Team Fashion is a group created by Darkest Shadow. They are a villainous group who's main goal is to make fashion history by torturing anyone who they think will go down in fashion history before them. All of them have two things in common: They love fashion and hate Christina

The group disbanded in 2016, when Mimi shot and killed five innocent people, one of them being a cop. Mimi was finally arrested and sentenced for life in prison without parole.  

Team Fashion's logo

The team's official logo.


Mimi, Jamie, Chloe and Krys have been friends ever since they were babies. They were all raised to become fashion models and loved to pageants together. Then one day, when they were about 7-8 years old, they moved from their little town of Kinzville into a beautiful city called Mariala City.

They still signed up to become great models and won pageant after pageant. They had lots of fame and popularity in school. Until Mimi went over the top and started to brag about how "beautiful" they are, so the team followed along.

That was when they met their arch enemy, Christina the HedgeCat. She signed up for her first pageant and actually placed higher than them. All their fame and popularity went to Christina. They were extremely jealous, and thought of it as beginners luck. But it didn't stop. She kept on winning 1st place pageant after pageant after pageant.

Sooner or later, their jealously became hatred. That's when the four of them decided to join together and become a group: Team Fashion. They set their eyes on not just winning to Christina, but torturing her as well. One of the members, Krys, however, decided to help out Christina in secret. She felt bad about the way Mimi was treating her, and didn't want it to go on any further.

However, when Jamie heard about this, she told on Mimi, and Krys got caught. She was then kicked off the team, which actually did her a favor, as she was much more successful with her fashion life. Team Fashion went even further with their mission. Not only did they want to torture her, they wanted to kill her. They then tried their best to stab, shoot, and injure Christina, but she was oblivious, and didn't get into any one of their traps.

They then started to take a break on focusing that and build a headquarters to plan it all out more effectively. So one night, when the Mariala Mall was closed, they went into "Total Diva", and started to work on their secret base. It took them over 7 months to complete their work, which delayed them in all sorts of open opportunities to win a pageant.

After building it, they went back to the fashion world to make a comeback, but only to find even more people to compete against. Lots of them were very competitive. They changed their goal again: Now they won't only focus on Christina but on all the other contestants. But then, they realized that they need to find more attractive clothes. However, they didn't buy them. They stole them.

They also stole many beauty products, and did this all when the mall was closed. They also started to be judgmental and started to discourage people by calling them ugly, and apparently that matters. All throughout middle school, they focused on getting the most beautiful clothes and makeup products to win more pageants. They also successfully beat up, and held Christina hostage many times, but failed to keep her that way.

When middle school turned to high school, the Team used mind control on the judges to accept her into the MCA so that they could mes around with Christina and the school. They still continue today to try to kill Christina and her friends. Currently, Team Fashion is known for their "Beauty Products" which are really evil devices used by them for many evil things.


  • Mimi the Cat- The leader, and founder of Team Fashion. Mimi is descirbed to be evil, crazy and judgemental. She always tries to lead her team into victory and gets the spotlight over the team. She is the crazy one of the group.
  • Jamie the Dog- Mimi's best friend and sidekick and a founder of the team. Jamie is very sassy, naughty, and still evil. She usually comes up with the plans and ideas for the team. She is the cruel one of the group.
  • Chloe the Cow- Mimi's other best friend and founder of the team. Chloe is secretly two faced, as she doesn't always seem to be very cruel. She usually is the one who invents their creations. She is the innocent one of the group.
  • Britney the Porcupine- Team Fashion's newest member. Britney is very sassy, and has a lack of being evil. She usually is the model for the team's advertisements. Britney is the sassy one of the group.
  • Krys the Alicorn (Formerly)- Earlier, when she was still a unicorn, she was one of the founding members. Krys was actually polite to others, and sweet. She used to be the team moderator. Krys was the sweet one of the group.


