Team Gigabit is a team that consists of Nano the Hedgefox, Scabbard the Two-Tailed Dragon, and Burner the Wolf.


Nano the Hedgefox

After Nano was made into a cyborg, he betrayed Eggman. Burner inserted a Neuro-Overrider into his SD inserter, making him good. He is the leader of the team, and is the Power member of the team.

Nickel the Chao

Nano was asked to take care of Sonic's Chao named Nickel. Nickel's colors are light gray and black, but he is a Hero Chao.

Scabbard the Two-Tailed Dragon

Scabbard is the Flight member of Team Gigabit. He is adventurous and is always on the go.

Burner the Wolf

Burner is the fastest member, making him the Speed member. He is ready for some butt-kicking everywhere!

Other Information

Team Blast

Energy Blast:Nickel and Nano create energy balls, and then Scabbard adds Chaos Energy, and Burner adds Fire Energy. They multiply it by 4 and launch it at their opponents.


Their base is Apartment 225, Classic Street in Station Square. Nano and Nickel sleep in a bunk bed with Burner, and Scabbard sleeps on the floor like all dragons do.


These are the people who call up the team, telling them to take care of something or investigate something.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (called about UFO sighting near his house on 3/11/11)
  • Amy Rose (called about robot infestation on 2/2/12)
  • Rouge the Bat (called about ghosts at house on 3/12/10)
  • Dr. Eggman (called about something destroying robots on 12/12/11)
  • Mecha Sonic (called about UFO sightings near the Egg Carrier on 3/12/11)
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