Team Mew Mew

Team Mew Mew is the group of girls with different powers each. This team consists of 6 members, Cheng the Wolf, Nailao the Winged Hedgehog, Lan Mei the Tigeress, Jacra the Caolf, Midori the Hedgehog, and Lian the Monkey. The team can also go into three different fusions, Chailao, Lanacra, and Midorian.

Members and Positions

Lan Mei the Tigress

Lan Mei the Tigress is the co-leader of the group, and her attacks can evolve around Sunlight. She has a weapon called the Blackberry Star, and it gives her the ability to use the attack, Ribbon Blackberry Shine. She can fused with Jacra to creat Lanacra. More info when her page is up!

Jacra the Caolf

Jacra is the other leader of the group, and her attacks evolve around time. She has the weapon called the Blueberry time bell, and her attack is Ribbon Blueberry check! She can fused herself with Lan Mei to become Lanacra, a good force when put together. She is the protector of her kind, seeing she doesn't want anyone hurt...

Cheng the Wolf

Cheng is a grey/red colored wolf, with pure red hair and fur, and her attacks evolve around lava. She has a weapon called the Chenga Hoop, and her attack is Ribbon Cheng Flare! She is Nailao's best bud, and the two can fuse to become Chailao!

Nailao the Winged Hedgehog

Nailao is a bright yellow Winged hedgehog, who uses attacks around wind, pretty weird for a yellow one. She uses a weapon called the Nailao Alo, and her attack is Ribbon Nailao Wisp. She can fuse with her bud Cheng to become Chailao, which is an orange winged Hedgewolf.

Midori the Hedgehog

Midori is a fushia Hedgehog, who controls the element of water, and loves it! Her weapon is the Midori Sword, and her attack is Ribbon Midori Tidel Wave! She can fuse with Lian to make the fusion form of Modorian.

Lian the Monkey

Lian is a silvery colored Monkey, who controls Earth, such as grass and trees. She has a weapon called the Lian Rod, and her attack is called Ribbon Lian Grow, which can heal someone. She can fuse with Midori the make the fusion of Midorian, a weird name though.


This team is based off of the Tokyo Mew Mew, but warped for fanon.


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