Team Fashion apparently has very strict rules about becoming a member. It is said by many of the people who actually believed that becoming a member is extremely difficult. It is also very opinion based on the founding members. As a newbie, Britney is not allowed to even judge. The judging of becoming a member goes like this:

  • Must be a powerful speaker
  • Must be skilled
  • Must be young
  • Must have some fashion history
  • Must hate Christina, and cannot fake it
  • Must be beautful,in their opinion

They have also set a few rules that is posted on their headquarters. They do this to "stay beautiful" Some of these rules involve.

  • Never eat a lot
  • Stay healthy
  • Use only team fashion products while in at presence
  • Say the pledge


Apparently, as it is stated above, there is an actual pledge that all members must recite everyday once or twice a day.

I pledge, to devote my life

To being beautiful,

Let the beauty shine on me

and have a great reputation

Respect the crowd cheer or boo

but always love them

Bring us into the right hands of beauty

and away from the ugly demon of Christina Transon.

Base of Operations

The Team Fashion secret headquarters is located in one of the fashion stores in the mall called "Total Diva" Behind all the clothes is a panel with a bunch of numbers and an elevator next to it. If you punch in the right code, the doors will open and on the other side is their headquarters. It is made up of 10 rooms.

The first room is the long hallway. Aligned on both sides are shelves where they keep their disguises safe (because they know that they are criminals). The walls are light blue and the floor is made up of dark blue carpet. In between each shelf is a candle light with a blue flame. The back wall has a big pink banner with the initals "TF" in the middle in white.

The second room is to the left of the hallway;the meeting room. This room is completed with a oval shaped table with 7 seats, in case there are 3 extra people joining them, a large board to explain their plans, andd a bunch of drawers to file away each plan. The table is a pink color, and has the letters "TF" in the middle in white. The floor is red, and the walls are pink.

The third room is to the right of the hallway; the experiment room. This room has a bunch of test tubes, a tool box, and a few finished and/or unfinished models of machinery. There are also a bunch of automatic doors that contain robots that they have completed and use in battle.

The fourth room is the room in front of the second room; the combat training room. This room is used to train their combat skills and fighting moves.The room consists of a fighting bag, a flat screen television, a tredmill, an elliptical, mats for floors, and four punching/kicking/combat dummies that look like Christina. There is also two banners with the team fashion logo on it. One of the walls is a mirror to see how they train for themselves.

The fifth room is a small room to the right of the fourth room; the simulation room. Team Fashion technology is used to make a bunch of enemies appear and they train by using their skills, abilities and powers to make them disappear. This tests their speed, agility, guts, power and skill.

The sixth room is in front of the third room; Their own Salon. This is used to do their hair, manicures, pedicurse, mani-pedis, and makeup. The room consists of 10 chairs to the left side; 3 of them have sinks. To the right is for to get their nails done, as there are foot rests and arm rests on the seats. To the left side of the door is where they keep their makeup and hair products. There is also a closet where they keep their stolen, or bought beauty products.

The seventh room is to the left of the sixth room; their own Walking Closet. This is where they keep their clothes in case they need to look beautiful, or a fashion tragedy happens. It's a pretty big room, with 5 dressers, 5 changing booths, and a giant mirror. There is also a sewing machine with a few sketches in case they come up with brilliant clothing designs.

The eighth room is connected with the fifth and seventh room; The Information Center. The room is complete with two staircases on each side leading to the fifth and seventh room, 5 rows of 4 laptops, a giant 100 inch television for a wall, and an oval shaped touch screen device used for research. They usually use this for looking up the newest fashions, identifying fashionistas to become better than them, and detecting intruders.

The ninth room is right in front of the eighth room: The Living Room/Kitchen hybrid room. It is complete with pink carpet, black walls with pink diamonds, a few couches with team fashion logo pillows, a television, a few magazines, a fireplace, and a fan. On the other side is a stove, microwave, oven, toaster, blender, sink, cabinet, and a table with 6 seats. It also has a staircase leading to an upstairs room.

The tenth room is the room upstairs from the ninth room: The bedroom. In case if the team decides to sleep in their headquarters for any reason, this is their room. It has brown hardwood floor with pink walls, it has 5 full sized beds, 5 dressers, a mirror, a pink and white rug, a fan, an entertainment station, and a 4 teleportation pads.

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