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Cquote1 Freedom and Honor, that's the code of the Codex. Cquote2
The Codex's motto, made by Torn.

Team Codex is a group of hackers that formed together to fight the oppressive regime of King Vendrake. They are led by Torn.


Codex's Insignia. (Drawn by Nikkie-Jay)


Mavenland Sector

  • Torn the Eagle (Founder of the Mavenland branch and former commando of the Navy Fist)
  • Gis the Bull (Recruiter/Weapons expert, also former soldier of the Navy Fist)
  • Kole the Mouse (Expert Medic and Cybernetic Genius)
  • Cryo the Wolf (Connections/Hacker)
  • Sonar the Fox (Stealth Specialist/Spy)
  • Jackpot the Gambler (New Recruit)
  • Ashelyn the Cat (Assassinator/Agent)


The Codex has many rules as to how they work.

  • Never reveal any secrets of the group or any information about it.
  • Always have the Codex's logo on your clothing.
  • Never do tasks with out orders.
  • Avoid large confrontation.
  • Do assassinations stealthily.
  • Never kill or harm innocent civilians.
  • Save any one who is in harm.
  • Do not attract attention to yourself or the team.


The Initial Steps

To join the Codex, one would first have to find the whereabouts of at least a single member. With that member they can vouch to train you under the ways of the Codex. Recruits are often peer reviewed by the sector leader in the country/continent. This can be done both in person or via discreet networks.

To be recognized by the Codex, one must have done something to rile suspicion from rival targets (I.E military, police forces, or governmental enemies). It could also work if a Codex member saves your life and you seek for their guidance. Or the simplest way, be recruited by the sector's recruiter.

Intermediate Initiation

Codex recruits that have passed phase one move onto phase two, the test of skills. This is where the sector leader tests the new found recruits by seeing what kind of skills they possess. The way this is done is by giving the recruit a mission; these missions usually varry between three levels high jacking (stealing a vehicle from an official), hacking into a small network with out a trace, and lastly spying.

Those that pass this test are congratulated briefly then moved onto psychological evaluations.

Psychological Tests

The final phase is the psychological evauluation. This is because Codex members have to be in the fittest mindset possible. Members can not be prone to corruption, emotional scarring, deep rooted anger, or simple desire for chaos. The test goes by a list of just ten very specific questions asked to the recruit. If passed, the recruit becomes a Codex member and is established under a network code name.


Codex members can also be blessed into the syndicate with out a need of tests. These situations are rare, but it is usually done when the sector leader knows some one personally and views them as a fit asset to the team.

Base of Operations

Typical Lay Out

Codex buildings and bases of operations have one thing in common, they are inconspicuous. They are the typical standard, beat up, and often rugged buildings one would come to expect on the daily basis. However most buildings with technological Codex tend to have an underside (which is a secret headquarters within the building filled with technology and mission plans). These Undersides allow Codex to connect with foreign countries and illegal databases under hidden networks as well as discreet internet services. 


Sector Leaders

Leaders often wear long coats with dark accents and large hoods. This is because they are often high profile targets of government agents and enemies alike. Out of most Codex, they dress the most casually to hide their identities. They carry a white Codex insignia on the inside of their hoods or at the bottom of their long coat.


These Codex members are usually strapped with armor and used in case a mission is compromised and combat is the only way out. The armor is similar to that of a bushido samurai/armored ninja. Often is the face guarded and only the eyes are shown. These Codex members often carry a red insignia with a fire surrounding it. The insignia is in no specific area.

Agents & Spies

These stealth operators often are handed long coat hoods and short cowels to cover themselves up. They are dressed in complete black for most occassions with minor preferential color accents. They are high profiled and targeted as well due to how much damage Agents/Spies can do to a massive government. They often wear purple, grey, or pink Codex insignias. These insignias can be found on the gloves and shoulders of their equipment.


Hackers are allowed to wear any variant of clothing they would like due to their often low profile titles. Hackers are typical in wear short sleaved shirts with dark pants. Their insignia can vary from red to blue and can appear any where on the body.


Medics are low profile targets as well, though most wear medical gear. Often the color white is associated with medics, however they stick to using a yellow/gold insignia to tell each other apart from sector leaders.


Early Roots & Creation

The Codex began as a small group inspired by the events of the Vieux Lanun who fought and terminated the Haras Era in Mavenland. This gave way to inspire younger generations to create their own little group to combat oppressive forces.

It initially began as a small time syndicate looking to cause crime just for the attention of the masses. They were a black hat hacking group known for terrorizing the common folk for fun and enjoyment. This however changed when members started to hack into major organizations and government software. It led to a discovery of corruption and turmoil among the already very oppressed citizens of Mavenland.

The group reformed its ways and started to spread across the world by connecting to freedom fighting individuals who can lead and inform others of corruption. It officially became the Codex after the hacker group formed a common knowledge of the world's corruption.

This is how the Codex became the tyranny fighting group it is now.



  • The Lanun: (Although the group is no where near as glorius as it once was in the earlier years of Hordaiquan, the Codex still tries to ally themselves with this group to the best ability. However, Lanun members do not trust Codex as they feel that with technology comes corruption and that the group isn't wholesome in rules and ethics.)
  • Mercy Force: (A militarized policing unit served to help out broken countries needing military to fend off tyrannical leaders, the Codex has a deep respect for this militarized group. Communications between the two are often limited and they do not often work together.)


  • Basically any corrupt government or system of oppression. (I.E the Vendrake rule).
  • The Nazar: (The arch-enemy and opposite of the Codex is the Nazar. This group and the Codex bicker over the future of Mavenland and what exactly they'll do with the country either with or with out Vendrake. Whatever the Codex cleans up, the Nazar manages to destroy and ruin. Torn and Vlad also have a personal vendetta.)
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