Team Monochrome is the usual three person team. It is made up of Nova the Wolf, "Bone" the Cat, and Scream the Bat.


Nova at first met Bone when she caught him trying to steal her scythe. The frightened cat nearly fainted at the sight of the larger wolf, but Nova seemed more confused rather than angry. She asked what his name was, to which he replied "I don't think I have a name..." Nova smiled at him (though still slightly confused) and decided to call him "Bone" due to his white fur. (And the way he dressed, the only pieces of clothing varying from white were his tie and shoes.) Nova told him that since he was alone he could stay with her and she would take care of him. Bone, who was not used to interacting with others, agreed with a large amount of hesitation.
After spending a couple of months with each other, Nova and Bone had established a strong sibling like relationship, Bone always behind Nova, and Nova always protecting Bone. Though one day while walking another town, Bone wandered away from Nova. When she found him, he was about to be attacked by bat who he had apparently tried to steal from. Nova broke up the fight, in the defense of Bone. She was going to fight with the bat, but he declined, saying that he didn't fight with girls. Nova threatened him, but left him alone. Later, while walking in the same town with Bone, they were attacked from behind by the bat. Once again he didn't attempt to attack Nova, saying that Bone had no honor. Nova stopped him once again, saying that since Bone is not a samurai, so such a rule does not apply to him. The bat considers this. Nova questions him a bit more, asking his name. He tells him that his name is Scream. Nova asks him if he would like to join herself and Bone in order to create a 3 person team, to which he agrees. (Much to Bone's dismay)


Team Monochrome specializes in spying and weaponry. Each of the three members have their own preferred weapon.

Nova the Wolf
Weapon- Scythe
Rank- Leader
Special Powers- Can control darkness.
Type- Power

"Bone" the Cat
Weapon- Handgun
Rank- Normal Member
Special Powers- Can create random explosions near opponent from sheer will.
Type- Speed

Scream the Bat
Weapon- Katana
Rank- Normal Member
Type- Fly


  • According to Nova, she is leader because:
    • She is the only girl.
    • She is the smartest
    • She is the most level-headed
    • she is the "middle"
  • The Team's name comes from the fact that the fur colors of each of its members only vary from the color grey. (Nova-Gray, Bone-White, Scream- Black)
  • This entire team is neutral. (Duh!)
  • It is worth noting that all members of Team Monochrome have sharp canines.
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