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Cquote1.png "I'm Tara the Rabbit. I may look stern and stoic, but once my adrenaline is pumping, I'm a whole different Rabbit" Cquote2.png
Tara introduces herself to the Sonic Heroes

Tara the Rabbit (also known as Tara the Steporis) is an anthropomorphic Rabbit-Steporis hybrid from the Sonic the Hedgehog series owned by Kireina the Kanmumimi. She comes from a faraway island known as Midnight Isles, where she is forced to escape because her tribe wrongly blames her and her family of the destruction of their home. After a huge storm she landed in another island known as Mosswood Valley where she settled down.

She can befriend and get along with pretty much anyone but her closest friends are the other two members of Team Legend: Flash the Light and Caley the Merfox. Just like those two she is quite cheerful, mischievous and somewhat boastful at times, but she also has a quiet and serious side and she often feels like no one – or at least a very few people - can understand her. The reason behind this is because other than her Amokinetic (love manipulation) powers and excellent acrobatics skills, she has only one transformation and even that is a Dark Form, because of this, she tends to find herself wondering whether she is a true heroine or not… Like Glow, she is against using weapons, but her Steporis Alter-Ego Kurorora Stargazer can turn her flute into a weapon called Starbeam Staff.


At first Tara may seem similar to Blaze the Cat. Calm, quiet, serious and wise, but this is only semblance. Actually she is far more energetic, mischievous and cheerful than what she seems. Her most well known trait is her curiosity - which is natural Steporis feature. She loves hiding in the trees and playing on her flute, because those who hear her songs, suddenly find easier to show their true feelings, which she loves to watch.

But when It comes to her own relationship, she stubbornly refuses to be with anyone, but Saber, despite how he treats her and everybody says that they aren't belong together.

Her second most well known trait is her weirdness – along with a hint of sarcasm. For example she states that she doesn't likes fighting and doesn’t shows too much interest beating up the bad guys - especially if they didn’t do anything bad to them - but when she really is in the heat of the battle, she has the time of her life.

Eversince she knows her name, she hates the idea of sacrificing the life of your loved one „for a better good", because she believes that there is always a different way and It may be a noble deed but sometimes It's better being a bit selfish than living in an everlasting despair. This is why some would find weird that she is the most understanding and selfles member of the team and she would give anything to see her friends happy.


She was born and raised in a faraway island known as Midnight Isles. Her parents name are unknown but her mother was a rabbit, while her father was a Steporis. Since she and her older brother were in the legend known as The Destruction of Midnight Isles their parents had to hide them from the tribe, until one of the members found out their whereabouts and killed the couple.

Way back then she was only four so she didn't understood anything, however his brother did and knew they are going to be killed as well, so the two children set to sail on a small boat. Not too soon after that, a storm came, and a lightning destroyed the boat, separating the two siblings from each other.

She was found by Caley and she brought her to Mosswood Valley. Back then the only residents were Saber the Hedgehog, his sister Blade, Shock the Tenreck, Caley the Sirenfox and Data the Lemur. They took care of her and taught her everything they knew. Soon young Tara learned how to take care of herself as well as controlling her abilities. Since Saber was the only male mobian in the Valley, she looked up to him, because he reminded her to her brother.

A few years later Blade wished if he never see his brother again. In the next day millions of Dark Vortex filled the sky. One of them tried to suck Tara. Saber defeated the evil black hole but he ended up being captured by It.

Both girls were heartbroken but unlike Blade, Tara couldn't stay in Mosswood anymore. She never talked to the other girls again and decided to travel around the world hoping she can learn more about her past, her abilities and maybe find his brother.

She have returned five years later. That was the time when Data, computer expert and brains of the team found out that there is a living life form in Nightmare Trench. Tara knew It was Saber and used the gate what the smart lemur accidentally created, to rescue him.

Unfortunately by that time an enemy known as Strategy used his fears, goals and weaknesses to turn the green hedgehog into a living weapon for his own destructive ways. She and Blade (who by the way was dragged there by the rabbit) were able to defeat him, then Tara took the chance and made him unconscious by kissing him, allowing them to to bring him back. Unfortunately by living there many years made Saber completely distant towards her, saying, that love is only for the weak. Fortunately - thanks to all the research she did about herself - she learned that if she makes a flute for herself from a branch of a beech tree and plays on It after the Sun goes down, she might can turn Saber into the friend she once knew and loved. She dressed as a black cloaked creature with a magical mask, what only she can remove, so he won't recognize her. Every night she played on her flute, strengthening his feelings for her, then jumped away from branch, to branch when the dawn came.

