Abandoned Void, where all unlucky targets are kept, or any explosive stuff. (Note that if something explodes in there, the void won't be damaged, but the things that surround it will.


When the heroes in the second legend generation were looking for some recruits to continue their third legend generation, they found Zekron first, because Veckron and Zappos had just opened a portal to the dino-mobian world in the search. Then, they came out with Zekron, a raptor hybrid.

After that, Valkyrie was brought by Blaze and Silver, from the future. She was eager to join the new team too, once she had been raised by Blaze and Silver. (After Valkyrie was old enough, like around 7, and she had been thought to fight, she was brought to join them.)

Luiro was found fighting Dr. Eggman, and everyone observed his attacks, and recruited him too. After nodding and agreeing, Luiro smiled and happily joined the team, Team Rebellion.

After Keira disappeared in the fight, because she supposedly sacrificed. But before that, she gave Eggman some of her blood, and with that, Kioura was made, already 7 years old. Kioura was the one of the last ones last one to join this team, since she was created two years after the three had made Team Rebellion.

Lastly, Skyscar and Valune. When Kioura, Valkyrie, Zekron, and Luiro where scanning of where the fight in where Keira and most of the others disappeared, they heard fighting from a distance. When they got there, they saw a lycalo, facing off some of the remaining shadow creatures, to protect an already badly injured griffin. They helped the two, and healed them back to health, and so, the lycalo, Valune, and the griffin, Skyscar, joined their team.

Battle Theme Song:

Dragonforce-Through the Fire and the Flames Lyrics

Dragonforce-Through the Fire and the Flames Lyrics

This song is: Dragonforce- Through the Fire and the Flames. It describes some part of their journey, which takes place after the war. (Their quest in searching the Freedom Fighters, and the remaining Kaizer Guardians aren't over yet!) Them finding dead bodies of many, everywhere, even some mobians that are remaining, are burying them up. But they'll still continue.

(Overall, after searching the internet, and coming across this, and plus, listening to it, I think it matches... *shrugs*)

Theme Song:

Nightcore - Believe 「 Kana Nishino 」 Lyrics

Nightcore - Believe 「 Kana Nishino 」 Lyrics

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