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Cquote1 As long as you have a heart of gold… you can go far. Cquote2
Team Motto

Team Hurricane is composed of Trident The Hedgehog (Sonic’s son), Whirl Prower The Cyborg (Tails’ son), and Lilly The Echidnacat (Knuckles’ daughter).


Leader (Also Founder) and Speed Type: Trident The Hedgehog

Flight Type: Whirl Prower The Cyborg

Power Type: Lilly The Echidnacat


Speed Formation

Whirl and Lilly line up behind Trident in Speed Formation. The abilities include Spin Attack, Homing Attack, Light Speed Dash, Light Speed Attack, Spin, Windwill, Shockwave Storm, Wind Tornado, and Sonic Wind.

Power Formation

Whirl stands on the right and Trident stands on the left of Lilly in Power Formation. Lilly can glide and tosses her teammates at enemies. Her combo starts off with her kicking an enemy and then tosses both of her teammates at the enemy. After tossing her team, she uppercuts the enemy high into the air and jumps into the air. She starts to spin and screwdrivers into her enemy and hard into the ground, causing a shockwave to hit other enemies nearby.

Flight Formation

Whirl hops into the air as Trident grabs onto Whirl’s legs then Lilly grabs onto Trident’s legs in Flight Formation. Whirl can fly higher but not for long periods of time and Thunder-Shoot his teammates. When alone, he pulls out an arm cannon and shoots out a red energy ball at enemies. This arm cannon can be charged which makes the energy ball more powerful but must recharge afterwards.

Team Blast: Flash Tornado

Lilly picks up a large boulder and tosses it high into the air. Whirl then charges up his arm cannon, firing it at the boulder. Once the boulder shatters, Trident then says: “Get ready to soar!!” He quickly creates a large Wind Tornado around the enemies, shooting them into the air and into the boulder pieces. Whirl shoots another energy ball, this time, into the tornado which causes a minor explosion in the air. When this finishes, Trident smirks and says: “Now that’s what I call flying!”


  • Protect civilians (If this means creating a distraction, it must be done.)
  • Figure out the quickest way to beat a foe.
  • Do your best.


Trouble Downtown

Has yet to be made. (This will explain how they started as a team and then some.)

SH2: Against Worlds

After 8 months, Team Hurricane is now in a better position and are more well known. They take on a mission to eliminate as many Egg-beacons as possible to destroy the fleets coming in but with Team Thieves interrupting left and right; it’s up to Team Hurricane to save Station Square.

Rival Teams

  • Team Thieves - These guys always tend to cause some type of trouble which worries Trident greatly. This team will always get in Team Hurricane's way. (Enemies)
  • Team Sonic - Team Sonic is always seen leading a hand to Team Hurricane. (Allies)
  • Team Dark - Team Dark challenges Team Hurricane frequently and has a growing hate towards the team. (Enemies)

Theme Song

Writing on the Walls by Aviators

Aviators - Writing on the Walls

Aviators - Writing on the Walls

Team Hurricane's Theme

Take an action towards / A brighter day! – Team Hurricane always takes action against any evil.

We're fighting for the truth / And nobody cares – Team Hurricane fight for what is right and most of the time people think it was someone else.

We've answered the call / But nobody's there – Team Hurricane has always shown up when trouble happens but sometimes end up missing it due to another team beating them there.

By those too afraid / To fight for the goals we pursue – Trident, before Team Hurricane, would try to recruit more people to join his team but only two people joined his cause (which he is glad for).



  • This team was originally going to be called Team Heroes but that was later scarped.
  • The theme song was changed a number of times until one was picked that described the entire team.
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