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== Team Chronohog is a team formed by Isaiah and started out with his closest friends. The team consisted of 6 characters, including Isaiah, who help protect Mobius from whatever evils tries to consume it. They fight along side all the other heroes, working hard to save this world, whenever that comes along. They follow all styles of operations, from tacitcs, to strategy, and even recon. The team has now begun to grow by popular demand, and they are accepting new applicants.

HQ and Policies

The Teams Headquaters is located in the abondoned home of Geo's late parents. They have a series of underground tunnels under the building in which they have built a military base inside. They are regularly out on patrol, though, unless for recon and briefing.

The teams policies are quite simple to adhere to:

  1. Follow orders.
  2. If a problem is found, alert the other team.
  3. This team is a family, so don't go killing eachother.
  4. You will not hide any secrets from the team. (You won't due to rule number three.)
  5. Nobody fires a shot until peaceful negotiations have failed and you have been fired upon.

Pretty basic, but there they are. The team follows these orders out of loyalty and friendship to one another. In a nutshell, the team really doesn't need the rules, cause they already follow them, but they're there for prosperities sake.


Each character has his own respective duties and obligations in the team. Based on the skills they have and the special equipment they bring into the team, they have the following roles:

  • Leader/Orginization and War Strategy (Isaiah)
  • SIC/Special Kinetics and Long-range Intel (Geo)
  • Recon/Transportation and Engineering (Gyro)
  • Spy/Camflouge and Short-range Intel (Renegade)
  • Weapons Master/Magi Specialist and Weaponsmith (Gregor)
  • Frontlines/Crowd Controller (Yikaro)
  • Engineering (Jimmy)

Each member of the team follows his work diligently and keeps the team in working order. They haven't failed a mission since they started their work.

Character Role Overview


Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox takes up the role as leader, and creator, bringing in an exceptional amount of knowledge to the team. He could be known as the Hannibal Smith of Team Chronohog because He is always one step ahead of the enemy. He brings knowledge of warfare and battle strategy, as well as all kinds of weapons. With this knowledge he orginaizes missions for them to complete and teaches his team the warfare art so they will be lethal in battle. Isaiah, being an Angel, makes him a very peaceful man, and tries to negotiate before turning to the gun, but if attacked, he will fight back. He takes on this role to make sure the team doesn't fall into the wrong hands.


Geo the Hedgehog holds up Isaiah's orders as SIC when Isaiah isn't there. He brings two skills of interest to the team. His Geokinetics, which speak for themselves in battle, and a crystaline ball he carries around. This ball, when shattered, reflects light in such a way that it creates a holographic form of the entire planet Mobius. Even more extraordinary, he can zoom into the holograph and see anybody, doing anything at the present time. Its pretty much a bird's eye view in the palm of his hand. Only he knows how to work it, but it has an incredible power that not even Isaiah can figure out. With this and his known skill with swords, he makes quite a member to the team, keeping a watchful eye on everything going on on mobius. Geo also brings a smart-elic comedy to the team, making a joke to get the team in a better mood sometimes.


Gyro the Gearhog holds the recon position in the team. Gyro acts as an eye witness for Geo when the holomobius just isn't enough. When something evil occurs, its Gyro's job to rally the team and get them out to his position. Gyro also has the skill of creating Extreme Gears, and holds the secondary engineering post for such a reason, giving them a much faster way of transport. He and keeps the team alert for whatever may come. When a problem is spotted, they will send Gyro out to make sure it is an affirmative sighting. His job is quite important, so he always stays diligent.


Renegade holds the position of Spy because of his Morph abilities. It allows him to morph into anything he desires. Allowing him to slip in and spy on enemy forces is an easy task for him, but the imagination is endless, so he must stay concentrated on one thing or else he might change into something else by accident, which caused a lot of problems during the team's beginning. This problem caused him to become much more serious and sometimes angry, he rarely makes a joke unless its a crack against his friends, which usually shows he's in a good mood. He rarely shows sad, worried, or hurt emotions because he can't or else it will damage a mission and make it harder for him. His morphing abilities are key to the team.

Weapons' Master'

Taking up the slot of Weapons master to the team is Griogair, better known as Gregor by his friends. He brings two very important skills to the team. On one hand, he has an amazing ability of Magi, which none of the others possess. His powers are completely different from the kinetics that Geo uses. Kinetics are used with the mind, but Gregor's magi abilities are used through energy. Along with this skill he has the ability of weapon's making. He crafts the weapons that the team uses to make them stronger, so without him, they wouldn't be able to do anything. Gregor also has a great knowledge of the other world, Earth. He lived there for 15 years of his life, then his life changed when he and Isaiah switched worlds. After Isaiah regained his Mobian body, Gregor decided to stay with them, and join their team as the final member. He is still a rookie, but he is needed more than he knows.


As the frontline warrior of the group, Yikaro takes up the ability of controlling the crowds. Whether it's a crowd of panicing city people, or a crowd of villians needing a good stomping, Yikaro and his soul-half, Yakiro, work togethor to finish the job. The two work togethor as a mirror effect, fighting in rythem and method, taking down enemies in a group. When their strategy is found out, they change their method, and both of them take sn their own style, making their strength twice as much of a challenge. This is a very unique and clever technique that makes them a good asset to the team and they keep their position strong.

This team works hard on their duties, and follows the roles set for them.

Other Characters

While the six main roles are up top, there is still room for other characters willing to fight. While they don't have any specififc roles to follow, they still help out on operations or other duties that are needed.

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