These are the Tropes for Team Human.

Character Tropes

  • Four-Philosophy Ensemble: Sid the Hero (Optimist), Alex Edurus (Cynic), Clover Hagen (Realist), Rana Franklin (Apathetic), Sandra and Bob Franklin (Conflicted)
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Sid the Hero (Sanguine), Clover Hagen (Phlegmatic), Alex Edurus (Choleric), Rana Franklin (Melancholic), and Sandra and Bob (Eclectic).
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: The usually optimistic and compassionate Sid (nice), The usually cynical and arrogant Alex (mean), and the usually realistic and down-to-earth Clover (in-between). Though there are times where either one, two, or all three of them switch sides depending on the situation, as well as change beyond their attitude overtime. When it comes to Rana, Sandra, and Bob, it usually depends. Rana being usually in-between due to her sometimes bratty and whiny, but compassionate and grateful side and common-sense. Sandra being usually nice due to her generous and passionate yet haughty attitude. And Bob being usually mean due to his stern and close-minded, but also caring attitude.

Power, Skill, and Equipment Tropes

Trivia Tropes

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