Cquote1 My history has shaped who I am, and I'll live with who I am. I have no room for regrets! Cquote2
Tawny the Rabbit

Long time no see

Tawny the Rabbit

Biographical Information
  • Tawny
  • Rabbity Girl (called by Rouge and Jet)
  • Lady Knight (called by Rouge and Russet)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesEastern Cottontail
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Eyes: Azure
  • Height: 92cm
  • Weight: 66lbs
  • Blue & White tank-top
  • Grey shorts
  • Baby blue shoes
  • White gloves
  • Cyan wristbands
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Aqua Cuffs
  • Bo Staff
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.Kerry Williams
Japanese V.A.Noriko Hidaka
Theme Song(s)
  • Into the Rush- by Aly & AJ
  • On Top of the World- by Boys Likes Girls
  • Aquatic Time- Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
  • NiGHTS Journey of Dreams Music: Lost Park (Chase Mission)
Original CreatorTrinitySkye

Tawny the Rabbit ( 黄褐色 .ザ. ウサギTawnii za Rabitto) is a fan character made by a user on SNN with the same name, and later given to Kagimizu. Her normal attire consists of a blue and white tank-top, baby blue shoes, gray short shorts, and cyan wristbands. She has gone through 5 designs to reach her final one.


Adoption in the sea of blood

Tawny was only 6 when she found herself present at a bloody and ferocious battle between massive GUN fleets and some well-known pirates. In the midst of the battle, the frightened rabbit managed to avoid being injured, but she stumbled near a cliff and tumbled off into the sea. A pirate on the ship saw her, and rescued her. After the captain realizes that they have a stranger on board, he threatened GUN to kill her. Left with no choice, the military retreated. Much to Tawny's shock, the captain offered the drenched and sorry-looking rabbit a place in his crew. With no where to go, and grateful to them for not killing her, she accepted.

Tawny had been a useful asset to the crew, for she can look at the cloud's formation and tell wether it's going to snow, rain, or lightning. The captain personally taught her navigating skills, promising that she'll one day become the best navigator in the world. She sang and joked with the sailors on board, and helped them through many difficulties. To Tawny, it's the best period of time in her life.

Home alone

However, her joy was short-lasting. The same GUN fleet caught up to the pirate ship, and fired at them in the dead of night. Unable to move any farther, and weakened by the overwhelming GUN soldiers, Tawny and the rest of the crew could only watch in horror as the GUN commander beheaded their captain. Just when the other GUN members were about to round the pirates up and take them back to headquarters, one of them stumbled and pushed Tawny off, but without first murmuring into her ears 'You're life is more valuable then all of ours combined. Stay alive.'. Helpless in the water, she could only swim as fast as she could away from the pursuing GUN, with the words ringing in her ears.


3 days and 3 nights out in the ocean alone has drained Tawny's energy, and the rabbit was utterly horrified to learn that a storm is coming her way. When the storm finally arrived, it was so strong, it blew her up into the air and sent her flying. The next morning, Tawny woke up to find that she landed in a rather large lake, with weird birds swarming all over her. They dragged the reluctant rabbit to a forest, and she was stunned to see how badly it was damaged. She, remembering the last words of her dear crew, decided that this is going to be her home, and she's going to take care of these Flickies like how she did with the pirate crew.


Tawny can be described as those people who "think before they act", and does not let her tongue slip lightly. But in truth she is as aggressive as a bull, both with her tongue and her power in battle. She is a keen-witted young girl who possesses both eagerness and strong will, but prefers to think before dashing off. She especially hates it when she is thrust to the back of the line, as she thinks that girls can be as strong as men. She, while she's not in any major battles or situations, is fun-loving and eager, but can become very serious, fighting with all her might as oppose to Sonic just playing around and having fun. She does show immense playfulness when participating in small skirmishes. While she is not short tempered like most of the team, Tawny can get mad very easily when male teammates starts goofing around, which usually results her in giving them a bump in the head. Despite the fact that she shows sympathy to people who cannot defend themselves, Tawny is utterly merciless when people tries to back out of a challenge, and thinks that everyone should have a chance to prove themselves, even if they don't want to. However hard Tawny hates it, it is revealed that the fierce rabbit does have a soft side, most notably seen when dealing with Silk and Manic. She is also very sensitive, able to see through people's schemes with her keen eyes, and does not easily fall prey to lies.

