Poppies Getting Violent

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The Populars/Team Popular/The Poppies

The Populars consist of a number of stuck up, hard headed girls, AND boys at a school called Danielle High. Though there are more than 25 members and counting now, there are three head leaders of the Poppies that will always stay on top and keep the school under its sexy high heeled foot. These three head honchos are Annabelle Rich the Wolf, Kristy Summers the Dog, and Christian Mitchel the Cat. They were all the first three original Populars, therefore they are known best as "Team Popular".

Annabelle Rich the Wolf 

Name: Annabelle Rich

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: (Half Arctic) Wolf
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Annabelle Rich-Head Popular.

Powers/Abilities: Her tail. It has the ability to shift, lengthen, shorten, get spiked, turn super slippery, and so much more that even Annabelle hasn't managed to uncover.

Backstory: Annabelle was geeky, weird, strange, and considered one of the biggest outcasts in her old school days when she was picked on constantly in middle school....until she met a wolf named Jason. As time passed they came closer and closer, and Annabelle could always find peace when she was with him. It even came to the conclusion to where Jason was Annabelle's first kiss, and vice versa. As they grew even closer, Jason gave Annabelle a gold heart necklace as a gift to show her how much he liked her...They were very close like this...up until one day...when Jason's parents were murdered. Annabelle never saw him again after that, and the bullying was even worse than before without him around to help fight the bullies off....Years later, Jason, and his new friends Alex and Danny hear that Annabelle has made it to the big time, and has been cast as the lead role in a very long awaited teenage movie on TMZ. Not to long later, Alex and Jason walk through the mall, when Annabelle recognizes Jason, freaks out, and blows his cover, considering he is considered a fugitive, stealing to keep himself alive as he hunts down his parents murderer....Afterwards, the three quickly retreat back to Alex's house and Jason and Annabelle catch up on things. But Alex feels that Annabelle is up to something, and that she is hiding something that was not meant to be hidden...

Later, Annabelle starts taking Jason out to clubs and parties, and dates. Almost leaving Alex home alone everyday, since Danny, Alex's older brother, was always meeting up with friends. Without Jason around, and him thinking about being Annabelle's girlfriend, Alex became depressed. Considering she and Jason were so close at that point, it was destroying her to see Jason so into someone he almost completely fell for when he was younger...Soon, she started to cut up her left arm out of depression, and anger. But then one night, after months of going out, and viewing Annabelle's drastic change from the middle school days, he says he's had enough of Annabelle and her ways, and leaves her in the middle of the dance floor. He goes back to Alex's house to apologize to her. But after he does, she's still upset, and seems to not accept the apology correctly. He see's her cuts on her arm, and fresh cuts on her legs, and quickly goes to bandage them up for her, as another way of saying that he's desperately sorry.

Annabelle is still trying to get Jason back, but even though he doesn't her, she still puts Alex and Jason's relationship in danger.

Annabelle Rich. We've all heard this name many a times. Annabelle is the founder, leader, and 1st in command of the Populars of Danielle High School. She's the baddest of the bad and one of the most seductive, double crossing, self centered girl that ANY Mobian could probably meet. If your friends, treat her with respect at ALL times. If your foe, watch your back like your life depends on it! Cause if she sees you in 'Popular Territory' or anywhere else for that matter, you're in deep s*** bro. And watch out for that tail while you're at it. It can stretch and grow to her hearts desire. Perfect for self defense, or just exacting her revenge by embarrassing the living crap out of someone. 

Kristy Summers the Dog

Name: Kristy Summers

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Dog
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Kristy Summers- Second in Command

Powers/Abilities: See the bead choker necklace she always wears? THAT is her weapon. With those little babies, they can be turned into bombs, projectiles, and even fast paced bullets that don't even need a gun to shoot them! Not to mention the black string/elastic that holds them together can be used as a whip against her enemies, as she flings bombs at them non-stop.

