This is an article about Tarani the Cat, a character created by HS664 on 03/20/2016.


Physical Appearance

Tarani is a tall feline girl (about 3'6). She is relatively thin. Her fur is a light cream color. Her eyes are green. She has a long tail that constantly twitches. Her hair is black and tied back into a pony tail. She has a small bust. Her muzzle is covered in very light fur, and her teeth notably stick out of her mouth. Sometimes, tar drips from her eyes.


Tarani wears a red sports bra. She has two gold rings around her wrists. She wears a red skirt to match her top, with a pair of cream colored shorts underneath. She has a pair of black leggings that go up to her thighs.


Tarani is a bit of a blood knight. She loves fighting and having opportunities to test out her powers. She is an honorable fighter, and will generally never try to cripple or kill her foes. If she thinks someone is strong, she will try to get them to fight them. She fights for the sake of fighting, little more. Even if she believes someone to be stronger than her, she will fight for the experience.

She is socially inept, not taking to interpersonal relationships well. Most of her interactions with others are in fights, and when the fight is over she will usually leave her opponent alone. However, sometimes, particularly tough opponents will earn her attention. Some of them she will even end up developing a crush on. Due to her lack of experience with relationships, this manifests as her acting irritable and mean around them, trying to get into rematches with them. However, she occasionally lets her actual feelings slip for short amounts of time.


Discovering her powers

Tarani discovered she was a mutant at the age of 11, when she accidentally stripped the tar from the road she was walking on. Since then, she developed a fascination with her powers, despite her parents trying to get her to reject her mutant nature. While she had few friend before, most of the people she knew started to avoid her when word got out she had powers, as people in her hometown feared mutants.


Vicosopolykinesis (Tar Manipulation)

Tarani possesses the ability to psionically control tar and tar based products like asphalt. The amount of tar she can control at once is unknown, but it is known to be a lot. She can control the consistency, shape and viscosity of tar. If she lacks tar to control, she can create more, but can only create a small amount at a time. As a side effect of her power, she occasionally drips tar from her eyes.

In battle, Tarani generally makes fast strikes with tar. She likes making claws and other weapons out of tar when her opponent gets close, while attacking them with long ranged, high area of effect attacks when her opponents are far away.

Mutant Physique

As a mutant, Tarani's physical abilities are far above average. She notably heals faster than a normal human; a broken arm takes only a few days to heal, for example.


Night Vision

Due to being a cat, Tarani can see well in the dark.


Hand to Hand Combat

While she lacks formal training in hand to hand combat, her mutant physical abilities allow her to hold her own in combat. Generally, she will create claws out of tar to inflict damage to her opponent. She prefers ranged fighting when possible.


Tarani has no specific elemental weakness. However, her weakness lies in her own ability. Without tar to manipulate, she can only wait till she creates enough to serve her needs, which may take a while.

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