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Team Human is the fan-made group created by Heroic412229. They are a group of students who


Main Members

  • Sid the Hero - Sid is the flight type of Team Human. Despite being the most recognizable and most powerful member of the team, he's usually not the team leader due to his immaturity and self-consciousness, though he does grow out of it overtime.
  • Clover Hagen - Clover is the speed type of Team Human. Despite being a normal human, she does train herself to be able to keep up with Sid. She is usually the team leader due to her maturity and usually being the voice of reason for the group.
  • Alex Edurus - Alex is the power type of Team Human. Despite being a normal human, he does train with Clover to be able to keep up with Sid. He is the team's emotionally toughest member, due to his attitude, but has a strong sense of loyalty and care to the team.

Honorary Members

  • Rana Franklin - Rana is the honorary member of Team Human. Though she's not as strong as the other members, she does make up for it with her cuteness and need for research. She's also the mediator if all of the members start arguing or fighting.
  • Sandra Franklin - Sandra is the brains of Team Human and honorary member as well. She builds many inventions and is very smart and calculated. She's also one of the two mentors of the group, along with Bob Franklin.
  • Bob Franklin - Bob is the big guy and one of the two mentors of the group, along with Sandra. He helps give them advice when needed.



  • Team Gratus - the three most popular kids in school.
  • The Attack Dogs - a group of annoying bullies who pick on the students, including Team Human, with pranks and gags, but have a very strict moral code when it comes to their bullying and treat each other like best friends and family, as well as care for each other. They are usually found as a nuisance towards the students.
    • Micheal "Mike" Brawler - Mike is the leader of the Attack Dogs. He's also the schemer behind the pranks and gags that the team pulls in order to mess with the students and vent out his anger, which is bigger than Alex's. However, he does have his limits. For example, he wouldn't try to physically threaten or hurt the kids, especially little ones, and wouldn't go on teachers or adults. The reason for why he's a bully is because of his scary and authoritarian parents and his last name and how everyone thinks that he's just like them even though deep down, he isn't. Which is why he only vents out his anger through harmless pranks rather than physical violence.
    • Joseph "Jose" Reid - Jose is the brains behind the team, able to create the many clever and creative pranks. He's usually passive aggressive towards the other students and is very crafty, rational, and sarcastic, but that's only because he's trying to keep the team in line and wants to make sure they don't go too far with their pranking.
    • Angela "Angie" Holmes - Angie is the strongest, yet nicest, one on the team. While she can be very clumsy at times and a bit naïve, she does have her smart moments and does hang out with Clover and Rana when she's not trying to help the Attack Dogs mess with their team.



Early Life

During school, Sid, Alex, and Clover had to do a team building assignment in gym class and had to come up with a team name as part of their assignment. After coming up with various names for their team, Sid decided on the name, Team Human and wanted to make Clover the leader since she's usually the most mature one in the group and his love interest/close friend. They agreed with the idea at the time, but were worried that this would cause some issues, like if the name is as good as it seems or if they were allowed to choose leaders.

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