Tasek is a member of the Mekators, and is one of their five specialist fighters.


Tasek is your true kind-hearted, selfless and most misunderstood person you can think of. Because of this, he is seen as an outcast as well as considered a freak by almost every living being because his looks don't match his personality. And because of his kind-hearted attitude, he is shunned by the other two male specialists, Syfe and Yamor, but is accepted by Ramin and Bryke, the two female specialists, as well as every other kind-hearted member in the Mekators. Tasek rivals Yamor the Rock-bot, for the main reason being held back, everyone suspects this is because of Yamor pushing Tasek away from everyone in the Mekators. Tasek has a crush on Ramin the Frost-bot, is a good guy, and is a member of Head Squad.


Tasek is a hedgehog like android with a jet engine like spine sticking out of his forehead, and two metal spines sticking out upwrds on the top of his head, and two more sticking out of the back of his head. His feet are of standard metal robo-shoes with a few adjustments made for fighting. He has a golem sized metal forearm on his left, studded all around the wrist and the over sized hands have stids sticking out of each finger joint. On his right, he has a normal arm, of which he can de-attach his hand and place his weapons on his wrist. His eyes glow orange, but has a black circle in the middle with two black triangles sticking out of the corners of each eye.


Tasek fights without holding back and treats every fight as if it would be his last. Tasek can change from close range combat to long range combat, even though he prefers close range combat. Tasek is pyrokinetic, and fights with a fireball attatchment or fire sword attachment in his right arm and coats his left arm in fire. Tasek has a VERY mean left hook. Prefers to fight in a co-ordinative group.


  • Close range combat
  • Grass/Earth elemental opponents


  • Ice/Water elemental opponents
  • His battle filled pride



  • Ramin the Frost-bot
  • Bryke the Slasher-bot


  • Yamor the Rock-bot


  • None so far
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