This team compromises of Primrose the Cat, Lylac the Rabbit, and Skye the Bunnyfox. Their partners are Bella, Jade and Amanda, respectively. Lylac is of the speed formation, Primrose flight, and Skye power.

Team Blast

Their team blast is Primrose gets Lylac and Skye, puts them in a flight formation pole, while their partners fly around the team, and the team blasts their foes with their powers.

Primrose the Cat

A 9 yr old pink cat who can control nature. She can fly and has a partner named Bella.


A little yellow flying puppy who is the partner of Primrose. She can control electricity.

Lylac the Rabbit

A 7 yr old purple rabbit who can control fire. She is the Speed member of the team and has a partner named Jade.


A little green Chao that is the partner of Lylac. She can manipulate her fire around as an attack.

Skye the Bunnyfox

An 8 yr old blue bunnyfox who can control water. She is the Power member of the team and has a partner named Amanda.


A little pink Chao that is the partner of Skye. She can manipulate Skye's water as an attack.

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