Team Amity is a currently existing hero-type group created by Nikki Kaji. This team's goal is currently to travel all across Mobius, going on exiting adventures and getting to know more about the world around them. Currently, the group consist of three members. The leader of the group is Caleb the Sugar Glider, who teams up with his twin sister Piper the Sugar Glider and her best friend, Sarah The Cub. There have been others that have affiliated with the group as well, such as Lucas the Echidna.


Caleb the Sugar Glider

Caleb Conway is a 10 year old Sugar Glider born in the city of Regenwald. He was born a few seconds before his sister, Piper, so he is technically the oldest of the group. He is the current leader of Team Amity, and uses his nunchucks as a weapon. He is able to swing them in a skilled manner, able to block attacks and throw them as well. However, Caleb's patagium on his arms is not even, causing him to not be able to glide evenly. He is considered to be the Power-Type Character on his team.

Piper the Sugar Glider

Piper the Sugar Glider

Piper Conway is a 10 year old Sugar Glider born in the city of Regenwald. She is the twin sister of Caleb, but was born after him, making her the little sister. Piper is a somewhat shy character, and spent a lot of her time learning how to play the flute. She's not much of a fighter, but is able to easily evade attacks. After becoming a part of Team Amity, Piper relied on the use of a light yet strong bamboo staff to help her fend off against enemies. She is considered to be the Flight-Type Character on the team.

Sarah The Cub

No name yet

Sarah Daniels is a 9 year old bear cub born in a village named Estemere. She moved to Spagonia with here aunt and uncle for a better life, and has been living there for two years now. After meeting Piper and helping her find her brother, Caleb, Sarah joined Team Amity. She is the youngest member of Team Amity, and fights using the power of her Florokinesis/Chlorokinesis. She is considered to be the Speed-Type Character on the team.

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