She did this for several days, until, once he was able to trap her by breaking one of the branches causing him to fell to the ground, then grabbed her arm so she couldn't run away. Luckily she could escape by kissing him again but she lost her flute. Saber, still not knowing who she is but realizing that the one who saved his life is the same as the one who made him feel like this, promised if she puts her mask down, he will take a walk with her in the forest at night. She knew Saber thinks she is weak, so she thought if he knows who she is, he might break his promise, so she told him that everyone, who isn't strong enough, saw her face are lost their will to fight, so if he defeats her in a battle, she will shows her face, however she underestimated his strength and lost the battle. She kept her promise and revealed her face, then ran away. A few minutes later Caley appeared reminding Saber that no matter what he thinks about her a promise is promise. He knew that and did just what he promised.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed - Being a Speed type Tara can run very fast and use their signature move, the Homing Attack. Unfortunately, when she curls into a ball, she has some difficulties keeping her long rabbit ears close to her, so they won't make her fell flat. She is also less impatient than other Speed types so she prefers walking, if she is on her own. On the other hand when she has a rescue mission with her team or practices with them she gives her all and ignores her disadvantages.

  • Musical Empathy - By playing various songs, Tara can use different kinds of powers, such as Amokinesis, Feel Reading (It's like Mind Reading, but with emotion instead of thoughts) and some other mind powers. Like most of her abilities, she can use them due she is part Steporis but because she isn't pure, It requires a lot of concentration and mental balance, but if she has these two, she has no problem inducing them.

  • Amokinesis (Love Augmentation) -  Her primary power, what she inherted from her mother. By using her flute, Tara can manipulate love and passion and increase them in other beings. In order to use It effectively the target needs to be completely calm and balanced. The more her target tries to resist It, the more painful It becomes but if he/she is angry or panics, It will fail. It is also true that the the stars give her power, which is another reason why she always uses It after the sun has set.

  • Memory Restoration - Her secondary power, what she can induce by playing on her flute is restoring and reviving memories, which she uses to encourage and give hope to her friends by reminding them what their loved one would  do, if they would be by their side. It has one mayor weakness, however: It occasionly fails in the darkness. Aside from her two closest friends Flash and Caley (and maybe Saber and Phantom) nobody knows she has such power because she thinks, the effects of this ability works better if her target is ignorant about It.

  • Audible Inundation - The last power she can "summon" is making creatures around her hear voices. While she could use It, to cause insanity, which - despite she can do - she doesn't like using It for that purpose, only in last resort.Instead she uses It for - as she calls - "Memory dubbing" which means making the characte she created in the target's mind, even more believable, by giving voice to them.

  • Enhanced Hearing - Despite they say, lop-eared rabbits has worse hearing, Tara has super good hearing system, with very high range, therefore, It's very difficult to keep anything in secret from her, unless they talk very, VERY far away from her. Surprisingly she doesn't have the drawback of ear sensitivity, because she can control It

  • Enhanced Athleticism (Enhanced Jump) - Because spend most of her life in a forest with lot's of trees, she gained lot's of experience in climbing, and high jumping. She is also good at aquiring various gymnastic moves such as front and backflips, cartwheels, handstands etc. Usually she uses them for her entertaintment as well as getting away from her targets as quickly as possible, but It sure comes handy at various missions, when they have to reach a place where they can't get by flying and It's great for evading her opponents's attacks.

  • Inaudible (Silent) Movement - Her last power is silent movement. Combining this with her Enhanced Speed and Athleticism, she can move through the trees like a ghost. This comes especially handy, when she escaping from her "targets", but she can use It for various surprise attacks. Unfortunately, if her enemy has as sensitive ears as she has. Unfortunately someone with a very strong sixth sense can easily locate her.


