This is an article about Tarx The Shrew, a character created by ToastLogic on 08/9/2015.


Tarx is stubborn, but very inteligent. She has a tendency to look down on others who arent as smart as her. She makes allies with robots better than living beings. 


Tarx's Father was a skilled mechanic, and when she was young, he would make robots to take care of her when him and mother would go out of the house. One day, they left and didn't come back for a long while. After they didn't come back, Tarx went out to look for them. This is when she found that they had been killed by a gang of wolves claiming that Tarx's Father was a "Mad Inventor". She didn't listen to what the wolves were trying to say, and she hated the species, and heroes in general, since that very day.


Since she is a shrew, she can dig well with her hands whenever its needed. She is also able to see in the dark with the use of her robotic side helmet. Although she may seem kind at first, she has a strong vengence and hatred for others.


Tarx is skilled in many feilds. She has the ability to create strong armor and powerfull robots. She has created Nextar labs for her and her robots to live in. Although not the best with negotiating, Tarx will accept almost any business deal that comes her way.


Tarx lives a life of solitude in Nextar Labs, so long exposure to harsh sunlight might damadge her eyes. She also may become very distracted when she sees a pinwheel. Yeah I don't get it either.

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