Tawny the Rabbit, despite all her eagerness and adventurous nature, is more of a realistic person with all the world's common sense than her friends. She regards her friends as her greatest treasure, and would selflessly defend them if they are being hurt by other people. She shows concern in even the slightest change of plans, and tends to take over when she sees major flaws. At that point, she can become very bossy, though she can also be bossy when dealing with those of the opposite gender. She shows eagerness when introduced to new things, but takes them on with a serious and cautious air to it. This makes her one of the most logical thinker amongst her friends.

When the topic flits to something Tawny is passionate about, such as navigation, the sea, or weather, Tawny can ramble on for as long as a whole hour, boring her listeners enough they fall asleep. She doesn't joke as much as her friends, and would snap at them if they even make a witty remark when in danger, scolding them for not taking life seriously when they have to. She also tends to not notice when men hit on her. However, she once commented that she isn't pretty enough for so many men to swoon over, which might suggest that she actually is aware of them, but ignores them because she finds them annoying.

Most of her personality traits stems from the unforgettable events that happened during her childhood, and it had also left many scars behind. The biggest one is probably her insecurity when her friends are not around to support her. When it happens, she looses all of her confidence and leadership but instead doubts herself and her choices. She can also be extremely embarrassed and become lost for words when she is mocked in front of a crowd of people, which makes her try to avoid large crowds.

Even though Tawny does not take every situation lightly, there are times her 'naughty' side takes the center stage. Other than her bubble and navigating skills, she also possess a tricky tongue. She can fool just about anyone- mens in particular- into doing what she wants them to do. She can also take people's stuff without them noticing, and takes great joy in watching them panic while looking for the missing item(s). Despite this, Tawny is very possessive of her own items, due to having lost everything at once before in her life. As such, if someone attempts to touch something belonging to her, she will politely ask them not to while smiling, though only after hitting them over the head with a Pressure Baton.

Tawny is afraid of fire, like how Sonic is afraid of water. She even refuses to get close to a fireplace, even if she'll freeze to death. She is also very protective of her friends, and cannot bear it if they're hurt. Tawny, also like Knuckles, is behind on technology. The only thing she knows how to work is her Extreme Gear and simple, old-fashioned technology.


To make up for her lack of Chaos Powers, Tawny is able to create bubbles of size and shape out of thin air with the help of the two bracelets known as Aqua Cuffs on her wrists. She mainly fights with punches and kicks like Sonic and Knuckles. She is a great spy because of her jumping technique, and is often use to spy into enemy camps. Below are a few of her known moves with names:

  • Water Lance (水ランス): Tawny throws a fast-moving bubble close to the ground that upon contact with the opponent, explodes and sends them up into the air.
  • Bubble Tempo (バブルテンポ): Huge bubbles form around Tawny and quickly traps the opponent, then Tawny does a series of kicks and punches
  • Pressure Baton (圧力バトン): Tawny grabs empty space, and proceeds to pummel the opponent with a baton made of air
  • Hero's Aura (主人公のオーラ): Tawny glows a cyan color, and let's out shock waves: The first one paralyzes the foe, the others damages them.
  • Burst Swarm (バースト群): Tawny creates a current of bubbles that swirls around her opponent(s) like a whirlpool at high speed. The bubbles then shoots in and pummels the trapped opponent

During the battle with one of Eggman's elite robots, her Aqua Cuffs broke and was unusable for the rest of the brawl. Later, it was repaired by Tails and Marine, but not without some adjustments to it. The Aqua Cuffs is now cyan instead of purple, and it has notably shrunk. It's powers has also been enhanced, and has allowed Tawny to use a wide range of moves previously unaccessible. Her original moves are also accessible despite the change. Below are a list of moves exclusive to the new version of the Aqua Cuffs:

  • Crystal Cascade (クリスタル カスケード): A more powerful version of Burst Swarm, with increased speed, accuracy, and power. Only used when there's a large amount of powerful foes.
  • Diabolo (空中ごま): The name derived from the toy 'diabolo', this attack roughly does the same thing a diabolo does. Tawny creates a chain of unbreakable bubbles and whips up the opponent(s). She then juggles them in the air and finishes them with a massive Whip Catch, an advanced Diabolo technique. But instead of catching them, Tawny slams the opponent(s) onto the ground.
  • Whale Tower (クジラ タワー): One of Tawny's strongest yet least used attacks. Tawny conjures up many bubbles, and liquifies them into water. The water will them form to create a huge puddle and rocket upward, sending enemies hurtling upwards or trapped in the massive water tower. It is named so because of the shape it takes when it bursts upward, like a whale leaping out of the water. This is the only time Tawny can liquify bubbles into water.
  • Shackle (シャックル): This is easily one of Tawny's most used attacks, as she uses it in almost every single battle. Tawny conjures up two diamond-hard bubbles and coats her hands and the lower part of her arms with them. The bubble takes the shape of her arms, so Tawny's arms would just look like two blue gloves. She now gains the advantage of blocking people's attacks, be it sword or punch, without receiving any damage to herself. She can also inflict more damage with her hardened arms, and it does not slow down her punches. The only common disadvantage of this technique is electricity, and if Tawny happens to touch any form of electricity, her whole body will receive damage.
  • Advanced Pressure Baton: A powered-up version of Pressure Baton. The only difference is that Tawny now uses a long baton made out of bubbles. It is capable of slicing through air and sending shock waves at enemies.

Below are some of the ways that Tawny controls the bubbles themselves:

  • Hold (入る): Tawny tightens her hands into fists. This stops the bubbles from moving or doing what they were doing instantly.
  • Dash ダッシュ): Tawny crosses both of her arms in front of her face, and lashes them out with her palms outstretched. This makes the bubbles attack people at high speed.
  • Shield (シールド): Tawny crosses both of her arms in front of her face with her hands clenched in fists. This makes a giant bubble to coat herself. If there's already bubbles in the field, all the bubbles would form a giant one and shield Tawny.
  • Mirror (ミラー): A single bubble appears in front of Tawny, showing her a picture of what the opponent is going to do next.
  • Capture (キャプチャ): Tawny holds her hands out, one behind the other, and creates a semi-large bubble in the palm of her hand. When the enemy launches an attack, Tawny counters with said bubble. If the attack is energy based, or made of certain elements (electric, water, air, dark, light, etc), the bubble captures the attack within itself, allowing Tawny to send the attack back at the enemy in an explosion of whatever the attack was made out of. The more power behind the attack, the larger and slower the bubble becomes, the limit being the size of an average house. If the limit is exceeded, the bubble bursts on its own. If the attack is solid (such as weapons, rock, metal, etc.), the bubble first captures the attack, then pops, draining all speed and momentum from the attack.

She received a foldable Bo (Japanese fighting staff) from Scav after he saw how formidable she is with a has proved to be very useful, and it can be carried anywhere due to its ability to be folded into portable size. With this staff, Tawny gained an even greater range of moves, usually by combining some of her bubble techniques with her staff-play. The major downside to this weapon is its fragility, as it is fairly easy for opponents to break if Tawny is reckless. She also has extraordinary flexibility, which makes up for her lack of high speed.

Normally bubbles would burst when they're hit, but Tawny's bubbles are as hard as diamonds, even if they look and behave like ordinary bubbles. Tawny can also alter them so they could make explosions, turn into unbreakable bubbles that envelopes people, or just normal bubbles.