Backstory: In the past, Kristy Summers was always an annoying little sh!t who loved grinding on people's nerves and enjoyed the usual Mean Girl sport of stealing boyfriends.Her main rival back in the pre-teen days was a girl known as Alex Catt, a skater girl who was close friends with a wolf named Jason Wolff, who Kristy had a thing for. The two continuously fought over the poor guy until Kristy moved away to pursue her modeling career, and returned as a part time model for Victoria's Secret, and with a new found relationship with the infamous actress, Annabelle Rich. And as a side note - as of now, she is taken. Her current long time boyfriend is Jack the Wolf, who was busy trying to make Alex leave Jason so they could go out, but realized that he and Kristy were in the same boat, so a few make out sessions and a couple weeks of dating ended up a long 3 year boyfriend girlfriend relationship.

Growing up with a house full of other glamorous siblings and a mother, Kristy knows JUST how to steal the spotlight if needed. The brains of the outfit, she knows how to make people look good, or how to retaliate if someone pushes the wrong button. From the Victoria's Secret magazines, to their famous runway, Kristy's got it all on lock when it comes to clothes and good looks. Not to mention she is their world record youngest model on hand. If you've stuck around long enough, you would know that Annabelle wasn't Alex's first official rival, Kristy was! After her absence during the Light vs Dark story arc, and during the Return of Alex, she met Annabelle. It is believe that in this gap, the first Populars were made and the group was first established.

Christian Mitchel the Cat

Name: Christian Mitchel

Age: 17 1/2

Gender: Female

Species: Cat
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Christian Mitchel-Third in command...And the MUSCLE.

Powers/Abilities: She is an athlete, and her best sport happens to be tennis. Using giant tennis rackets, that can range from wood to hard cold steel, she can clear a field with god knows how many bad guys in at least 5 minutes. Don't let her looks fool you...she's pretty freakin' strong.

Backstory: To everyone else, her backstory is unclear, yet the Populars know all about it. Her mother was a trouble maker, and cheated on Christian's father with some other homeless drunkard. When the truth was revealed, Christian's dad not only kicked her out, but took EVERYTHING. The houses, the cars, all of their kids, Christian with her older brother and younger brother. Afterwards Christian heard of rumors that her mom had been robbed on the street, and most likely molested afterwards. For her, it was difficult to grow up with at least 3 other guys and no girls, but that's when she met Kristy, her BFF. She is a very close friend of Kristy and the two have known each other from pre-school up until Christian moved away during middle school. They were reunited in a place called Danielle High School when she was able to finally move back to her home town. Like Kristy and Annabelle, she's a mean girl. But not the fashionista kind. More of the bullying beat 'em up kind...Which puzzles the mind considering she's so quiet, and not to mention she's more likable... But she's still a Mean Girl all the way. Kristy introduced Christian to Annabelle and the Populars and she was instantly invited in, replacing Lola's spot in the top three controllers of the group.

During the time that the Populars made their way up on the social ladder, Christian made her way into DHS as the new girl, making her an instant target for The Populars. Kristy couldn't believe her eyes- her childhood friend Christian in front of her once more- and they were both speechless. This more quiet 3rd in command Popular is a sight to behold. Outside she seems like a regular Popular, but on the inside she's her own version of Serena Williams, ready to take down the competition! Being the Championship tennis player around, no one would dare mess with her, unless they want a tennis racket to the face. During her additional time at DHS, she met a newer student who was an echidna that goes by the name Marcus. Being a good childhood friend of Jack the Wolf (Kristy Summers' Boyfriend) he quickly earned a spot on the football team and he and Christian have been rather close since his arrival. Some even hear rumors that they are going out as of right now, but are to shy to admit anything. Being one of the more calm Populars, it takes patience to anger her, and she also seems to have a higher tolerance for Alex's group. On a personal note, she seems to usually be in her thoughts, and is not as mean as Annabelle or Kristy, but just goes along with whatever they want to do willingly.

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