Cquote1 Motto: "We will be in the shadows, in the places where we will guard, stand, and fight for this realm!" Cquote2
Team Nightshade X
Cquote1 The ninjas that we are, will stay loyal to protect the dimensions, and our planet. Cquote2
Team's Main Quote


Team Nightshade X
Kagiru The Hedgehog
Power and Attack Formation
Mystira The Cat
Skill, Attack, and Strategic Formation
Keira The Angel Hedgehog
Speed and Flight Formation
Siegfried The Siberian Tiger
Speed, Defense, Swift/Quick Attack, and Attack Formation.
Zangetsu The Wolf
Speed, and Swift/Quick Attack Formation.
Jewel The Parrot
Flight and Defense Formation
Scorch The Dark Lion
Power and Defense Formation
Brutus The Shark
Water Attack and Speed Formation.

- (Leader) Kagiru The Hedgehog

- Mystira The Cat

- Keira The Angel Hedgehog

- Siegfried The Siberian Tiger

- Zangetsu The Wolf

- Jewel The Parrot

- Scorch The Dark Lion

- Brutus The Shark

Team Data:

Kagiru The Hedgehog: (Team Leader)

- Neutral (Mostly Power and Attack.)

- All-Around Type

- Pyrokinesis(Fire) / Dracokinesis(Dragon)

Mystira The Cat: (Team's Main Strategist and Sneaker)

- Speed, Attack, and Strategist.

- Skill Type

- Mystokinesis(Magic)

Keira The Angel Hedgehog: (The Team's Most Powerful and Speediest Ally)

- Neutral (Mostly Speed and Aero Attack.)

- Speed Type

- Electrokinesis(Electricity) / Electro-Telekinesis(Psychic that's charged and powered by Electricity.)

Siegfried The Siberian Tiger: (Team's Defense and Tricky To Catch Type)

- Speed, Defense, and Attack.

- Speed Type

- Sancti-Electrokinesis(Holy Lightning) / Ergokinesis(Generate Energy)

Zangetsu The Wolf: (The Main Ninja In The Team)

- Speed, and Swift/Quick Attack.

- Speed Type

- Umbrakinesis(Dark) / Brontekinesis(Create Thunder) / Mysto-Neucleokinesis (Neuclear that's powered by Magic)

Jewel The Parrot: (The Team's Trusted One In Air Attacking)

- Air Attacking, and Defense.

- Skill Type

- Aerokinesis(Wind or Air)

Scorch The Dark Lion: (The Dark Warrior That Can Deal A Pack Of Damage)

- Defense, Range Attack, and Power.

- Power Type

- Infernokinesis(Black Fire) / Umbrakinesis(Dark)

Brutus The Shark: (The Main Water Attacker)

- Water Attack, and Speed.

- All-Around Type

- Hydrokinesis(Water)

Special Moves:

(Only can be used when the team is together, and fully charged.)

Kagiru The Hedgehog: Spirit Fire Dragon

He generates a certain amount of Pyrokinesis and Dracokinesis into his hands, then focuses by using his mind, to combine the two together, and fusing it with his body, making a large fire dragon. From the inside, Kagiru controls it to blast through enemies' bodies, damaging them heavily. After the attack, the dragon will land with a burst, and will disappear, so Kagiru can come out.

Mystira The Cat: Magic Heal Barrier

She makes a ball out of Mystokinesis, and throws it at her ally, and the Mystokinesis will make a barrier that protects, and heals the ally.

Keira The Angel Hedgehog: Lightning Raid

Making the clouds gather and throw out lightning bolts which strike at a limited range, but only to the enemies. Keira will then surround herself with Electro-Telekinesis waves, which will activate and blast the enemies around a huge range.

(Plants won't get effected, nor buildings, since this was made to be non-harmful to the surroundings.)

Siegfried The Siberian Tiger: Vortex Blaster

Siegfried charges up his Sancti-Electrokinesis into his hands, then makes a Kame-Hame-Ha move with his hand. Then comes out a vortex, which will shoot a powerful blast of lightning at the target, making them paralyzed for a day. After the attack, a spirit dragon will come, and shoot through the opponent, finishing them off. (This can be dodged by flying, hovering, warping, ducking, dashing, etc.)

