Target Scorch is a mid-range Fire-elemental technique, designed to cause increased damage against larger targets.


The user begins by forming a ball of heat and flame, often within a palm, but sometimes within the mouth. Then, once completely formed, the ball is launched at the target, with the searing heat and burning flame often scorching the body of the target.

However, what makes the technique unique is the lasting effect of the burn. Unlike a standard burn, a surface burn from this technique works on mass, and the thermal potential energy within the mass itself. The greater the weight of the afflicted being or object, the more intense the flame's effect. For example, an average fox or hedgehog, with no weakness to Fire, would take a rather small amount of damage. By contrast, a tank or walker, some of which exceeding ten tonnes, would very quickly lose hull integrity as the heat compromises it's frame, due to the metal and it's potential to heat up.

The fireball also bears the potential to cause an organic target to flinch, expecting a Scorch-elemental attack or a technique of similar power.



Technique Rank

Due to the technique's requirement on the target's mass, taking into account it's ability to trigger flinches, it bears a C-rank.

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