Cquote1 I wonder if maybe it was my fault. Like, if maybe I had told him to come back earlier, or to not go, or to make sure not to use the shortcut, it would be different. I shouldn't dwell on the past; there's nothing I can do... And... I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of knowing that if I did something different, I could have saved his life. But I just don't know anymore... Cquote2
Tavor the Hedgehog.

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Tavor the Hedgehog is a young male hedgehog who portrays the alter ego of Nights, a hero vigilante that leads a group of crime fighters. He is the first born of five brothers, and started the hero business when his youngest brother passed doing a heroic deed.


Tavor is a young male who stands at average height and has an average weight. He has a bit of a muscular build, yet still maintains a wiry look to him. He has bright orange eyes and a peach muzzle and ears. His fur is snow white and his quills have purple tips, and around his eyes are a thick purple line similar to Silvers. He also has chest fur that is slightly paler than his actual fur.

His actual attire consists of thin green cargo pants with a dark green belt, and Imre's chain and watch like I jest attached to it. He wears light green boots with a diamond like stripe on the front, and another stripe interlaces with that stripe.


Tavor is a very happy young man who tries to be optimistic. He loves all his brothers and is extremely loyal to them, but he can be a little over bearing and protective. He loves sports and can play any of them, and because of that, it made him very competitive towards others, seeing everything as a competition.

He has a quick temper though, but tries to remain a cool demeanor. He is fairly egotistical, and will pick fights should his ego be bruised. He always tries to stay calm and rash though, but doesn't really do a good job. Other than those faults, he is a really great guy, and is often said to be very charming and a ladies man.

But, beneath his fun loving and hot headed skin lies a very different person. In all reality, he is always sad and depressed, being the most effected by his youngest brothers passing. He feels as though it's his job to keep all his brothers safe and to protect them, and he feels as though he had failed Imre when he had died. But, an even stranger side of him lurks in the shadows. After his brothers murder, he became obsessed with trying to solve it, and he eventually started to want revenge on the man who killed him, almost to the point of wanting to kill the man.



Tavor was born on the seventeenth of June, and was the eldest born son and brother. He has often wanted another sibling, and two years after he was born, Kasper was th new addition to the family. Another two years later, the twins, Cade and Cayo, were born, and then another two years, when Tavor was about six, the last of his brothers was born, Imre.

He led a great and quiet childhood, and played many sports into his last year of school. He was competitive by nature, and competed in as many competitions as he could. When he was about thirteen, his parents passed in an automobile accident, and he was left in charge, which he gladly, but sorrowly, accepted. That soon led to his protective brother side grow even more.

Imre's death

Everything went downhill, though, a few days after Imre's birthday. Imre had not returned yet, and, though worried, didn't think too much about it. A few minutes later, the police call, saying that one of his brothers was injured and that he wanted his family. With a string of sobbing swear words, Tavor ran out the door, and didn't even bother driving, as his three other brothers aren't home anyway.

He arrived on the scene and found Imre nearly dead, and an officer explained the whole story, having learned it in bits from the woman and Imre. He rushed to Imre's side, and tried to comfort him as best he could. An ambulance was coming, but both knew that Imre didn't have that much time. Imre painstakingly ripped his watch off the chain and gave it to Tavor, and then whispered something in his ear. Whatever it was greatly disturbed Tavor, and he started to beg Imre to stay awake. Imre grinned, and then closed his eyes.

An ambulance arrived moments later, and carried away Imre, the lights flashing, but there was no sound.

Hero Saga

Obsessed with trying to figure out who killed his younger brother, Tavor had taken up odd jobs around the city to see if he can get any information. His attempt renders futile, and he eventually gets a serious job for a local pizza place.

The first saga begins with the four brothers heading towards the school they attend, Central City Public, and they slacked off as long as they could. They arrived and met April and Alice (first appearance for both). They exchanged a few rumors about a mysterious crime lord, as Aprils father was a detective on the case, but didn't get to discuss too much before the final bell rang. They then parted to head to their classes.

After school, Tavor and his brothers are at the park; Kasper reading a book, Cayo and Cade flying a kite, and Tavor climbing a tree. Isla (first appearance) appears and talks to Tavor, asking if he's alright. Tavor has a quick flashback of Imre's death, but replies that all is well. Isla leaves, and after a while, the Allens go home.

After watching the news that night, with all his brothers had gone to bed, he saw a segment on Sonic the Hedgehog, and how he had saved the world once more. That sparked an idea to form in his head, and waited until the boys woke up to tell them his plan: to become superheroes. They all laughed at first, until he explained his thinking further, saying that they can help people to not end up like Imre, and that they could solve his murder.

Kasper lashes out at him for the first time, saying that he's an idiot for wanting to endanger the younger twins, and then runs off. Feeling obligated to explain himself further, and wanting to calm his brother, Tavor followed his younger brother. After catching up to him, and after much negotiating, Tavor finally was able to get him to listen. Tavor said that he only wanted to help people, so that another incident like Imre's won't happen again, and that maybe they could solve his murder while they're at it.

