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As Tasha, Tasha is an... average raccoon. She stands at 3'2 and weighs 71 pounds (which she likes, because it allows her to tease the otherwise short Gilbert). She has grey-green colored eyes. Her skin is a mostly-white color with a slight tiny of yellow. She has burnt umber-colored fur, with stripes of beige around her legs and arms. The inside of her ears is the same of her skin, and her fur around her ears is all beige. She also has black freckles on her face, and of few of them run down to her mouth. Her fur is jagged in several different directions, and her hairstyle has double ponytails, blonde hair with stripes of brown inbetween. Instead of a scrunchy, she uses a ring to keep her hair in place... and they also allow her to transform into Aurorae.

In casual attire, Tasha tends to wear hot colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, with the occasional green here and there (but she refrains from wearing it, worrying that people will see the connection between her and Aurorae). Tasha doesn't like jeans - she much prefers wearing normal-length shorts and tennis shoes. Her favorite pair of shoes? Pink boot with yellow lightning bolts on each side. They're a little worn-out, but she enjoys wearing them all the same.

As Aurorae, he fur color stripes all change to a lime-green, along with her hair, the green replacing all of the beige and blonde. Her hairstyle changes into a single ring and a ponytail, and her freckles disappear. Along with that, she wears spiky green glasses that cover her eyes , not unlike the mask worn by Joker in Persona 5, but completely covering her eyes. She wears a suit that represents that of which might be found in a sci-fi anime - it is a white jumpsuit with red zigzags all around it, along with silver bracelets on each hand. She also wears a belt that the suit absorbs when not necessary.


Tasha, in her normal appearance, is a very happy person, to put it bluntly. She always tries to find the good in everything... even if it seems nearly impossible. She is also very fluttery - might say that it is never a dull moment with her. Because of her ADHD, Tasha is always jumpy, and she feels as if she always has to be doing something somewhere. Tasha as a whole is an extremely optimistic person, and she doesn't even do it on purpose - it's just an attribute that she's acquired over time.

Tasha is always smiling... despite coming from humble beginnings. In fact, one might even say that is why she's so happy - she's happy to be where she is now, in a position where she can make other people feel much safer, and better overall. Tasha doesn't usually show a side of her that exhibits negative emotions, and even if you hurt someone close to her, she activates a more protective mode than going into a fit of anger. Because of this, her unwillingness to get upset may seem annoying.

Tasha may seem hard to upset, but that doesn't mean she's never annoyed by people, and she pouts more often than any other way to show dissatisfaction. She can also be quite... grating on the nerves if one doesn't have a high amount of patience - Tasha can be annoying if one is not willing to deal with her, and due to her loud personality, some may feel inclined to just get away from her. Tasha isn't really affected by what people think of her, however - she just needs some good friends and good food, and she's set for life.

As the superheroine Aurorae, Tasha shows a more calm demeanor, knowing that if she's as frantic as she usually is, people won't feel as safe without her. She is always rushing off to help people, which means that it is one of the few times in Tasha's life where she doesn't allow herself to get distracted easily. Aurorae is very encouraging to those in need, always showing them positive emotions as to ensure that there is no fear in their hearts.


Natasha Trixie Zorion was born to Denber Zorion and Alissa Zorion, and her father Denber quickly left them after Natasha's birth. Alissa had lots of money-related troubles with her child, and they were often nearly in poverty, with her mom taking two jobs to supply the family. This seemed to work - Natasha was able to go to school (where she got her nickname, Tasha), and you'd think that because of her past, she'd be a very depressed child. While Tasha would change a lot of things about her home life, she cherished school, always trying to make the most of it. She tried to be nice to people (including the teachers), and she always tried her hardest to remember what she'd learned.

She was a bit of a troublemaker, however - unbeknownst to her or her mother, Tasha had ADHD. She was always fidgeting, and she had a lot of energy a lot of the time, so it was a bit difficult for her to focus. Despite this unknown problem, however, Tasha and her mom both worked their hardest to live without her father, despite the fact that she was poor. Several years later, Tasha got a job as a waitress, providing money to her mom to allow them to live a stable life. Not exactly the ideal type, but stable. It was when she was 18 when she got the job opportunity of her life.

