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Question: Have you ever wondered where Dark Transformations of canon/fanon characters in the SEGA series go?

Team Chaos is a group of Dark Transformations that dwell on the Dark Side of Mobius. They are the dark/evil counterparts of all good Mobians. Many of them have diverse and sometimes opposite personalities to their good counterparts, often with more violent tendencies.


Leaders of the Dark Assembly

Dark Blaze (leader)

Dark Edmund (second leader)

High Class Soldiers and Lower Class Soldiers

Dark Tails

Dark Amy

Dark Knuckles

Dark Rouge etc.

Dark Sonic

Dark Shadow

Dark Silver


Like Team Rocket in the Pokemon anime, Team Chaos is intent on world domination and will fulfill this no matter what, using all sources and means at their disposal.



Most of Team Chaos' tech is based off of recent models which were stolen and copied. Examples of this would be robots made by Dr. Eggman, cybernetics, and Tails' inventions. Besides this fact, some of their tech was invented by members of their own anyway.


Team Chaos uses many kinds of transportation, most of it widely being, trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, and even huge carrier planes.


Team Chaos' weapons consist of laser guns, pistols, machine guns, and a few snipers.

[New, more advanced weapons are still being produced.]

Visited Worlds


The Pokemon world


Base of Operations & Dark Assembly

Team Chaos operates in the heart of Shadow Mobius, in the center of the alleyways and crumbling, dirty buildings. Their meeting and court house, the Dark Assembly, meets in a jury-like room. Below this, though, is a room full of technology, computers, etc.


As mentioned beforehand, all Dark counterpart residents live in the Shadow of Mobius. A bleak and grim world of Mobius that is a lot crueler and sheds neither any light nor hope.


The uniforms of Team Chaos consists of a night-black suit with dark tube-like cuffs and tubes running over and around the suit, extending from the neck and arms to the legs. The gloves are of the same material, tubes running over the hands like veins. On the front of the uniform is a silhouette of a Chaos creature, the main symbol/mascot of Team Chaos.

There are also helmets that are worn for when riding on a vehicle, or when going on a mission, which is not needed to be worn, but can be worn if necessary. These are of the same color of the uniform, black tubes running over the helmet. The helmet is shaped like the helmets worn in Tron games/cartoons. The face of the wearer is hidden by a dark shaded glass, somewhat resembling that of a motorcyclist helmet.


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