Tidal Tawny

Tawny's "super form". Tawny accesses this form by drinking from a vial, which contains special water from the lake the flickies she guards inhabit. Drinking from this vial turns her body into a liquid-like form, similar to that of Chaos. In this form, Tawny can change her body's form, between diamond-hard, light like a bubble, or dense like water. When her body is diamond hard, attacks don't do anything to her, and her own hit HARD. However, she is quite slow and heavy. In her bubble form, she's able to move extremely fast, jump extremely high, and even "fly" like a bubble. However, she is quite fragile, and a strong enough attack will literally pop her. After being popped, the fluids will reform into a large bubble, which will pop, releasing a de-transformed Tawny from inside the bubble. In her water form, she retains her natural speed and strength. However, physical attacks are merely caught within her body, doing no harm whatsoever. However, electrical attacks seriously hurt her, and attacks involving a high level of heat also hurt her, as they evaporate the part of her body they hit, though it reforms after a few seconds.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Tawny stay on friendly terms with the blue blur. The two aren't particularly close, but can rely on each other when they need help. Sonic's jumpy reaction when around water often annoys Tawny, and she is often the first person to tell him off for going on adventures near watery areas.

Miles 'Tails' Prower

With Sonic as her rival, Tawny is surprisingly nice to Tails, and respects him as a leader and a top mechanist, while Tails respects her as a skilled Extreme Gear rider, and being a tough, 'girl-power' girl, though the latter sometimes scars him, just like how Amy sometimes scars Tails. They are still good friends, despite that.

Knuckles the Echidna

Tawny has a fairly fiery relationship with Knuckles. Tawny is skeptical about his ability as the Master Emerald's guardian due to it being stolen or broken numerous times, and Knuckles is doubtful of her Flicky care-taking skills. The doubts often make them clash, but they still respect each other as friends.

Amy Rose

Tawny is quite playful yet wary around Amy, playing jokes about her and Sonic's relationship with care, incase she turns mad. Tawny would sometimes find herself as the victim of the pink hedgehog's romance babble, which her 'boyfriend' Russet the Cougar would listen to intently. The two would sometimes spar with each other to test out who is the strongest girl in Sonic's team, which Amy saw as fights for Sonic's affection, even though Tawny felt nothing for the speed blur.

Cream the Rabbit

First met near Mystic Ruins, where Tawny saved her from a falling tree, Cream has viewed Tawny as a hero like Sonic and admires her. Sometimes, Cream gets scared when Tawny's temper escapes it's lids, but she'll immediately try to calm her down. The two are known to be good friends, brewing up several 'rabbit jokes'


Tawny, much like Sonic, views Dr. Eggman not only as an oversized, mustached madman, but also as a source of exciting adventures. However, when the going gets tough, Tawny will take Eggman seriously and focus on smashing his robots to bits. She views Eggman's intelligence as 'a humiliating failure' and always tries to catch Eggman by himself so she can have a one-on-one-no-robot duel with him.

Shadow the Hedgehog

As a loner, Shadow doesn't see Tawny much, but when he does, Tawny's always doing something 'exciting'- mainly a plan of hers to get him a bit more social. But after constant failures, Tawny stopped trying and tries her best to avoid her, or being around him is "too depressing". Tawny disapproves of his 'emotionless revenge' on those he hate, but she definitely supports him when it comes to mashing Eggman's bases.

Rouge the Bat

Tawny 100% percent dislikes her manner, and hates her even more when she discovered that she's a G.U.N agent. Tawny is usually wary and quiet around her, incase she makes a bawdy remark or anything of the like

Blaze the Cat

Due to her immense fear of fire, Tawny wasn't as close to Blaze as she was with the other teammates; in fact, she completely avoided her, afraid that her fire might burn her. After some persuasion from Silver and Manic, who told her that Blaze has full control over her fire, and she wouldn't send it off to anyone on purpose, Tawny began to become closer to her, and starts to give her the attention she'd give to a fellow team member.

Marine the Raccoon

Though somehow disliking her rashness and her 'Aww, she'll be apples' remark, Tawny is, surprisingly, pretty good friends with the loud rascal. The orange raccoon has aided her in many of her solo missions, and always cheerfully blows her cover when lots of security guards are around.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver and Tawny have no particular relationship, except that of teammates. Whenever Silver gets himself tangled up in a 'Sunny situation', Tawny would well likely avoid him. Tawny thinks that his psychokinesis powers are awesome, and would sometimes pester him on how he learned to do that.