She'd been reading the newspaper, and there was an advertisement from a division in GUN that they wanted to test a prototype of something on someone, and volunteers would be paid. Tasha showed the ad to her mother, and she said that this could be the thing to put their family back on track. Alissa was worried, but she knew there was no stopping Tasha if she thought this was a good thing, so, wishing her good luck, she let Tasha go.

A few days later, Tasha approached GUN, saying that she was here for the prototype testing. The GUN members warned her that it was dangerous, and that one of the participants had been extremely injured by the test, but Tasha didn't falter, saying that she wanted in. They took her to the lab where they'd been testing it, and she was introduced to a black and white zebra-esque-colored sheep named Tau Inpulsa. She explained to Tasha what the project really was; they were creating a super-suit of sorts, and they wanted to see how it'd react to different kinds of people. She said that there were several specific qualities wielders had to have in order to be compatible with it, and if Tasha was the first one, she'd have a background check and... they'd go on from there.

They gave Tasha a silver bracelet, naming the project 001-ר (Resh). She was then put into a test tube, and before they, they pushed a button on a computer, and Tasha was electrocuted. Not fatally, or even severely; it was obvious they weren't trying to kill her. That didn't mean it didn't hurt, however, but Tasha pushed through it. After a half-minute of the electricity surging through her, it stopped, and the tired Tasha saw the scientists clapping. Tasha thought that was it, but then, a suit covered her, and glasses appeared in front of her face. That's when she was released from the test tube.

As she walked out, one of the scientists went to go shake her hand, and when Tasha tried to reciprocate, she squeezed her hand with strength she didn't know she had. Tau was in shock - she said that she was the first of all the participants to successfully bond with Resh. She said that they were now going to do a background check on Tasha to make sure that she didn't screw around with it, and suddenly, the suit disappeared, giving Tasha her normal clothes once again. They said Tasha would be compensated, and they'd call her back to the lab sometime later if she was good enough.

Tasha went home, excited, but she knew that she probably wasn't allowed to tell her mother... and that's what she told her mother, just that she wasn't allowed to tell her. Nonetheless, Alissa was extremely grateful that Tasha had made it out mostly unharmed, and with their new money, things were looking up for the mother-daughter pair. Now, they were able to splurge a little, and it was some of the best times Tasha ever had.

Though things were going great, Tasha waited for a month until they called again, asking her to come back to the lab. They said that they'd been checking out her past, and she was cleared for future attempts. They said that she would continue to be paid, but this time, she'd have to do more than just be electrocuted - there'd be paperwork, and she would be allowed to become the town's superhero. Tau explained that GUN was very busy these days, and to have a heroine would make things far simpler. Tasha excitedly agreed to their terms, and though the contracts were exhausting for her, eventually, she'd officially become the co-owner of Resh.

Powers, Abilities and Skills

Tasha doesn't have any powers normally, but as Aurorae, she gains an abundance of powers. For one, she is able to control most forms of plasma, but green lightning and - you guessed it - aurorae are her most common forms. She also can control heat and fire to a certain degree, but Aurorae is a lot closer to be an electrokinetic than a pyrokinetic or a photokinetic. She can survive electric charges from point-blank, and even manipulate and absorb others' electricity. However, she is not completely immune to it, and it can still hurt her. Aurorae can charge lightning through her to boost her power and speed, and she can use the heat and electricity in the air.

Tasha has the ability to talk and think extremely quickly, to the point where she could be rapper if she wanted to. This is one of the points that strengthens her and Gilbert's friendship - she is able to catch up with him in a conversation. It's also good in the hero business, when a criminal or a villain may attempt a sneak attack and Tasha's ADHD manages to warn her when danger is near, similar to a bootleg Spidey Sense. However, it is not completely perfect, and it might even be possible that Tasha relies on it a lot.

Ever since she started being trained as Aurorae, Tasha has learned a number of skills, including but not limited to: gun proficiency, gauntlet proficiency, how to disarm a bomb (it's pretty much the one tech-y thing she can do), and several types of martial arts. Tasha's physical ability is not completely altered by Aurorae, however - Tasha has always been a very fast and strong person, which means that even when she can't access Aurorae, she can still throw out a punch or two.


  • Tasha has owned an abundance of suits, with the most relevant ones being:
    • 001-Resh
    • 002-Rho
    • 010-Zeta

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