  • Homing Attack

  • Double Jump

  • Gravity Dive

  • Gravity Control

  • Rapid Wheel - Tara's signature move. She builds up her speed, then curls into a ball and chases her enemy, until she have caught him/her and either sends them flying by slamming to them with her raised speed or outrun her opponent and slams herself to him/her, forcing him/her to stop. Unless she runs out of rings, this attack cannot be evaded. Also while she is rolling, her back flames with turquoise fire.

  • Slamball Shoot - This move requires two or more Speed type characters. Tara's body starts to glow along with the other two member's then they start hitting each other to gain more and more Speed, so their opponent can't even hit them because of their quick movements. Finally Tara slams herself towards one of them, making It fly to the air and hitiing It twenty time in a blink of an eye. It's not too accurate, but if It hits It has 25% chance of OHKO-ing their opponent.

  • Star Whirlwind - Tara’s basic attack. She clenches her right fists, then throws small glowing blue stars towards the sky. When they reach a specific point they break into smaller pieces and hit the enemy. This attack cannot be evaded.

  • Flute of Devotion - Tara starts to play on her flute making pink and red notes appearing from It what attacks the opponent. It's a status attack, what makes her enemies confused.

  • Heart Ray - Tara shoots a magenta beam from her right palm.

  • Shooting Starshine - Combo attack with Flash the Light. Tara uses her Star Whirlwind and Flash uses her Blinding Light. This causes the stars to break into millions of glowing, blue comet what hits all enemies on the field.

  • Sea Love - Combo attack with Caley the Fox. Tara uses her Flute of Devotion and Caley uses her Spinning Whirlpool. This combo traps the enemy to the whirlpool making It more vulnerable to the Flute of Devotion, therefore, It surely makes the target confused.

  • Cold Heart - Combo attack with Blade the Hedgehog. Blade fires her Freezing Ray and Tara fires her Heart Ray towards the enemy’s heart. Critical hits will land more easily.

  • Nebula Storm - Combo attack with Shock the Tenreck. Tara uses Star Whirlwind and Shock uses her Violent Thunderstorm, creating a giant swirling hurricane, made out of Nebula. It traps an enemy and It will gets stronger with each turn.

  • Heart Sound - Combo attack with Glow the Ladybug. Tara uses her Flute of Devotion and Glow uses her Earthshaking Scream, creating a huge sound wave what knocks the enemy down - causing It to miss a turn to attack.

  • Frontflip

  • Handstand

  • Backflip

  • Climbing

  • Front Handspring


  • Fear of hurting others - Tara's main fear is affraid of losing control and hurting the people she truly cares about. Some may find this weird since she's got a lot's of friends and - aside from a few arguments - they all support and like her. On the other hand she hides a very dark secret: her Dark Transformation, which happens when somebody she cares about causes her large amount of emotional pain...

  • Represses her feelings - ...Because of this reason alone, she tends to hide how she really feels and would do anything just to see them happy, even if It means she is not. She is not too good hiding her feelings, though, but she is most certainly is, convincing that she is. She ease most of her tension by relaxing or playing on her flute, but even then It's not always easy for her to maintain the balance inside her, which just makes her even more worried.

  • Overly curious - Despite being very mature, she also has strong sense of - almost childlike - curiosity, which drives her to know and learn anything she finds interesting and her persistence and sensitive ears are just makes things even worse. Most of the time It comes from worry, (like a factory exploded near to her and she wants to know if there is anyone who injured) but once It gets the best of her she ends way too distracted and - unfortunately - careless which Strategy used against her countless of times.


  • Tara’s had many names before. First Leporis, which is the latin name of the rabbit star constellation (This actually lead the name of her type), then Comet, but neither of them didn’t do anything with her nor her powers. Her third name was Hazel, which comes from the fact that her brown fur, but since It’s in a darker shade of brown so this name had no connection with her, not to mention that there was a rabbit who comes by this name already in Watership Down. Finally she got the name Tara what means Star in some lanugages which suited her powers (using the power of stars to use her amokinetic abilities).

  • Along with Caley, Tara is the only character I created by an accident, more precisely by trying to copy Cream The Rabbit, but I changed her details more and more until she became a completely different rabbit.*Tara was the first character of mine, who I managed to art for first try.

  • Officially, Tara is my second OC. The first was Caley, but her original design lost when I throwed It away believeing that she was a failure.

  • Compared to the others, Tara’s design changed the least compared to her original design.