A hedgehog who was orphaned at a young age, he is raised by a loving echidna couple; he has been trained in hand-to-hand combat and manipulating chaos energy, giving him the tools he needs to defend himself and those closest to him. With demons being after him for one reason or another, he seeks help from his cousin and his friends. The heroes of Mobius.


The daughter of a noble family, she was often a kidnap victim; that all changed when Kenan, an ancient master of the mystic arts, came to her rescue. After he left, she would spend years training under different masters to grow stronger; even learning how to use chaos energy to manipulate elemental forces. Striking out on her own as a teenager, she would eventually run into Kenan again when she gets introduced to Duke.


An immortal master of the mystic and martial arts, he spends the millennia traveling the world slaying demons and passing on his knowledge to others; primarily in the hopes that they would in turn use new-found skills to help hinder the demon horde. He mentors the other two members of this team.

Base of Operations

They operate from a large, multi-terrain, heavily armored vehicle designed by Miles called the Blue Storm.


After the initial demon attack, Kenan spent millennia teaching others how to fight against them in the event that they returned. He would first encounter Joselyn as a small girl, having been kidnapped from her parents he saw fit to rescue her; successfully and safely returning her home. Years later he encountered Duke and company who were being thoroughly swarmed by demons. Having saved them he joined their group and would soon enough be reunited with Joselyn as an adult. He personally mentors the two of them, so they can handle demons on their own; but it isn't until much later, following several demon hunts, that they are officially coined as Team Noble.

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