Sunny the Hedgehog

They are extremely good friends, and often aid each other through missions, despite Tawny's nature of hating all who help her in her quests.

Twister Prower

Tawny is fairly good friends with Twister, though Tawny sometimes thinks that he's a bit too rash and childish, despite being older than his more tactical, cool-headed brother Tails. twister's daily visit to the past with his time watch and endless chatter over his Chao made Tawny doubt that he doesn't like the company of furry creatures like him and her, so she prefers to talk to others instead of him, unsure of what his answers would be. Tawny often mocks at how Twister couldn't even catch up to Sonic on his E-rider, but when questioned, she'll admit that she can't either.

Orangus the Hedgehog

The two never really see each other a lot, but they're good friends. Most of the time, when Orangus is out hunting for Blitz the Hedgehog, the 'evil', almost look-alike Mobian, Tawny would usually keep both of her eyes out for him too.

Zelzzazz the Fox

Originally shocked at how long her name is, Tawny began to notice similarities between her, Tails, and Twister. It wasn't until she had confirmed it herself did Tawny realize that the three are related. Tawny is sometimes troubled by Zel's quietness, and usually tries to cheer her up by being polite, which is an extremely hard task for her, and usually gets shocked when Zel suddenly burst out with random stuff.

Statyx the Hedgehog

Never really great friends, but friends nonetheless. Tawny detests the fact that he is a GUN agent, but would happily ask for Statyx to give Rouge 'somethings that she deserves' for her, which usually don't go well. Being a very sensitive, bold girl, Tawny never hesitates to go into arguments with Statyx, but it usually breaks up when Sonic funs by.

Silk the Jackal

Tawny and Silk are known to be best friends, sticking together almost all the time, which is a shock to most people because of Tawny's independent nature. Tawny has an immense capacity of patience for Silk, even when her habit of randomly falling asleep on the spot kicks in. Silk completely supports Tawny being Manic's girlfriend, going as far as to buying roses for Manic to give to Tawny, even though Manic never gets the meaning.

Fou the Phoenix

Tawny is very grateful of Fou for taking care of her Flickies with her, and often relies on the little firebird to communicate with them. She is constantly amazed by the unwavering determination that takes over Fou when her Flickies are in paths of danger. Due to this, Tawny is very close to Fou.

Blade the Hedgehog

Met during a whirlpool investigation, Tawny quickly became friends with the red hedgehog. Tawny often acts smug around Blade due to his respect of her navigational skills, despite her usually modest nature. While they don't interact much, Tawny appreciate Blade's help with her Flickies, even stated that he's a fair hand at handling those birds. She has also taken an interest in the war boats of his time, and wouldn't hesitate to discuss the anything about it with Blade.

Slash the Wolf

Tawny dislikes the bloodthirsty wolf, and vice versa. Tawny views his way of having 'fun' as suiciding and taking his comrades down with him in the process, and would refuse to partner up with him in any missions. Her believe that Slash thrives on people's fear made the wolf thought that she can't take a joke. Tawny is also the few who is immune to his abilities.

Mystic the Bat

Tawny and Mystic hang out well, though Tawny tends to stray off topic when Mystic talks about fashion, just like how Mystic reacts to her rants about the sea and weather. Even though Tawny dislikes Mystic's ideas of putting her in dresses, she is very grateful to her for taking care of her Flickies with her, though she finds her 'ability' to pair them up as couples in a heartbeat rather strange. Despite dining mainly on fruits and vegetables and can't take too much sweet stuff, Tawny enjoys Mystic's homemade cookies.

Romeo the Rabbit

While Romeo thinks he's Mobius' gift to women, Tawny thinks exactly the opposite. This first started when Romeo tries to hit on her and pretends to poison Manic to get her out on a date. The date was short-lasting, however, as Tawny blew Romeo's cover and dragged the healthy Manic away. But ever since, Romeo has his eyes set on Tawny, and would follow her whenever he's not hitting on other girls.

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