Tart-arus is a Common-Great Potoo hybrid originated from Mobius Prime, and the "Best-pet-roommate" of Mop .


Tart-arus is extremely hyperactive, optimistic, silly and extremely non-sense. Despite her often crazy manners, she is completly innocent - she could not dare to hurt anyone. She is also curious and intelligent, being able to create the most complex of machines - she is much more skilled than Tails, in fact.

Because of her hyperactiveness and non-sense personality, she is often able to do things that are generally impossible to do - standing in mid-air, twisting body parts, ect ect. Because of this, she also has a good ability at making people cheer up or laugh.

Despite being born and raised in Mobius Prime, she does not live in it - in fact, she actually lives in an alternate universe from another world (of an also famous game series)


Tart-arus is able to create machines, from simple things like a small robot to things such as even a time machine. She is also incredibly fast and flexible.

Tart-arus also has something very few in the entire multiverse has - she is able to easily travel through it. She can go to other worlds and universes/dimensions with ease, which allows her to become more intelligent and discover more unique machinery.


General Stats

Attack: 6/10

Defense: 5/10

Evasiveness: 9/10

Speed: 9/10

Intelligence: 10/10

Magic: 3/10


Mantlegen - Evil Magics -Dubstep-

Mantlegen - Evil Magics -Dubstep-

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