Sol the Silver Monkey belonged previously to SirGalahad_TheSilverKnight and now to XXMagnusHeroXx


Cquote1 "Prepare yourself evil doer! You shall be brought to justice!" Cquote2
Tao making a cheesy speech



Abilities and Powers

Strength - While not a power it should be noted he's normally strong enough to carry several hundred pounds and wear those -wip-

Duribility - His durability is slightly higher than his strength, being capable to withstand said several hundred pounds and more being thrown at him, giving him the name "The Stone Monkey"

Speed: While nothing to write home about, compared to the likes of Sonic, Shadow, and a bunch of other hedgehogs, he's more focused on reflexes and dodging skills rather than running speed, allowing him to dodge fast objects such as arrows or sword swings

True Speed: In true his true speed is prevented by his gold braces, by detaching them he gives up some of his punching power in order to dodge and run faster, while still not fast enough to dodge a bullet, anything he can see coming he can potentially dodge, but he mostly does this if his foes use projectiles or are extremely fast.

Chaos Manipulation: With his deep training in the art of chaos he can regulate it throughout his body and increase certain aspects, as well as using a variety of special moves

Golden Staff of Judgement - Not quite a ability or power, but this sacred staff can deal more damage to foes with dark intentions or demonic creatures






Enhanced Form

By increase the output of his energy a great aura of green energy surrounds him, increasing all his strength and powers tenfold!

Super Enhanced Form

By using 1-6 Chaos Emeralds his great aura increases in intensity and turns yellow for each stage, along with his eyes turning red, of course his powers are increased by each stage tenfold.

Super Form

By uses all 7 Chaos Emeralds he turns into the well known yellow form with red eyes. In this form he's invulnerable to most attacks and can fly indefinitely, but of course it's on a time limit as his power drains quickly.

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