They then decide to go from there. They calculate during and after school where Mr. Gold (crime lord discussed earlier) will strike next. Dressed in hoodies, costume masks, and other ridiculous attempts of disguise, attack Mr. Gold, but are easily over taken and nearly killed. Realizing that they are not trained or have the right materials, Tavor proposes that they go to a friend: Isla. Isla agrees to keep a secret, and helps them. She provides costumes, modified weapons, and tells them to swing by anytime. They go after Mr. Gold again, and win, but he gets away and they wreak the city in the process.

Diamond and Gold Saga

Tavor isn't seen until after he radios in Cayo and his other brothers, and is shown to be caught in the crossfire of a burglary. He attempts to fight both of them off, but even when his brothers come and help, Diamond and Gold get away.


Tavor doesn't seem to truly posses any powers, and appears to be a normal hedgehog. But, common to most species of hedgehogs, he is faster than a normal Mobian, and seems to have a little bit of super strength. Other than those comman traits, he is completely normal.

Chaos Energy Manipulation

This power is not quite real, as while he had been able to somewhat be able to manipulate Chaos Energy, he only was able to produce visions, and it wasn't even of his own doing. So, this power may not even be his, and instead is just a circumstance that occurred without his own doing.


Tavor doesn't seem to have any real special abilities. He does posses flexibility and agility, and seems to be pretty swift. He also has a great sense of smell, and that is often used as comic relief.

He also has some degree of a heightened sense of hearing. Not quite supersonic, it seems to be able to help him hear things most people can't. But, this character trait is common with most hedgehogs, so it's not very special.


Much like his brothers, he possesses many skills that rely on combat, and these skills may reflect on his needs on being a hero.


A strange weapon to wield, Tavor uses a sword to defend his city from low lying scum. He has perfect swordsmanship, and can be a deadly opponent when in a fight with. He also knows how to fence, and practices that daily.

The sword that he most commonly uses is a sword that was passed down from generation to generation on his mothers side. Nicknamed the "Sword of Hope and Justice", the blade is made of thick steel and can not break, though that has been proven to be wrong, as it shattered against Diamond Bling's diamond sword.


The most common form of fighting he has been seen to do is Karate, though he does use other styles of fighting as well, such as Kung Fu, and others. His fighting style also seems to have a bit of dance like characteristics, though this may vary depending on who he is up against.


Tavor has a bit of a musical talent, and often stars in his school plays. He can play the guitar and the piano, and often plays either the music accompaniment or, more often, the main part of a song. It is implied that he can play the violin, though he has yet to be seen doing so.

He also can preform on strange and plays a great character. Due to being an actor, he can conceal his emotions very well, which can be a good or bad thing. He also seems to be able to lie fairly easily, and is very believable due to being able to keep a straight face.


Tavor is very easy to anger, and because of that he may act brash and short sighted. He can and will pick fights if his ego has been hurt. He can also be easier to trick, being naïve enough to believe that some villain can change over night.

He is also very protective over his brothers, and should someone say or do anything to hurt them, Tavor will act aggressively and viciously towards them, if not fight them. He also holds grudges, and will not let them go, no matter how silly they are.


  • "I know, I know. Yeah, it was pretty stupid. But, it was totally worth it."
  • "What can I say? We all have our dark backstories, even heroes. But some of us learn how to use it to fuel our motivation, but not out of hate or revenge: we use it to help us make sure that no one will have to deal with what we faced."
  • "April, you know why I can't come..."
  • "Duty calls!"
  • "Alice! Please! I beg you! Don't hit me! I didn't mean it!!"
  • "What's your order again, sir?"
  • "A teenager by day, and a hero by night, but I still have to do all this homework. Ugh!"
  • "We all have our faults, but we can't blame the stars for what we have created."
  • "Yeah yeah yeah. I know: try not to get shot by some low grade criminal. I know the works. I got this."
  • "Well... If I show who I am, I'd have a swarm of police on my hid, and then a swarm of serial killers attempting to get to my family. I'm not that stupid; I realize it would be bad to die, and I'd be worse if my family was hurt by my self esteem."


  • Although portrayed as a very happy-go-lucky guy, Tavor is actually a very dark person, going so far as to want vengeance against Imre's killer, and one could accuse that as bloodlust.
  • He is the only character that knows what Imre said when he died, and has yet revealed that information.
  • He did agree to be interviewed by April, but feed her a lot of false information, although he did tell one story that was true, that his brother, referring to Imre, was saved by Sonic.
    • Should that be true, this means that he actually wanted to be a hero before Imre's death, being inspired by Sonic, but Imre pushed him to do it.
  • He often references different types of Manga and anime, hinting a very strong hint that he likes those things.
  • He was originally going to be named Tyler, and was the only child.
  • His relationship with his brothers is similar to that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as they are all heroes, and all wish to not be seen, and are pretty violent.
  • His code name and costume is a nod towards the Nights series and the titular character, Nights.
  • He is the only character in the series to have successfully time travelled.
  • Shadow and Tavor have striking similarities, but they hate each other, mostly Shadow hating Tavor, and don't trust each other.
  • Tavors means misfortune, which represents the hardships he had gone through,
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