Zangetsu The Wolf: Shingan Kanameishi

It's an ancient move to be learnt by Zangetsu. First, he unrolls a mythical scroll, then controls it with his mind to make the spell. The scroll with then attack the opponent, making them trapped inside a whirlwind. Second, the opponent will be thrown to the ground, dizzy, and will get crushed by a boulder shaped like a gem.

Jewel The Parrot: Nero Thrust

She takes the air, and transforms it into a tornado, trapping the enemy inside. Aiming at the right time, Jewel will make a force that looks similar to a flying bird will its wings making a 'w' shape. She then flings it, and flies after it too, cutting the tornado to make it disappear, and the opponent crashing towards the ground. But she'll then catch them, and flings them off somewhere far.

Scorch The Dark Lion: Nether Curse

Scorch will launch his curse sign that's located on his forehead, at the enemy, to drain their health, but he doesn't take health from them though...

Brutus The Shark: Torpedo Cannon

After an enemy is thrown in the water, Brutus will be swimming as speedy as he can from one end, to the enemy. He'll then make himself in what a torpedo will be like when launched. Just repeating this over again and again for 5 times, he'll jump out of the water, holding the enemy, and then smacking the enemy at full force, into the water.

- Team Attack: Final Resort

All of them will be picking a big target to fight, and once they launch this attack, everyone will do their Special Moves altogether. Once they're finished, a full blast of light will come down from the sky, and blast the target whole. (Can only be used if the target is medium-sized, or gigantic.)


Why did they choose this group name?

Nightshade, in which relates to shadows, ninjas, night, dusk, and other dark things, is what refers to them the best. Since they have a lot of ninjas from Ninja Island, some are good sneakers, some are a master at attacking in the dark, etc. Kagiru chose that name because it describes what their favorite thing to is: Hiding in the shadows before making themselves seen.
Team Nightshade X Logo

Team Logo

Meaning of Logo:

The black thing surrounding the whole thing is something like a blur, or a shadow. The lightning bolt refers to how fast the fastest one in their team can go, in which is Keira. The crescent moon symbolizes when they like to go out the best, and it means harmony, peace and calming to them.


They are all now living in Nocturne Forest, a calm forest with a great amount of resources, like water, fruits, gems, and others. It is the outer protection of the Hidden Valley portal, a vast valley that only dream world could achieve. Both have extremely high oxygen, and many could easily get lost.

Crystal suggested for them to be the guardians of that forest since it was really shady, peaceful, and anyone could come here to calm themselves or meditate.

How did Team Nightshade X form?

Some may be asking this, but the way they had formed, was by Kagiru, Mystira, Siegfried, and Zangetsu separating from Sasuke, and started their own journey. While Sasuke had his own team, Kaizer Guardians, Kagiru had found some friends while traveling with the rest.

The ones that they found were:

- Brutus, when they were fighting off Eggman Nega (again) to push him back another time hole, since he just came back in time to get revenge on Sonic, but found Kagiru and the rest instead. When they weakened him already, all were trying to push him back, but Brutus was the one that helped give the final bash to push Nega off this realm.

- Jewel is Mystira's best friend from Angel Island, so when they went there again, Mystira reunited with Jewel again, and she asked her to join their team. (Jewel accepted of course, since she didn't want to get separated from her best friend again.

- Scorch The Dark Lion used to be allies with Mephiles, until they fought and that made a hole in their friendship. So, they parted ways, and Scorch decided to become a good guy, after Jewel calmed him down and reassured him that everything has ups and downs. He's still a great ally in the team, although some still don't trust him just yet, but he'll surely fit in.

- Lastly, Keira, she was found injured after battling once again, The Ultimate Life-form. She and Shadow had been rivals since the day they met, and hasn't given up in showing off how powerful they were until now. They befriended her by training with her everyday, till she got stronger and was able to defeat Shadow only once. She made a great addition here, since Keira was probably one of the most powerful in their team.


They could rival any team, but their main rival is The Kaizer Guardians. Almost every week, they continue to do friendly battles, competitions, etc.

Another is Team Hybrid X, having a great tactic, and thinking fast. Their strongest is Avira The Angel Hedgehog. Avira had always survived till the very end of the battle, but, at the end, the two ones that were the last standing and fighting were always Keira and Avira. Keira, being the daughter of Phobos, and Avira, being the daughter of Phobos' little brother, Deimos.

Theme Song:

Nightcore - Warriors

Nightcore - Warriors

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