Team Kaosu

Team Kaosu is a team featuring Destiney, Thirza, and Tianshi the Hedgehog's. The three sister's are a force to be reckoned with, so it's best you don't not anger them! They stick together through almost any situation and try their hardest to keep thing's safe and under control.

Team Profiles

Destiney the Hedgehog

Position: Leader

Type: All around.

Specialty: Chaos Powers, Iriomote Wildcat Infusion Transformation.

Weapons: Litemon Bell in Iriomote Wildcat Transformation.

Basic Info

Destiney is the missing Orange Chaos Emerald and a seemingly young girl. But be warned, she has a low temper and blowing it up will bring you into a fight with her! Her Chaos Power's and Chronokinesis are her main advantage. Put her, Tianshi, and Thirza all together and you've got total Chaos!

Tianshi the Hedgehog

Position: Third helper Monkey

Type: Flight

Speciality: Low ranked Chaos, Tahiti Blue Lori Infusion Transformation.

Weapons: Angel's Arrow in Tahiti Lori Transformation.

Basic Info

A young student on how to use Chaos Powers, and the youngest in the group, Tianshi is by far the comic releif of the group. She love's to make wisecracks, and she will say strange things that she is accually serious about! When she combines her power's with her sister's, she feel's like there is nothing she can't do!

Thirza the Hedgehog

Position: Second in command

Type: All around

Specialty: Medium ranked Chaos, Psychokinesis, Black Lion Tamarin Infusion Transformation

Weapons: Citrus Tamborine in Black Lion Tamarin Transformation

Basic Info

Thirza is a spunky young girl, and also the missing (color?) Chaos Emerald. She can be naive, but she has a short temper, and getting her angry can get you in trouble! Her Chaos powers and Psychokinesis are to her main advantage. When she's with Tianshi and Destiney, she's a force to be reckoned with!

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