Rocket the Cat

Rocket the Cat. Leader of Team Alpha

Spike the Hedgehog

Flames the Hedgehog

Terra the Bat


The only policies they have are to be an expert with machines.

That means that you can fly,or drive anything,build advanced machines,use any weapons,pretty much.

Base of Operations

Rocket has a large castle made of titanium.

They live there,and do their stuff there.Not much to say then that it is filled wkith machines and advanced

Flames,the fastest of the team.



The castle is on a floating airpad,with huge energy storage. Rocket can fully power the machine using his Razor rings.


They don't have a uniform,but you are required to be wearing at least 1 of Rocket's advanced machines.

Rocket has his Launch Buster X20.

Spike uses Rocket Gloves X10,to amplify his huge strength by 10. Because he already had super strength.

Flames uses Rocket Runners X10,to amplify his super speed by 10.

Terra wears her Rocket Ultility Belt V6.

Spike,the strongest of the team.


Years ago,Rocket and his friends were patrolling the area at night. They were GUN Agents. They were assualted with gun. Spike punched one in the jaw,shattering his jaw and knocking him out. Flames ran around him in a circle at superspeed,and using the momentum he got,he did a huge kick,KO'ing another guy. Terra flew and grabbed a brick,and tosses it at the guy from up in the air,also a KO. Rocket dashes into his stomach and blew him up with a blaster shot. Because of how well they did,they decided to quit being GUN agents and to form an elite team known as Team Alpha!

Terra,Rockets girlfriend,and the Flying person in the team.

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