Team Rash, or Team Brash and Rash, is a semi big team of misfits with different abilities that make them unique. Team Rash is a primarily heroic team who will work for cheap or free since each group member loves the thrill of either action or adventure.


Ginger the Fox (Leader)

Ginger is the leader and a hard-headed, yet kind leader at that. She's been known to go crazy when she sees someone die, since it reminds her of her own parents death. The rest of the team tries to keep her out of missions where that happens and Mathilda becomes the leader for the day. She usually just fights with basic melee moves or with weapons.

Mathilda the Raven

Mathilda second in command and is lax, yet mature and determined and makes for a better leader than Ginger, but would rather take the backseat for her. She's mostly the strongest on the team since no one else has powers like hers. Sometimes she's the team's strategist, but she's not as good as Susie Q.

Runt the Hen

The wild child of the bunch, she's the more deadlier of the bunch since she's less restrained compared to the rest of her teammates. The team's worried she may be evil, since she pushed their trust before. Though losing her means losing the teams best member and owner of the base of operations. She's another strategist and uses guerilla warfare,as well as hunting skills, as her type of fighting.

Rosalie the Tundra Swan

Rosalie was a child of warfare who was forced to make and decommission weapons for the war effort along with peers about her same age. Eventually the war ended with both countries in ruin and her family, as well the other peers families too, dead with nowhere to go. Rosalie was eventually found by the team and they offered to let her join, which she accepted. Rosalie doesn't fight and is instead the team's mechanic.

Jeanine the Cheetah

Jeanine was under the ownership of a small mafia when Team Rash found her. Her parents couldn't pay them, so they had to give their daughter away. Eventually, Team Rash discovered the small mafia had been offering help to the poor in the city they came to, only to threaten them with death and the repo of loved ones, if the poor couldn't pay twice as much as they were given. Team Rash stopped the mafia and rescued the cheetah, along with others. She admired the team for rescuing her and joined. She became a really helpful asset for the team, being able to distract criminals long enough to stop them.

Susie Q. the Jack Russell Terrier

The daughter of a police officer and an excellent strategist, Susie joined the team to rebel against her father's wishes. She used to trick criminals by flirting with them, only to leave behind clues to make it extremely easier for the police to find them. Her father eventually found out and made her quit her ways. She joined Team Rash to go back to her ways and gets clues out of suspicious people for the team.

Thorns the Giraffe

A former hunter who was almost killed during a hunt. She had started hunting around the age of ten and had until the accident. Thorns gets her names from the thorny vines she can manipulate to catch her hunt. Later in years, she rarely used them as they would make hunting boring for her. She started to dress as a wolf to blend in in certain hunting areas. One day, she was mistaken for a real wolf. Thorns was lucky she was just shot in the tail. She was put in an all girl school before she ran away and joined Team Rash. There, she traded hunting animals in for hunting criminals. She uses her vast hunting knowledge and her botankinesis to bring down powerful opponents.

Molly the Shrew

Molly is the latest member of the team. Her family are whalers who rarely see her. Looking for a long term family, Molly decided to join Team Rash. Though she has nothing other than her slight intelligence on the ocean and her strength, the team still loves her and encourages her to get stronger. She's deathly afraid she's going to get kicked off the team if she doesn't get better.


Team Rash doesn't have a lot of policies considering that they're a group of misfits and policies are what kept them out of teams or kicked out of teams before. They do have a four policies though:

1.You are not in it for the money. Do not charge people money if you don't have to.

2.Keep people safe and property damage to a minimal when fighting in a populated area.

3.No mission is impossible. Always accept missions if we have the time to do them.

4.You can not join until you pass initiation.

Base of Operations

There's no real base of operations for Team Rash. However, they're primary base of operations is an old barn on Runt's family's farm. Since it had gotten too old and broken, it wasn't safe for the animals anymore, so Team Rash took it up as their new and only place for meetings and other. Whenever they get a mission, they go back to the barn first to discuss the problem and brainstorm ideas and strategies for the mission. The team doesn't seem to mind that the place looks shoddy.


The team has no real uniform, but there are restrictions on what you can wear when you are on a mission, such as not to wear high heels or a dress when fighting an enemy/opponent, since it's really hard to fight in those types of clothes. It is recommended that you wear something that is not too tight, but not too loose and boots since most of their battling occurs in mountainous and forest like areas.


The team started with Mathilda and Ginger's faithful meeting whilst living on the streets. Mathilda was thrown out of her home for her unnatural dark powers the frightened her family and Ginger's parents died in a robbery. Ginger learned that Mathilda was responsible for the robber, who murdered her parents, getting thrown in jail after stopping him from running away. Ginger asked if she could join Mathilda and Mathilda said she doesn't mind if Ginger follows her. Eventually, the two got into the hero business because people finally looked up to them and paid attention to them when they did these heroic deeds. Mathilda was especially happy because people finally accepted her for her powers.

The team grew bigger and bigger as more people either started joining to fit in or were saved by the group, but mainly because they wanted to fit in and be loved. Team Rash is considered a popular, beloved team in their own general area. The team still continues to do heroic deeds for cheap or for free.

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