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Cquote1.png Sometimes I like to work alone. Actually, most of the time. But sometimes I'll make exceptions. Cquote2.png

Tasma is a male Mobian Ocelot and one of the primary characters of Jana-Su Origins. He was originally Jana-Su's senior partner, until he was killed in the Devastation of Gaia City.


Tasma was a very influential and charismatic individual, which made him one of the best lawyers in Gaia City. He took his job very seriously and carried a "no nonsense" attitude. Despite his great skills as a lawyer, however, Tasma also had an introverted and cautious attitude and preferred working alone. 

The only person he was really comfortable working with was his junior partner, Jana-Su, since they had developed a sort of brother-sister bond. However, he still often worked alone on cases due to his cautious nature. He also showed some signs of possible depression, but this was never proven.


Tasma was a cream furred Ocelot with black spots and a white muzzle. His ears were slightly larger than normal for an Ocelot and his eyes were a vibrant viridian, a trait uncommon in his species. He stood about 4'6 and had three split bangs on his forehead that were coloured brown. These bangs hung over his eyes, almost entirely hiding them.

He always wore a black suit with matching shoes and a dark grey tie. It was often rumored that he had multiple suits just like this, and that he wore a different one every day. Whether or not this was true is currently unknown.