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Team Physics is a team that comprises of Sheila the Puppy, Aqua, Abyss, Cookie, Tornado the Cat and Snap the Puppy, with Sheila being the leader. Sheila is of the Speed formation, Tornado is of the Flight formation, and Snap is of the Power formation. Aqua sort of acts like Cheese does to Sheila, Abyss to Tornado, and Cookie to Snap.

Team Blast


Team Physics(in order from left to right: Cookie, Snap, Aqua, Sheila, Abyss, Tornado)

Their Team Blast is that Tornado creates wind, then Sheila swirls water on that, then Snap throws a gigantic bomb in it and they throw it at their enemies with the Chao flying at them, stunning them so they can't run away from the attack.

Sheila the Puppy

An 8 yr old puppy who can control water. She owns a partner named Aqua and is the leader of the group.


An aqua-coloured Chao that is Sheila's best friend. They're best friends, and she has minor water powers.

Snap the Puppy

A 7 yr old puppy who is a genius with technology. He owns a partner named Cookie and is the mechanic of the group. He also calls people nicknames alot.


A brown and white Chao that follows Snap around. Cookie acts as much as Snap does.

Tornado the Cat

An 8 yr old green cat that has wind powers. He owns a partner named Abyss and is the flight member of the group.


A Chao that looks like a ninja. He has minor wind powers to help Tornado out.

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